Thursday, 7 March 2019

Accio Galaxias

"I look at the wonders of the sky and see myself among the stars,"
- Cailah H.

Well hellow there my dollz! I really wanted to do this particular picture in time for the World of Magic event but alas my time management is just bonkers. The event is really awesome with the beloved Harry Potter world inspired and the items available for the event are really magical too. I do hope they will back for another round. That aside, Skin Fair 2019 is coming really soon and I hope you dollz are ready for the next trend setter from the event. From the previews I see, there is so much new things to try.

Highlight of the picture is the outfit made by CURELESS[+]. The dress comes with hud to change the metals as well as the tie in the colours of the Four Houses and as you dollz can see, I am a proud Slytherin~ The orb is made by .::CUbic Cherry::. for the event as well, but now should be available at the mainstore. The orb comes with hold pose and rez version, along with amazing mix-&-match colour hud for the crystals and metals. Rest of the credits down below and I hope to see you dollz in the post~

Body Pixels
Hair @ bonbon - aussie hair / no band *group gift
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Morphine / Red lips
Eyes @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - Love Sick Cosmetics / Eye set
Eyeliner @ +Jigokucho+ - Devil's Eyeliner Pack
Nails @ Dark Passion - Koffin Nails / Wiccan Essantials

Neck @ REIGN - Tattoo Choker Necklace / Deathly / Black
Outfit @ CURELESS[+] - Wizard's Apprentice Outfit

In hand @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Oeilvert} orb / hold

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Love & Lust

"'Tis better to have love and lust,
Than to let out apparatus rust."
- Kurt Vonnegut, God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian

Just in time for the few last minutes of February! My fun interpretation of the theme~ I hope you dollz enjoy!

Highlights of the picture are the Love Thief gacha items by CURELESS[+] for the current round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival that will be closed by 7th March so do rush for final lucky spins. The dark corset Lust is wearing is by [CerberusXing] for the February round of Eclipse, I'm not sure when the event will ends so do keep and eye out at the mainstore soon. The delicious nipple piercing is also by [CerberusXing] and includes texture hud for the gems attached to the piercing. Perfect for fancy dollz. Rest of the credits down below and I'll see you dollz in the post~

Body Pixels
Skin @ more more - maehwa / milk
Hair @ bonbon - bae hair
Eyes @ ~SongBird~ - Halo Eye set [Twisted Hunt gacha, coming soon] *new
Eyeliner @ +Jigokucho+ - Glitter Batliner Shiro pack
Lips @ {S0NG} - Fluffy lipstick
Body Tattoo @ The White Crow - Twinkle Star
Hands @ CURELESS[+] - Tin Doll Hands / Rosegold

Head @ CUREMORE - Love Thief / Goddess Tiara / WHITE [Fantasy Gacha Carnival, ends 7th March] *new 
Outfit @ CUREMORE - Love Thief / The Hunter Outfit / Lower Harness / Top / RARE [Fantasy Gacha Carnival, ends 7th March] *new 
Back @ CUREMORE - Love Thief / The Hunter / Lil Wings / RARE [Fantasy Gacha Carnival, ends 7th March] *new 
Hand @ CUREMORE - Love Thief / Bow / Gold [Fantasy Gacha Carnival, ends 7th March] *new 
Leg @ CUREMORE - Love Thief / Garters / Right WHITE [Fantasy Gacha Carnival, ends 7th March] *new 

Body Pixels
Skin @ Glam Affair - Milu / Bad Girl / Polar
Hair @ Magika - Please (M)
Eyes @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - Love Sick Cosmetics 
Eyeshadows @ Suicidal Unborn - Laney Eyeshadows
Blush @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - Love Sick Cosmetics 
Lips @ Clemmm - Tired Glitter Lips
Body Tattoo @ The White Crow - Shattered Rose
Hands @ CURELESS[+] - Tin Doll Hands / Charcoal

Head @ CUREMORE - Love Thief / Goddess Tiara / Black [Fantasy Gacha Carnival, ends 7th March] *new 
Neck @ //Naberius// - The Manticore Collar / Silver
Back @ CUREMORE - Love Thief / Lover's Blood dose Wings / Silver [Fantasy Gacha Carnival, ends 7th March] *new 
Nipples @ [CerberusXing] - Teared Entrapment / Onyx / Maitreya
Torso @ [CerberusXing] - Oroan's Binding / Set A 
Bottom - [CerberusXing] - Sultry Kunoichi Panty / Black-Silver
Leg @ CUREMORE - Love Thief / Garters / Left BLACK [Fantasy Gacha Carnival, ends 7th March] *new 

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Savage Curse

"And I curse this hell
And I hate your guts
And I swear I will pay for this craving never again
Never again,"
Kerli - Savages

I hope I made this picture justice to be honest. February is soooo busy! But I do hope I can push another picture if I'm not up to my nose soon. Hah

Highlight of picture is sexy corset by A&Y that has a million mix&match combos and the details of this corset is really top notch. The stitched up gloves was in the last round of We love RP and should be already available at the mainstore, and comes with 6 texture change. The gloves are mod so you dollz can use the face select and tint the bangles as well as adjusting the glow.

Body Pixels
Hair @ lock&tuft - bey
Head @ Clemmm - Other Mother Antlers / Black
Skin @ Glam Affair - Theodora / Polar
Eyeshadows @ The White Crow - Curse
Lips @ Clemmm - Tired Glitter lips

Neck @ ~SongBird~ - The Favourite Collar
Top @ A&Y - Siren Cyber Corset+Fishnet
Arms @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Talis} gloves

Monday, 11 February 2019


"Why did we become blind, 
I don't know,
perhaps one day we'll find out,
Do you want me to tell you what I think,
I don't think we did go blind,
I think we are blind,
Blind but seeing,
Blind people who can see,
but do not see."
- Jose Saramago

Well, that took my whole motivation and time to finish this picture since I managed to completely make the initial picture unsuitable for the vision I had. And so, this picture has been collecting dust while I was busy for Chinese New Year work shifts. Happy Lunar Year to those who celebrate by the way~

Highlight of the picture if the roses and horn combination by lassitude & ennui for the last Eclipse event but I am sure it is available in their mainstore by now. The keys hanging in the picture is actually earring set by .::Cubic Cherry::. for again, the last round of Eclipse event. The earring set comes in 10 other metals. The face tattoo you see here comes with a full body tattoo as well. Do check out the products in their respective mainstore if any catches your fancy~

Rest of the credits down below and I'll see you dollz in the next post!

Body Pixels
Hair @ Moon. Hair - Atlas Hands
Skin @ Glam Affair - Kiko Applier | Basic Line 
Eyes @ CURELESS[+] - Cutie Coven Eyes set
Face Tattoo @ THIS IS WRONG - Nightmare Tattoo
Lips @ Enfer Sombre - Catwa Lipstic set | Miu

Head @ lassitude & ennui - Obscuritas Crown
Forehead @ CURELESS[+] - Moonlight Jewels

.::Cubic Cherry::. - Null Earring

Thursday, 24 January 2019


"War is coming
and when it comes
and where it comes
and whence it comes
the living will envy the dead"

Greetings my dollz! Hope you all have smooth year so far even though we barely get into 2019 just yet haha. I also took up my first event coverage in a long while, I am a bit late right now but I hope I can make it. Do enjoy~

Eclipse Event 

From the event Eclipse, the beautiful military hat by .peculiar.things. that comes in 5 other colours that you dollz can match with any of your outfits of your choice. [CerberusXing] came out with nosering chain for the event. Comes with the usual pretty silver, gold and black texture. The chain is fully modifiable to fit every face shape. The outfit is by Wicca's Wardrobe, comes in other 5 colours with a cool steampunk style where you can adjust the metals of the mechanical heart that is inserted in the chest. More to come hopefully and I'll see you dollz in the next post!

Body Pixels
Hair @ .Shi - Octavia v3
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Deep Dream Skin
Eyeliner @ +Jigokucho+ - Glitter Batliner / Kuro Pack / Gold
Lips @ CURELESS[+] - Deep Dream Lips Palette

Head @ .peculiar.things. - Burning Glory cap / Black [Eclipse, ends 30th] *new
Face @ [CerberusXing] - Monstrum Catena / Gold [Eclipse, ends 30th] *new
Neck @ ~SongBird~ - The Favourite Collar *new
Outfit @ Wicca's Wardrobe - Aurelia Coat / Black [Eclipse, ends 30th] *new

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Crayon Numb

"I was numb, 
but it was from not knowing just what this new life would hold for me."
- Jamaica Kincaid, Lucy

Hello dollz! Welcome to the new year of 2019! Yes, I might a little late to wish but hey it's still January so what the heck, hah! Some of you dollz might have started the new year with new awesome or slow changes, either way, congratz on you for taking the first step! I myself as well, am trying to change myself slowly this year and this time I hope very much to reach my personal goal. A lot of things I need to change on my habits, especially my procrastination and lack-luster time management skill. So, whatever your goal is for this year, take it slow and maintain discipline, and let us all be able to reap what we sow~

Highlight of the picture is recently released Deep Dream skin by CURELESS[+] for the now obviously ended Santapai event last month. But I'm sure it is available at the mainstore by now. The white hoodie is D.E.A.D Hoodie also by CURELESS[+] that was a Fifty Linden Friday item and should also availabe at the mainstore at the different price point. The black jacket is Oversized Jacket by [CerberusXing] made for Male mesh bodies but could fit over female body with flat chest. The jacket comes with various awesome back designs with few funny ones too. Rest of the credits down below and I hope to see you dollz real soon!

Body Pixels
Hair @ Wasabi Pills - Ginny Mesh Hair
Horn @ .::CubicCherry::. - {Aeon} horns
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Deep Dream Skin 
Eyes @ [CerberusXing] - Unit eyes set
Eyeliner @ +Jigokucho+ - Glitter Batliner / Bonus pack

Top @ CURELESS[+] - D.E.A.D Hoodie / Maitreya
Bottom @ .::CubicCherry::. - {Rufly} skirt / Tartan Mono
Hand @ [CerberusXing] - Essential Dirty Claws *group gift

Body Pixels
Hair @ .Shi - Batach 
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Deep Dream Skin
Tattoo @ Letis Tattoo - Essence / MM14014

Head @ .::CubicCherry::. - {Crowned} Silver *former gift
Top @ [CerberusXing] - Oversized Jacket / Black / Size B
Bottom @ VINYL - Neyla Shorts

Monday, 31 December 2018

Another Year of Yule

Another Year of Yule comes by
Another batch of kids to hunt down
Hide the last trends
For this may be your final breathing year

HAPPY NEW YEAR DOLLZ! May we all be blessed in this new year with prosperity and health~

Highlight of the outfit is the new gacha item by CURELESS[+] as a comeback from a hiatus for the last round pf Epiphany and should be available in her mainstore now. The horns are by .::Cubic Cherry::. for Winter's Hollow that ended on 31th December. MY MISTAKE I WAS LATE. REAL GOT ME!

See you dollz in the next post! <3

Body Pixels
Hair @ Exile - Instant Crush
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Anesthesia Skin / BEIGE
Horn @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Aeon} Horns
Eyes + Eyeshadow @ [CerberusXing] - Soul Keeper Eyes Set
Hands @ CURELESS[+] - The Twelfth Night / Perchta Hands / RARE

Outfit @ CURELESS[+] - Christmas Nightmare / Skellington Suit / RARE
Legs @ CURELESS[+] - Christmas Nightmare / Vamp Stockings / White