Saturday 15 February 2014

FutureWave : Disaster

Cyborg 01 on-line report___

Testing Anti-Gravity features of Cursed___

Area 1 - No bugs or error detected

Area 2 - No bugs or error detected

Area 3 - No bugs or error detected

Area 4 - No bugs or error detected

Area Sky - Barrier found solid and minor error detected_solved

Area Ground -  No bugs or error detected

Awaits command_

Proceed to scheduled plan____________

Hi all! FutureWave will be opened at noon SLT and I'm sure you cyber dollz are excited as I am, perhaps maybe more than me with all the sneaky awesome previews of the pretty sci-fi stuff!! Since FutureWave is in her first debut as a sci-fi event as well as being the single such event that I know in SL. FutureWave will be opening it's portal today until the 23rd of Feb, so you have lots of time to come by and shopping or clubbing at the Club Gothika~ I heard that the DJs prepared special playlists for this event so don't miss it!

Ok so, I'm wearing a full sci-fi armour outfit by Graves that comes with full body latex suit with hood or not, which ever you fancy, and also available in several latex layer colour. I paired it with GalaFashionDesign from Final Fantasy Festival, the skin is sold in 4 different tones and also appliers!! The cyber hair is from ISD, will be available in 8 colours including this sky blue version. The visor I'm wearing is from Paper Moon and it animates! It's a very cool and cute design and just perfect for my little cyborg dead heart. Now then, hope you enjoy my 2nd post of FW, more will come I'm sure of it. Until the next post, my sci-fi dollz <33

Hair @ ->~ISD - DarkNet hair Sky Blue [Coming soon to FW]
Skin @ GalaFashionDesign - CyberDrone Nightmare [FF Fest]
Headphone @ MetaTheodora - Swing3003 Headphone Plain Fabric [Coming soon to FW]
Visor @ PaperMoon - HoloVisor Kawaii Death [Coming soon to FW]
Outfit @ Graves - G461 Grey [Coming soon to FW]
Collar @ {EDGE Technologies} - Metal Elegancy Collar
Boots @ {MV} - Odyssey Onyx

Poses @ NanTra - Defying Gravity set in 1st & 2nd pic, Requiem set in the 3rd [Soon in FW]

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