Friday 21 February 2014

FutureWave - The Lost

Have you thought of the mind of the robots?

The one that is made your hand.

Have it crossed your mind?

If ever you disposed of them, because they are not functioning as you desired.

What is in their mind, or feelings?

Would you just leave like that?

Without a second thought?

As their programmed mind continue to think of us.

Hulloz all! I had fun playing with this femdroid avatar from C.M.F.F. I felt very different and it was a very good experience for me. I might be exploring around the grid with this beauty again. I took my femdroid to Hangar Liquids and found a desolated underground area and I thought of a disposed robot trying to get back to it's master, like how it was programmed.

Anyways prepared for the next post, cyber dollz! xD

Avatar @ C.M.F.F - Femdroid "Security Enforcer"
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ - Citadel Eyes

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