Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Necrotize - Demise


Humanity has always been greedy, so much thirst for knowledge and much more lust for power.

Faithfully thinking they are the Apex among the endless void space.

We are always watching, always observing, recording every decisions and outcome.

Such unfortunate outcome it has been,

Lust fuels to more greed and in turn tipping the balance of outcome to an imminent demise to a planet with so much potential.

Such a shame.

Time to harvest the resources before the end of them.

Necrotize Event

Necrotize Group Flickr

 Necrotize Catalouge

Teleport to Necrotize in SL

Weather here has been so wonky my body can't keep up y'all

Body pixels

Head @ LeLUTKA - Lilly 3.1
Skin @ BeSpoke - Imp Zorus | SLUV Skin | Toxic Green | Fem
Skin Tint @ EVERMORE - Skin Tone | 25%
Face tears @ ::Static:: - Hexxus Symbiote Eye Leakage [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new *gift
Lips @ Emotional Circus - Bloody Valentine | Lipstick Collection
Tongue @ ~*Souzou Eien*~ - Tentatongue
Body Tattoo @ Nefekalum Tattoos - Summoned | Oceanic | Body + Face [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new


Head @ Zibska - Runi Mask [Halloween Shop & Hop gift] + Vilem Orbit Left | Right [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new
Ears @ [Cerberus Xing] - Necronomic Mother | Earring | Silver
Neck @ [The Forge] - Nubian Collar | Black
Shoulder @ Zibska - Vilem Shoulder [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new
Outfit + Hand + Tail @ ::Static:: - Hexxus Symbiote Set [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new

Prop & Pose

Left Hand @ [Cubic Cherry] - {Nil} Floating Orb | R [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new *gift

Wings + Pose @ CURELESS[+] - Dionaea Wings Add-on [Mainstore]

Location @ Doomed Ship

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Engine Room - Rumours in the After Hours


Being the owner of Steam Beans, peculiar customers would flock from all crook and crannies of the city. She would of course provide them with much needed dark liquid boost of the day or much requested dark liqueur that promises the sweet numbness to forget the day.

She hears it all from the loose mouths of the boozed patrons, from the piping's of the city, from the whisper over the steam beans. 

There's not much that would surprise her.

That is until the newsboy came in bursting through the door, sweating profusely between some nasty gashes on his face, panting and jittering like he had seen the Devil himself. 

Fearing the worst, she helped him sit over the counter and took out the exclusive bottles of Coffee Liqueur to help him calm down and listen to his story.

Engine Room Event

Already missing to create more Steampunk styles. Also this scene practically made itself while me and Devin bantering in-world. Kudos to our chaotic twin brain cells lmao

By left, Steam Beans Owner

Body Pixels

Hair @ Raven Bell - Celeste | Bangless + Bonus Lil' Wispies
Head @ LeLUTKA - Lilly EvoX 3.1
Skin @ VCO - Jenny | Pure


On Hair @ Wicca's Originals - Wickham Hat | Engine Room Gift [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Ear @ *Arts & Gears* - Steam Earrings [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Outfit @ Insomnia Angel - Francesca Dress | Blouse + Skirt | Maitreya Petite [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Legs @ Eudora3D - Ylva Boots | Maitreya [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Hands @ [ContraptioN] - Dapper Dandy's Gloves | SOOT | B

By right, Newsboy

For the continuation of the story and the Newsboy's outfits along with the settings credit, head to Devin Vaugh's blog here.

Friday, 15 October 2021

Engine Room - Equivalent Exchange


It started off with a lust for revenge. 

An equivalent exchange for losing both her lower legs, foolishly fallen to the enemies' simple trap during the last civil war. She was still seething with herself for trusting a man's sweet words during a battle.

So she meets with the famed Dark Inventor, and struck a deal. 

She was still a very capable commander with a clear goal in mind and the Dark Inventor offers an equivalent exchange. A new high rank among the military guard and a new pair of better, stronger, revolutionized legs, for the Society's absolute protection and secrecy as well as dragging the man who betrayed by his neck to her.

Now she is known as Iron Claw Protector of the Society. Binding her time for revenge.

For an equivalent exchange.

Engine Room Event

I just love dark stories

Body pixels

Hair @ DOUX - Dana Hairstyle | M
Head @ LeLUTKA - Lilly 3.1
Skin @ [Pink Fuel] - Sora | Alabaster | No Eyebrows
Eyebrows @ .aii. - Fantasy Brows Pack | Tintable Brows III
Eyes @ Emotional Circus - Spider Kiss | Abnormal | Tipe 2 Gold *new
Eye makeup @ [CURELESS] x Emotional Circus - Hallow*Queen | Trick or Blood Eyeliner *new
Face Scar @ !Reliquary! x .BroadWing. - Mechaneer | Scar [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new


Head @ !Reliquary! x .BroadWing. - Mechaneer Pin-on Medallion | Aether [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Glassess @ V/.Voluptas Virtualis - Misha Glasses | Shape 2 [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Jaw @  V/.Voluptas Virtualis - Mellioh Jaws | Shape 1 [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Outfit @  V/.Voluptas Virtualis - Syllah | Bodice + Harness [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Leg @ A&Y - Technolady Boots | Maitreya [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Hand @ Violent Seduction - Midi Latex Gloves *group gift


Weapon @ [REQUISITION] - Avalon's Tear Rapier [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new

Chair @ Architect. - D'Arcy Steampunk Armchair | Peanut [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Table @ Architect. - Porthole Coffee Table | Dark [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
On Left table @ *HEXtraordinary* - Kraken Decanter [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
On Right table @ CELESTE - Steampunk Nixie Clock | Hours + Minutes [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new

Backdrop @ TROPIX // - Vintage Room 01

Sunday, 10 October 2021

Halloween Sleep Over!


♪♪♪ ヽ(・ˇ∀ˇ・ゞ)

Today it's Happy Halloween

so now, let's trick of treat

red candy rolling around

don't wanna sleep till morning


Happy Halloween - Junky, Parmy, Chiho

Had an urge to make a super cute spoopy themed sleep over piece! Totally last minute with the deadline too lmao. Big shout out to my bestie, Devin Vaugh, for pulling through and helping me so much with very cute themed set. We had a lot of fun setting up too!

I hope you dollz have a fun Halloween this year 


On me, Aarya, the Cute Spoopy Gurl

Body pixels

Hair @ Exile - Britney
Head @ CATWA - Catya v4.5
Ears @ MANDALA - Steking Ears Season 5 | ver B
Skin @ more more - Leah
Fingers stain @ [Cubic Cherry] - {Soft Touch} | finger fades | CREAM [Mainstore]
Chest tattoo @ Achromance - Ghosty Boo Tattoo White | Tintable [2021 Halloween Shop n Hop] *free


Head @ Insomnia Angel - Sweet Dream Head Pillow [Mainstore]
Top @ Insomnia Angel - Secret Flavor | Nightie | Maitreya Petite [Mainstore]
Wrist @ *:..Silvery K..:* - Victorian Lolita | Cuffs_White | 16 | Gacha
Bottom @ Insomnia Angel - Secret Flavor | Bloomers | Maitreya [Mainstore]
Socks @ + black moon + - Lavender Ombre Bats Tights | BOM
Feet @ MICHAN - Helga Slides | Maitreya [2021 Halloween Shop n Hop] *free

On him, Dev, the Stinky Party Crasher


Hair @ Nutmeg & Entwined - Cameron | male
Top @ Gabriel - Layered denim jacket | Legacy | White
Pants @ Gabriel - Long belt chain pants | Legacy | Graffiti | Gacha
Boots @ Gabriel - Chain Boots | Legacy | Black | Gacha
Costume @ DownDownDown - HW Devil Antenna + HW Devil_Tail + HW Devil_Wing

Pose & Props

Pose @ Clemmm - Cute Try Hard 5

Rug @ BackBone - Cozy Rug
Balloons @ BackBone - Halloween Balloons - Colourful, Orange
Rug @ BackBone -Love Nest
Entertainment Center @ BackBone - Media Cente
Pumpkin Pets @ Tardfish. - Pumpkin Pets Happy - Purple + Pet Goofy - Black [2021 Halloween Shop n Hop] *free
Cauldron @ Apple Fall - 4 Candy Corn Cauldron, gacha
Popcorn @ Apple Fall - Buttery Popcorn
Carmel Apple @ TENTACIO - candy apple
Candy in mouth @ DownDownDown - DDDHWs2{6}Syringe(blood), gacha
Candy in right hand @ DownDownDown - DDD_HWs3_Candy(Orange, gacha
Candy in left hand @ DownDownDown - DDD_HWs4:Flask(Pumpkin), gacha
Cat @ Jian :: - Kitty Pillow (Stripe)
Pillows @ K&S - // Halloween pillow set
Pumpkin @{vespertine} - candy pumpkin with treats 
Candy @ {vespertine} - colourful halloween candy board
Candy @ {vespertine} - candycorn floor mess /halloween

Friday, 8 October 2021

Engine Room - Senescence

"Senescence or biological aging is the gradual deterioration of functional characteristic in living organisms. The word senescence can refer to either cellular senescence or to senescence of the whole organism."

To be in power longer...

The Society must be terrified of senescence and very desperate to find me, one of the last remaining Time Wytch. And what to make of their man? He was peculiar inventor who thought he could could infuse the Time Magick with his inventions. So arrogant, and tinkering with things beyond his comprehension.

I admit, I was intrigued. And very much swayed by the pretty pennies offered for my silence and cooperation. More if the commission was a success. No expense was spared by the society. Quite commendable

However, when the portal burst alive, it was not what we intended.

I suppose a more important question is, What did the portal open?


Engine Room Event

I hope Halloween last forever

By left, Time Wytch

Body Pixels

Hair @ KMH - Hair F175 | Unrigged [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Head @ LeLUTKA - Lilly EvoX 3.1
Ears @ MANDALA | Fantasy Elf Ears | Long 
Skin @ Jalwa - Zahida | Goth | Victorian
Right Hand @ HUMAN GLITCH - WTCHVRM | Gloves R


On Hair @ ::Static:: - Chrono Hairpin | Cluster [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Face @ Level 9 - Ninth Life Mask [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Neck @ Silvery K - Steam Libera | Scarf [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Top @ Poet's Heart - Alice Jacket | Maitreya [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Dress @ [Cubic Cherry] - {Vanity} dress | Maitreya Regular [Mainstore]
Hip Accessory @ kosmii - Bedelia Chatelaine | Gold [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Left hand @ [Cubic Cherry] - {Momentum} Gloves | Red [Mainstore]

Pose n Props
In right hand @ [CCT Security Life] Enforcer

By right, The Inventor

For the continuation of the story and the Inventor's  along with the settings credit, head to Devin Vaugh's blog here.

Thursday, 30 September 2021

Engine Room - Wild Hunt


Sharpshooting was in the Oakley Blood. It was a skill passed down from mother to daughter. Antonia could aim a gun before she could crawl. 

But with all the skills, what did she do with it? 

Bounty Hunting the evil targets of course

This world has no place for another sharpshooter after all

Engine Room Event

Let's start the week with some huntings

Body pixels

Hair @ Raven Bell - Soleil F [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Head @ LeLUTKA - Lilly 3.1
Skin @ Glam Affair - Coral | Jamaica | Lotus A
Eyes @ [GA.EG] - BOM Eyes - Green 
Lips @ Clemmm - Tired Glitter Lips | Charcoal
Chest tattoo @ Corvus - Twenty Eight Tattoo


Hat @ kosmii - Dollars Hat | sand [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Glassess @ kosmii - Henry Glassess | copper-sunnies
Neck @ Blueberry - Energy | Choker | Unrigged | Black
Top @ toksik - Varmint Top | Lara | Mod [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Bottom @ [CerberusXing] - Wild Hazard Shorts | B | Maintreya 
Holster @ toksik - Varmint Holster | Lara Loose | Mod [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Hand @ [Cubic Cherry] - {Momentum} gloves Black | BOM [Mainstore]

Prop & Pose

Pose @ Diesel Works - April2013 gift 4 + Black Dragon Poser edit

Weapon @ [REQUISITION] - The Minuteman's Musket

Location @ Mother Road

Monday, 20 September 2021

Love Potion


DISCLAMER: This is just a concept advertisement style editing that I wanted to try out. This is just my artistic approach in showcasing the items I want to promote.

Make me a perfume that smells like Love 

- Christian Dior

This really didn't go how I imagine it but oh well

But also wanted to showcase that very pretty hat...bonnet?

Body pixels

Hair @ BONBON - Aino Hair | R
Head @ LeLUTKA - Lilly 3.1
Skin @ Enfer Sombre* - LeLutka Skin | Porcelain | Evie *group gift
Blush @ Emotional Circus - Magical Girl blush sparkles 50% [Mainstore]
Lips @ Emotional Circus - Butterfly Lipstick [Mainstore]
Fingers stain @ [Cubic Cherry] - {Soft Touch} | finger fades | HOLO [Mainstore]
Nails @ .Quirky. - Holo Gremlin Claws | Lara


Head @ Insomnia Angel - Luscious Hat [Mainstore]
Top @ Insomnia Angel - Detachable Collar Heart-Cake + Charlotte | Blouse [Mainstore]


Bottle @ [Cubic Cherry] - {Ornate} potion LOVE [Mainstore]