Sunday 25 May 2014

World Goth Fair - The Crimson Ruler

Red is the royal colour of the dark world. It was fitting since the ruler drinks the forbidden scarlet liquid for her immortality and abilities in check,until that she is called Lady Red . Being the oldest known creature in Cursed, she ruled wisely with Faye alongside as her advisor in the shadow. Many wars and clashes have erupted in frail hope to overthrown her, but of course they would fall in defeat under her Illusion Eye. She was not a terrible leader, nor a good one. She merely keep every dark creature in check, not causing trouble and she will dismiss their activities, whatever they do. 

However one day, came a man through the sealed doors, poised in utter elegance, brewing a scent that dominate Red, the most powerful vampire herself. She fell easily at his feet. Little did she knows of what to come following her crumbled resolve, starting with the messenger bats lying in it's own blood just outside the door.

Wohoo this collaboration with Dev is what I've been waiting for a while. So the World Goth Fair has been around more than a week already and it's going on awesomely with all the special music sets and live sets by a few artists~ I managed to listen to a few sets in between my exams and it was sooo cool! The event will be going on for another week or so, so go there and enjoy the music and stuff!

Red's Styling
Hair @ Adoness - xanthippe
Skin @ Glam Affir - Vera Horror Edition
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ - Midnight Eyes [WGF]
Mask @ LaNoir Soleil - Secret Identity Mask [WGF freebie]
Outfit, Collar, Necklace @ Pale Empress - Severina [WGF]
Shoe @ Nocturnal Couture - La Addiction-Muerte leather [WGF]
Gloves @ Izzie's - Short Lace Gloves
Nails @ ~*By Snow*~ - Fishnet Goth [WGF]
Bat @ [UNIQ]

His Styling

Left chair @ By Natch - Cozy Cthulu Chair [WGF]
Right chair @ 22769 - [bauwerk] Chtuluh Armchair Black [WGF]
Stature @ Refine Wild - Memoria [WGF]

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