Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Witch at Play

Now they say witches are hateful being who likes to put curses on mortals. But we do enjoy a bit of fun you see. Tea parties, baking cookies and well possessing stuff I suppose. Others may think otherwise based on my appearance, ah but I shut them out with a wart curse. I would not mind a guest in my home, as long as you don't have a hidden motive of course, it would be troublesome to hid your body later. I haven't master the spell to properly poof you out into thin air.

Ah, my hand? Doesn't it look nice? As yes, I acquire this hand from my mentor you see. After I completed my apprentice, I am able to surpass her by killing her myself. My left hand has been an ugly stump from birth, so it would be fitting that I use her hand as replacement of my own. 

Oh, are you ready to leave? Without tasting my cookies or tea? Such shame, I enjoyed your company immensely too. Goodbye now, mortal. Until we meet again.

Ok that was quite to write. My mind was wandering a lot for this since the picture has a lot to tell but I do this would suffice for you dollz. So far I have more to show and man it's taking up some time to set it up.

Highlight of my outfit is items from Hammer of Witches gacha by collaboration between CURELESS[+]&DISORDERLY for Salem event. Collar, possessed book and impaled mallous are some of common while the Disembodied hand Witch are a RARE and the body scare is the ULTRA RARE. Good luck if you dollz play the machine. I'm also featuring some hunt gifts from The Nightmare events, eyes by CURELESS[+] and nails by Dark Passion Koffin Nails. The rest of credits are below and until next post spooky dollz <3

Body Pixels
Skin @ Glam Affair - Artemis Skin/Creepy Night/Polar NB *group gift
Eyes @ CURELESS[+] - Geology of the Moon/COAL [The Nightmare*hunt gift
Lips @ Clemmm - Tired glitter lips/Burnt Red + The White Crow - Love Mark/Blushed
Body Tattoo @ CURELESS[+] - Burned Heretic/DARK 1/Hammer of Witches gacha [Salem, ends Oct 31st] *new
Nails @ Dark Passion - Triskaidephobia 13 [The Nightmare*hunt gift

Hood+Hair @ *COCO* - Hooded Coat (Black) + Hair Maitreya Lara [Uber, ends Oct 23rd] *new
Forehead @ Dichotomy - Mun Jewel *past gift
Collar @ CURELESS[+] - Trapped Collar/Dead/Hammer of Witches gacha [Salem, ends Oct 31st] *new
Choker @ .random.Matter. - Drac Choker/Black
Left hand @ CURELESS[+] - Disembodied Witch Hand/Open RARE/Hammer of Witches gacha [Salem, ends Oct 31st] *new
Top @ ALTAIR* - Pentagram Top.Black [Salem, ends Oct 31st] *new
Short @ VINYL - Neyla Shorts + Akeda Harness
Footwear @ EMPIRE - Azalea 

Tea set @ Death Row Design - Black Widow Tea Set *group gift
Blood bottle @ Ninety - Blood Bottle Hunt [The Nightmare*hunt gift
Books @ CURELESS[+] - Possessed Manual Red+Paper /Hammer of Witch gacha [Salem, ends Oct 31st] *new
Paper on wall @ CURELESS[+] - Impaled Malleus/Hammer of Witch gacha [Salem, ends Oct 31st] *new
Flying paper @ Pixicat - part of Spellbook set, Flying Papers
Rug + Curtains @ *papermoon* - Bloodstained rug + curtains [past Nightmare gift]
Cat @ Moon Amore - Trypophobia Cat Black/Eyeholic gacha [Salem, ends Oct 31st] *new
Candle @ Distorted Dreams - Tentacle Candle LARGE + MEDIUM [The Nightmare*hunt gift

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Love Me Doll

She was created for men's pleasure. And she did deliver. A wind-up doll created exclusively for a certain Duke's entertainment and also for his guests to his castle. She serve her purpose obediently, silently, submissively. As the Duke aged, he wished to pass it down to his sons. None of them would accept the 'dirty', 'used', 'old-fashioned' doll. In the far chambers on the castle wing, where the doll waits on the messy, unkempt bed. Solemnly awaits for the next order from her master. 

But when it came, it was almost like her glass heart broke. The Duke will sell her to another High Nobel. One he promises that he will take care of her. No. She was created exclusively for one master. No. He can't do this to her. NO.

She moved without his permission. She moved with her own will. She hurt his master. She broke the rule. 

And she realized she enjoyed it.

As she cleaned the remaining blood from her porcelain body, she felt something. An emotion. And a laughter erupted from her lips. She was given a power, by an unknown source. She felt fulfilled. A voice spoke, "Do you wish for revenge?" 

"Yes" The blood stained lips smiled. She was now a succubus. A fitting role for her, she thought, as she felt wings sprouting from her shoulder blade. Her new order now is to absorbs men's life force to power her wind-up key. And she gladly obeys.

Oh my, I'm really not living up to my reputation as a dark culture lover. I should be doing more of these dark stories for you dollz! But alas, I was busy writing a horror story submission for a magazine and I concentrated very hard for it since it would be the first for a story of mine to be published in a SL magazine! I'm not sure when it will published but I will inform you dollz once it is.

Highlight of my outfit is this beautiful spider regal crown by .::Cubic Cherry::.for Salem event, available in other metal options as well. The blood tears I'm wearing is also by Cubic Cherry, for The Nightmare event. Next is the bruise and vein tattoo by The White Crow for SaNaRae event, available with multiple mesh body and head appliers too. The choker is one of the gacha key by CURELESS[+] for Salem as well. There are lots of hauntingly glorious items to collect from this gacha! Last but not least, ~*Souzou.Eien*~ is celebrating it's 7th anniversary with this beautiful rotating doll key exclusively for group members. There 2 versions available, which is Beloved and Victorian, I'm wearing Beloved for the theme of this story.

The rest of credits below and I hope you dollz enjoyed the story. More to coming, I promise! See you in next post <3

Body Pixel
Hair @ Elikatira - Marnie
Skin @ Enfant - Bloody Honey#5 *sale
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Gata Vamp Eyes
Tears @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Loss} tears bloody [The Nightmare]*new
Lips @ Clemmm - Tired Glitter Lips/Burnt Red + Izzie's - Halloween Lipstick Blood
Teeth @ [CerberusXing] - Cerberus' Dirty Fangs *group gift
Body + Face Tattoo @ The White Crow - Affection [SaNaRae, ends Oct 18th] *new

On head @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Curse} crown shadow/blk [Salem, ends Oct 31st] *new
Choker @ CURELESS[+] - Hammer of Witches/Trapped Collar/Hunted [Salem, ends Oct 31st] *new
Necklace @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Sekai} collar B/gacha
Dress @ Violent Seduction - Lilith Dress (Red) RARE
Gloves @ Violent Seduction - Lilith Gloves (Red) 
Boots @ Violent Seduction - Lilith Boots (Red) RARE
Wings @ ~*Souzou.Eien*~ - Little Imp Wings
Wing-up key @ ~*Souzou.Eien*~ - Anniversary Doll Keys/Beloved *group gift

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


"Unfortunately, the clock is ticking, the hours are going by. The past increase, the future recedes. Possibilities decreasing, regrets mounting."
-Haruki Murakami, Dance Dance Dance

Hello dollz, it's been a while since my last post. I was away visiting my grandma and having fun with my cousins. When I came back, of course I had pictures planned in my head that I'm sooo ready to do but of course, it was the time where Second Life is updating and it just won't let me in at all most of the time. I was planning to showcase some hats I got from Hat Hunts of SL which will be ending very soon on September 30th.

Highlight of my outfit is the almost free tophat by Couture Chapeau for the Hat Hunts of SL. It is resizable as well. The nails I'm wearing here is part of Fantasy Forest pack by Dark Passion Koffin Nails for Applique that just started its round recently! More credits below and I hope you dollz have a great week! See ya spooky dollz in the next post!

Body Pixels
Skin @ [Pink Fuel] - Sora/Alabaster/Heavy Smoke
Lips @ [Pink Fuel] - Classic Pout lipstick/Red
Hair @ Tableau Vivant - Baron Hair
Eyes @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Cosmos} eyes sun *group gift *free
Nails @ Dark Passion - Fantasy Forest [Applique, ends Oct 7th] *new

Hat @ Couture Chapeau - Number UNISEX Tophat [Hat Hunts of SL, ends Sept 30th ] *new
Top @ =Zenith= - Criminal Police Jacket/Red

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Spook Is Coming

Be wary mortals,
For soon the spook is coming,
Hide your kids,
Hide your skin,
For we will devour,
With no mercy

Hello dollz! A quick post for today since I will be away for the rest of the week until next week to my hometown. I couldn't resist doing a pre-Halloween post but I think I also mix it up with Japanese horror style to hehe.

Highlight of the outfit is the new nail packs from Dark Passion Koffin Nails for Whore Couture: Back to Schook round. I'm wearing Science is Sexy in dark. The face skull tattoo is last week's Fifty Linden Friday by CURELESS[+]. The rest of credits are below and I'll see you dollz again when I get back! Stay spooky! <3

Body Pixels
Skin @ Essences - Quinn Pale01
Hair @ TRUTH - Kizzy
Eyes @ CURELESS[+] - Yuurei Eyes/HELL *past FLF
Face Tattoo - CURELESS[+] - Psychopomp/RED/Fresh *past FLF
Piercings @ [ni.ju] - Marx piercing.monochrome/typeAright
Body Tattoo @ The White Crow - Eyed/RARE/gacha
Horn @ :[Plastik]: - Trinket Horns/Yalena Outfit Set *past FLF
Nails @ Dark Passion - Science is Sexy [Whore Couture, ends Oct 1] *new

Top @ :[Plastik]: - Silas Top/Yalena Outfit Set *past FLF

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Drowning Papillon

"Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision."
-Salvador Dali

Greetings dollz! I have some forth and present a surrealism piece of my own! Inspired by the CURELESS[+]xMoonAmore set for Aracde, tittled Surrealism. I did once before in His Muse post and was very pleased by the end product. I'd hope I have successfully recreated an underwater effect for this picture and I do hope you dollz enjoy this piece of mine.

Highlight of this outfit is of course the Surrealism gacha items by a collaboration between CURELESS[+] and MoonAmore for the current round of Arcade. If you play the machine at least 25 times, you will receive a special gift as well. Best of luck! Also, the fancy hookah there is by ~*Souzou.Eien*~ for current round of We <3 RolePlay event with 25% off! It comes in 7 different mosaic colors to fit in any scene. This lovely cage also by ~*Souzou.Eien*~ now available in the respective mainstore. Before I forget, Twisted Hunt has started! Time for you dollz to experience what a real hunt should be to find all the magical goodies. The Crystal Eye that I'm wearing is made by ~SongBird~ for the event as Twisted Gacha. There are 6 colors to win as well a fatpack RARE. Other credits available below and I hope you dollz have lucky weeks ahead! See you dollz in the next post <3

Body Pixels
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Haemoglobine/BareLips/RedEyeshadow
Hair @ ""D!va"" - Diva2/Platinum *group gift *freebie
RightEye @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Cosmos} Eyes R sun *group gift
LeftEye @ ~SongBird~ - Crystal Eyes/Fatpack/Rare *new
Chest tattoo @ [White~Widow] - Shallows/Black/top/gacha
Sleeve tattoo @ [White~Widow] - Elektra/Black *group gift
Nail @ Dark  Passion - Pearlescent 

Face @ :curelessamore: - Surrealisme/L'Innocent/Black/COMMON/gacha [Arcade, ends Sept 30th] *new
Dress @ :curelessamore: - Surrealisme/Ventre-Papillon/RARE/gacha [Arcade, ends Sept 30th] *new
Boots @ :curelessamore: - Surrealisme/BretonBoots/Noir/COMMON/gacha [Arcade, ends Sept 30th] *new
Tights @ Izzie's - Studded tights
Back @ ~*Souzou.Eien*~ - Crystal Wings/Gold/gacha 

Cage @ ~*Souzou.Eien*~ - Lucky Cricket Cage
Hookah @ ~*Souzou.Eien*~ - Mosaic Hookah [We<3RP, ends Sept 30th] *new
Butterflies @ ;curelessamore: - Surrealism/L'Aura/Gold/COMMON/gacha [Arcade, ends Sept 30th] *new
Fishes @ ;curelessamore: - Surrealism/Sous-Marine fish/RARE/gacha [Arcade, ends Sept 30th] *new
Balloons @ ;curelessamore: - Surrealism/ReservoirBalloon/COMMON/gacha [Arcade, ends Sept 30th] *new

Monday, 5 September 2016

New Menu! Sushi-cute and Bear-Ger!

Introducing a new menu to CC Franchise! Try the sushi wrapped in cuteness, available in 7 fun flavours! Or if you feeling cheesy, try the Bear-Ger that is just too cute to eat! If you are indecisive, order them both and get the special add-on on Cat-Mochi of your choice! Available for limited time only. Hurry to your nearest CC mainstore! 

Hello dollz! I thought I try on something different for this post and since there are these cute foodimals in my invo, begging to be let out. Now, I'm no graphic student so this really took a while for me to gather the materials needed and I hope I nailed it! xD

Highlight of this picture is the cute foodimals by .::Cubic Cherry::. Sushi-cute is available in 7 other colours, and includes a rezzable version, also a pet companion. Bear-Ger is a gacha for this round of Whimsical. There are 8 other colours to win and the rares are the armchair version of the Bear-Ger! Best of luck! The cat ears and chocker I'm wearing are rares from Akiba Cafe gacha by CURELESS [+] as well as the Oversize maid bow. The rest of the credits available below and I'll see you dollz in the post! Look forward for more~

Body Pixels
Head @ <UTILIZATOR> - M3 Venus Anime Head
Skin @ Enfer Sombre* - Snow *group gift
Hair @ [RunAway] - Harajuku

Cat ears @ CURELESS[+] - Neko Ears Dark/AkibaMaid/gacha/RARE 
Bow @ CURELESS[+] - Oversize Maid Bow/Black/AkibaMaid/gacha
Neck @ CURELESS[+] - Neko Cosplay Choker/AkibaMaid/gacha/RARE
Dress @ ALTAIR* - Maid Dress

Left @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - Sushicute/classic/leaf/sky/snow/tamago
Right @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - Bear-ger/sand/reddish/tan/classic [Whimsical, ends Sept 8th]*new 
Middle @ B.C.C - YumYum Mochi Tray cat Milk [Butter Syrup] 3

Monday, 29 August 2016

Walks of Life (and Death)

Do you believe in existence of other worlds? That perhaps there is another version of the place to walk into? Another person in that other world walking right beside you. Another world full of diversity that you can't see. Just another walk of life.

Well that took a lot of time to take these pictures in Origami event sim. If you dollz haven't go there, you should. It built like an old village with the horror other worldy atmosphere that is totally up my alley. Be sure to play the game UBUME as well!

The highlight of my outfit the beautiful umbrella by Cubic Cherry for ORIGAMI mall event. It comes in 3 color packs, red, white and black. Other credits listed below and I hope you dollz enjoy this post!

Left (Spirit Lady)
Body Pixels
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Haemoglobine (BloodstainLips/RedEyeshadow)
Hair @ .aii. - WhiteRed + Lucid Dreamer Hair *freebie
Hand @ .aii. - Sinners Hand L White
Feet @ Clemmm - Bloody foot

Kimono @ Clemmm+*katat0nik* - Spider Lily Cursed Kimono [ORIGAMI, ends Sept 10th] *new
Shoes @ :-.SOUEN.-: - Komachi Umer Geta Purple/Gacha
Umbrella @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Ame} umbrella/black r  [ORIGAMI, ends Sept 10th] *new
On face @ CURELESS+DISORDERLY - Ofuda charms/Nekomata Stroybook/Full [ORIGAMI, ends Sept 10th] *new

Right (School Girl)
Body Pixels
Skin @ Essences - Quinn Pale01
Eyes @ -CIRCUS- - Hello Eyes Black
Hair @ Lamb - Only You [Luxe Box August]
Legs @ The White Crow - Sweet heart/White
Face @ The White Crow - Love marks/Blushed

Outfit @ AMITOMO - rainy day's morning/2/s/gacha
Shoes @ REIGN. - Creeps Black
Umbrella @ AMITOMO - rainy day's morning/10/gacha