Sunday 16 February 2014

Final Fantasy Fest - Kupo Island

There was a rumour that I you acquire a Kupo, all your wish will come true. And so the King ordered his knights and soldiers to pursuit and capture every living Kupo to satisfy his greedy wishes. What he didn't know that Kupos are magical but very weak with all the pollution that engulf that world. They would have the Kupos in their cage and by the time it was presented to the king, the Kupo would disintegrates and disappear. 

Kupos disappear one by one until it seems that the only one left is Kara's only friend, the Kupo. And she is determine to keep her friend safe. Being a hybrid, she possessed a remarkable strength that could use the heavy broadsword which only used by big men. She swung the sword to every knight that tries to get the Kupo. It was a legend that there is a portal to another world at fallen bridge.

As she stepped through the strange portal, she found herself in a brightly coloured world. And Kupos! Lots of them! The Kupos are curious of the new stranger and the one that looked like the leader came up to her, speaking in the Kupo's language. Kara understood the language since she has been friends with one for so long time. They welcome her to stay at the Kupo Island and she has never been happier.

The moogles are literally the cutest animals I love in any games that I played. Aside from chocobo that is. I wanted to spam the image with moogles but I ran out of time so that is the much I could do. I've been on and off with flu lately so sometimes I'll be blabbering in the post, so advance apology on that! So anyways, I'm wearing Tifa skirt and Rare LittlePocket by Una. The ear I'm wearing is from KittyKatnip, I adjusted it to normal ear level. The studs on the left ear is from ellabella including the necklace as well.

Until the next post, my dollz~

Hair @ Kin - googleshairgirl (freebie)
Skin @ PixyStix - Gabriella Scaled (MM skin)
Eyeshadow @ The Plastix - Fauxe Makeup Emelrald
Shirt @ Sn@tch - Tequila Tank
Skirt @ Una - Tiffa Skirt [FF Fest]
Backpack @ Riske - Bomber Backpack [FF Fest]
Ear @ KittyKatnip - FF XIV Miqote Ears [FF Fest]
Jeweleries @ ellabella - Materia set [FF Fest]
Face Paint @ Lovely Disarray - Reno Reloaded V2 Black [FF Fest]
Face Piercing @ HoD - Reno Reloaded MESH facial piercing [FF Fest]
Hoof @ DRD - Hoof Death (LL Chair)
Leg tatoo @ .aii. - +Sinner+ Feet Stocking
Bracelet, GasMask @ DRD - Project Limited Set
Gloves @ AdamEve - Slink Leather Gloves

Pose & Sword @ *~*HopScotch*~* - Busted Female Set [FF Fest]
Save point @ MuSt - Fantasy Save Point v1 [FF Fest]
Moogles @ C.C. Kre-ations - {Kupo' Army} Gatcha [FF Fest]


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    1. Thank you!! I had this idea for a while and I REALLY wanted to spam more Kupos but ugh didn't have much time ;-;