Tuesday 15 March 2016

Disturbance in MultiVerse

Hidden from the MultiVerse was the Shadowed Syndicate. They work in the dark to unlock the secrets of parallel universe for their own gain. But one crucial element to their agenda eluded them. They dispatched secret agent Black Horn to the outer rim. She was surprised when the remote outpost was broadcasting an emergency alert.

She found the outpost's security ridiculously easy to hack. Inside red warning light flashed. The body of the guard lay on the ground. Was he dead? But wait... something else was here. She reached for her gun, scanning the interior. from the corner of her eye, she spotted a tall menacing figure. 

"Who are you?" He appeared human, but her scanner detected no heartbeat. "What are you? Android, or are you dead?"

Her gun was forcefully snatched from her fingers. She wonders how. Was his mechanical arms somehow magnetized? 

"Forgive me for disarming you, I have become lost during my stasis. I came from Earth in the year of 2057, I do not know how long I was out in that pod but this creature was awoken me. However his blood does not quench my thirst..." 

His words almost sent chills down her metal spine. She knew what creature that is standing in front of her, a myth about a modified vampire or C.U.R.S.E.D Angel that was banished during the time when Earth's Edens population declined greatly after the introduction of android modification. She will not stand a chance with this creature, she knew, but the opportunity to have a powerful ally in their cause was tempting. 

"My blood won't satisfy your thirst as well, since I am a full android. However I know a universe where you can have unlimted supply of Eden at your feet. Join us and we will make your wish come true in our cause,"

The Angel was silent for full moment, contemplating her offer. She almost felt nervous, waiting.

"Very well, I will join you,"

MultiVerse event is extended until the 20th!! It means there will more time for you dollz to hang out at the sim of MV and take time to check out the stuff there. I'm so excited about the collaboration with DevinVaugh for this post. As always, we always seem to be able to merge our story ideas and boom, another collab! xD The outfit I'm wearing is from Senzafine and available is several other color pack to choose from, matching the outfit is the fabulous hair from The Stringer Mausoleum. One of my arms is made from SWaGGa Mech arm that can easily crush my foes (hahaha) and also I have this fancy Data Bracer from Anachron. The visor from Hopsotch is something that every android must have, it have change to any color of your desire, completing my outfit is the Selective Membrane Filter mask and Domain Belt Little Pouches made by The Nebulae! Do check out Devin's blog for C.U.R.S.E.D Angle side of story and credits. See ya in the next post, cyber dollz!

Me (Black Horn)
Body Pixels
Skin @ Glam Affair - Katra Polar
Hair @ The Stringer Mausoleum - Warpath L.E Draven [Available in MultiVerse] *new
Eyes @ SongBird - Gilded Eyes RARE [Twisted Hunt Gacha] *new
Tears @ VON - Rust Tears 1 + Rust Tears 7 [Available in MultiVerse*new
Arm @ [SWaGGa] - Mech Arm (Lara) [Available in MultiVerse*new
Hand @ Star Quality - Cyberhand Black
Legs @ Star Quality - Android Legs + Wedge Heels
Ears @ MANDALA - Steking Ears Ver4

Visor @ HopScotch - Clinger Visor Black [Available in MultiVerse*new
Mask @ The Nebulae! - SMF 2.0 Space [Available in MultiVerse*new
Outfit @ Senzafinz - "Aeria" Type F [Available in MultiVerse*new
Bracer @ Anachron - Data Bracer Wrist Mounted Server Carbon Fiber [Available in MultiVerse*new
Upper arm @ The Nebulae! - Blox Prototype [Available in MultiVerse*new
Pouch @ The Nebulae! - Domain Belt Little Pouches [Available in MultiVerse*new

Grafica - Captain Awesome ii [Available in MultiVerse*new

DevinVaugh (C.U.R.S.E.D Angel)

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