Friday 21 February 2014

FutureWave - Loom

Her patience was thinning. She was waiting for a worthy opponent to race her on the Grid. But it seems that everyone is a coward. It was unmistakable that she single-handedly defeated the strongest rider team. Well they ask for another contender so she just hop on Tron Cycle and beat them. Serves them right really. 

But damn she is so bored! Even after she got some petty sponsors and all. She would beat them mercilessly and it's over so fast. *sigh* She might have to call her friend, Vanessa for a fun ride sometimes.

That aside, aren't the sunset is pretty tonight?

So.... that was a very quick, not really constructive story. It was really a short story and stuff. I always wanted to ride the Tron Cycle one time and I did! In NeuroLan inc. there is a demo Arena where you can try out the cycle or the fight in a disk fight with your friends! It was fun! That aside, The Viper helmet from Blue Falcon Industries are badass as hell! I love it! And you guys better try out the gatcha right outside of their spot!

Until the next post, cyber dollz!

Skin @ Essences - Harper *lait* (Fifty Linden Friday)
Leg Tattoo @ elska - Bleeding Sisters
Collar @ [The Forge] - Battelina Posture Collar Silver
Top + Shorts @ [SAKIDE] - Cybtech outfit
Cables @ DRD - Cyber cables
Boots @ Miamai - Tinker Taylor Boots Dark ceremony
Helmet @ Blue falcon industries - Viper Helmet
Handwarpping @ DPD - Arm wraps Dark
Elbow @ Chary - Elbow pads [Group gift]
Symbol Armband @ (epia) [group gift]

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