Wednesday 14 May 2014

World Goth Fair - Dark Beginning

The world begins spun into the darkness. The hidden creatures of the night silently counting, gleefully. As that day approaches. It was a full year that they have to hide from the light, from the others who sneers at them. 

Dahlia Noir did not remember her human self. She came into being in this undead body. She had been laced with a deadly illness that made her parents desperate to safe her. Turning to a dubious scientist, they pleaded him to revive her. But when he had successfully brought life to her, her memories were gone. They left when her soul was taken by the Reaperr. Her so-called “parents” cast her away. They feared her, feared what we was, even though she was reborn as innocent as a baby.

Since then Dahlia was kept within the care of the darkness, away from the light that will hurt her.

World Goth Fair is coming!!!!!! So close!!! [flails around while fangirling] Oh excuse me, I've been waiting for so long since last year and I'm just soooooo happy and thrilled to be a part of this awesome dark event this year. With this initial post of many more to come! World Goth Fair, my second home, will be here to indulge you in your dark pleasures. It will be opening at noon of 15th May, so hold your Gothness just yet.

Soon.... oh so very soon

Hair @ LaNoir Soleil - Lolly [coming soon to World Goth Fair, 100% donation]
Skin @ MyUgly Dorothy - Special 1L Skin9
Chest tattoo - Corvus - Twenty Eight Tattoo
Eyes @ Nocturnal - Blood Shut [coming soon to World Goth Fair]
Eyeshadow @ The Sugar Garden - Maleficent 
Tears @ EC - Sadness
Lips @ The Sugar Garden - Vampy
Lip tattoo @ +aii+ The Ugly and Beautiful - Mouth Stitching
Choker @ ~by Nacht~ - Garter Collar
Dress @ Fission - Cry Little Sister [coming soon to World Goth Fair, 50% donation]
Socks @ *AAA* - Black socks
Shoe @ *BOOM* - Ginchiest Creepers [current c88]
BunBun @ Blackeri - Bloody Grey Bunni
ZombieBun @ Bettlebones

Chair @ 22769 - Graphic Chair [coming soon to World Goth Fair, 50% donation]

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