Tuesday 27 May 2014

World Goth Fair - Her Memoria

Mother Noir, the bringer of darkness to ones life. A touch of her fingertips would release a soul from their temporary body, sending it to Duat for judgment by He Who Sees All. However, there are rare times when a soul is unable to part from its body properly, resulting only a piece being shedded. A body without a full piece of soul would become a fearsome undead creature, one with no restrain and full of the desire to kill.

When that happens, Mother Noir would recreate the soul like a reborn soul of a child. However, the body would remain undead, cursed to eternal life of the dark.

Whoop! Don't worry this is not my last post of WGF yet. There will be one more, I hope, before I start on my holidays. The beautiful statue behind me is a Memoria by Refine Wild with 100% donation. I'll say this is one perfect decoration of every dark castle! World Goth Fair would be on until 1st June, so just come by, enjoy the music and awesome build. peace out for now, dollz!

Hair @ {Rumina} - Alyssa 
Skin @ -POUDRE- [Artemisia]
Eyes @ Nocturnal - Violet Shut [WGF, 50% donation]
Headdress, Dress @ [AD] - Sophie [WGF, 100% donation}
Hand Tattoo @ Moon Amore - Eye Power

Statue @ Refine Wild - Memoria [WGF, 100% donation]

Pose @ [Pipit] - Spring Shopping Set

Location @ Chouchou

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