Saturday 22 February 2014

FutureWave - Another Me

 Day 16
I decided to run re-scan of my genetic feature once again. Seems normal so far, even though I have gone through a very risky genetic operation required to make my clone project.

Day 53
My clone's body seems to be constructing well. Her organs would be consist of artificial organs using a modified blood to carry necessary oxygen to the organs

Day 73
Surveillance shows the clone is still reconstructing some errors found during her programming. I wonder if it's normal that this project is taking this long?

Day 89
She suddenly stood by herself by the table as I walk in the lab as usual. I was astonished. She looked as if she was expecting me, and then when she saw me coming, it was as if she looked at me with recognition. I asked whether she knew who am I but I didn't have response. Then I realized that perhaps her voice isn't usable just yet.

But at least for now I'm glad my clone project is a success! Who know what more could be done from this result!

Hulloz all! It's been a while that me and my friend Gia, talked about a collab piece together. But it seems that our time always clashes and I'm glad that in this event I was able to squeeze time to finally take pics together! FutureWave will be over by the 23rd so you guys better hurry up to buy some awesome stuffs! Until next post my cyber dollz! <3

My Styling
Hair @ [e] - Fold
Collar @ Envious - part of Beauty Queen outfit
Skin @ [Pink Fuel] - Sora
Lips @ [Pink Fuel] - Classic Pout Black
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ Citadel Eyes
Facepiece @ Chaos Panic Disorder - Neutral Net 
Top @ Graves - part of Velocity outfit
Skirt @ {MV} - Shadenfreude Frozen
Bracelet @ amorous - freebie bracelet
Boots @ Death Row Design - Project Limited boots [no longer available]

Gia's Styling

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