Wednesday 19 February 2014

FutureWave - Vanessa

 Mission 265_Day 3

I have arrived at Insilico, following my target. According to my resources, he should be escorting some illegal humans to safety of this city. 

Changed my appearance similar to an A.N.G.E.L agent that I killed earlier. These wings proved best at it's camouflage and flight, allowing my eyes to scan the city for the trace of the target.

Mission 265_Day 5

I found the target, heading to a restaurant. I hid my wings and sneak to assess what he might have in defence. 

Just 2 holo dragon pets, What I know, they could land some nasty bites and slashes but that won't bother me since I'm prefectly re-built for assassin missions like this. That is why I'm considered as the most prized and expensive merchandise of my company.

Something if off with this target. I have not seen him recharging himself after such long travel. Is he one of the illegal pure humans that didn't change their system? But the wings and upgrades seen on his body proved otherwise.

I will going for the kill.

Another exciting collaboration with my good friend, Dev! I just love it when we trying out some items from the same events and end up with awesome story-line and ideas! We love almost the same thing so it's easy to direct and synchronize things. As we were shooting at Insilico, the place was heavily lagged that I crashed aggressively with every pic taken. It almost seems that in every collabs we had so far, either me or him that will lagged heavily and crash multiple times. it's almost crazy and many times I wanted to throw something through the pc coz of the constant crashing.

But anyways I hope you enjoy our collab piece this time and please do look forward for our future project. Until next time, my cyber dollz <3

Hair @ A&Y - Rem Hair [Christmas gift]
Skin @ Gala Fashion Design - CyberDrone Lapse [FF Fest]
Eyes @ ~* By Snow *~ - Radar Contacts [FutureWave]
Eyeshadow @ Beautiful Freak - Starcrossed eye makeup Teal [FutureWave]
Facemask @ Death Row Design @ Cybermask blue steel [FutureWave]
Outfit @ [Ponka Design] - Alcor outfit w/o Hood [FutureWave]
Arm Gear, Collar @ [Graves] - part of Velocity outfit [FutureWave]
Cables @ Death Row Design - Cables with electric [FutureWave]
Boots @ {MV} - IlliadCorp Boots Onyx [FutureWave]
Wings @ Death Row Design - Devine wings/glow toxic veins [FutureWave]
Earpiece @ Gridwear - Solarity
Arm Holo @ Gridwear - Illusive

1st pic @ NanTra - Defying Gravity set [FutureWave]
2nd pic @ NanTra - Requiem set [FutureWave]
3rd pic @ HopScotch - Busted set [FF Fest]

For Dev's styling


  1. YAY! I love the part about "2 holo dragon pets" and something odd about him, he didn't charge up. XD XD

    1. Awww glad you liked that part! I mean like he's a vamp right so it's true that he don't charge up as the normal cyborgs. Hehe~ xD