Monday 24 February 2014

FutureWave - The New World

Imagination is the start of a new world.

A child's mind could drive a new era

Or even destroying it.

Nurture the delicate minds for the future

After all, we're only borrowing the earth from them. 

Futurewave had finally closed their portal. It was a really awesome journey to the possible future in which how we imagine it to be. It's fun to see how others imagine the possible future too. Would it be androids era? Or the era in which we upgrade ourselves to befit the technology flow? Who knows. Perhaps one of our children would be drive of the era. But anyways, I've never had this much fun for an event since the last World Goth Fair and WGF is coming this May!! Squeeee

With this I conclude my FutureWave series based on Alive playlist by Sta for Cytus phone game. If you guys want the full playlist of the songs, check it out here! Thank you designers for the wonderfully awesome creations and super big thankies hugs for the org team behind Cursed Events. You guys do the best for our solitary dark hearts. Until the next great event!

Hair @ A&Y - Jetix Hair 
Skin @ Essences - Harper (previous FLF)
Eyes @ KMADD - Frost eyes
Jaw Mask @ Unsung - Mechabone Jaw

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