Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Level Up - The Nightriks

The Nightriks siblings have been racing ever since The Immortal 500 started many years ago. They hold a complete winning record that haven't broke in every race they participate. Of course, it was because of the tricks hidden up in their sleeves. The racing sister, nicknamed SawedOff Sally because of a horrific accident many years ago during a race, with her left left pinned under a semi truck which led her to cut it off and rode herself one-legged to victory. Her brother then implant a cyborg replacement for her leg using what's left of the cut-off leg.

This year would be no difference, the rumoured new prize is what they have eyes on. It would theirs like always. Wasn't it? 

HAI there dollz! We're showing the villain team for this race of the immortals, the Nightrik siblings! And I forgot to mention that the cuties you see in this pic also secretly sabotage other teams. [ahem] Anyways, you can check out Dev's side of the story as usual at BishieStyleSL. So check him out and check out my credits below, look forward for the next teams we have in store! Peace out~

Sally Styling
Hair @ LaNoir Soleil - Solstice (Lucky Chair)
Skin @ Essences - Dyana Ivoire
Eyes @ VerseEye - Aria
Lips @ Pin Me Down - Summertime lipgloss
Face Tattoo @ Xeno - cyber scars
Face piercing @ [ni.ju] - Amped piercings
Dress @ [TfAtN] - The Seramus Dress
Arms @ C.C Kreations - The Race Armwarmers [Level Up]
Nails @ Wicked Peach - Racing Stripes [Level Up]
Googles @ Violent Seduction - Motoring Googles [Level Up]
Leg @ Corvus - Unisex Cyborg Leg
Boots @ Orauswalker - Striptease boots
Katana @ Bare@Rose - Materials Purple Katana

Brother Nos Styling

Creatures @ MONSTER SLAYER [Level Up Gatcha]
Game tables @ BALACLAVA! [Level Up]
Portal, Cones, Flags @ A.D.D Adnel [Level Up]

Monday, 23 June 2014

Level Up - Flame's Garage

"Pic by Dev, very little edit by me"
Naar have different dreams than the rest of the girls her age. The first time her father took her to a racing event at the age of 5, she was simply mesmerized by magic of speed of each car. She wanted to become a part of that fast-moving world. Of course, as a vampire, being near to flame or any kind of heat is pretty much harmful. However, Naar trained her body to be able to sustain the heat and learned everything about racing engineering. With her best friend, Dev, this year is their first debut in the racing world as the Team Red of Immortal 500.

Hey guys!! How have you dollz been? Good? My vacation so far is relaxing and pretty much what I needed before I go back to my college soon. There's this brand new event just opened called Level Up with different gaming themed quarterly and this month is "Drive It Like You Stole It". So, it's pretty much all about speed! Racing! Crash and Burnout! So all of you dollz who get adrenaline from speed, this is one event you need check it out. There will more collabs with this birthday boy next to me, so look forward for it!

Her, Naar's Styling
Hair @ Alice Project - Mika II Frosted
Skin @ 7 Deadly S[k]ins - June's Group Gift
Eyes @ ~By Snow~ - Volturi New Moon
Eyeshadow @ Pin Me Down - Summertime shadows
Horn @ C.C Kreation - Belias Flame Small Horn
Necklace @ Cae - Flame [Level Up]
Top @ [TfAtN] - Semuta Shirt
Bracelets @ Death Row Design - Project Limited Spike Bracelet
Gloves @ A:S:S - Fingerless gloves
Short @ [SAKIDE] - Hallow's Short
Shoes @ Frogstar - Flame On! [Level Up gatcha]
Backpack @ Tentacio - Racing Car Backpack Red [Level Up]

Him, Dev's Styling

Chair @ Kuro - Tire Chair [Level Up]
Bed @ [fetch] - Vroom Bed [Level Up]
Bike + lifting machine thing @ See here in BishieStyleSL

p.s - Happy 3rd RezDay to GodSon of Bat, DevinVaugh. May you have another year of batty goodness in SL.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Nouveaux Visuals June 2014

Hai there dollz! I've been away for semester break and check-ups so that's why I'm late in updating stuff. Soo... I was invited to come up with pictures that goes with the theme 'Imagination in Action' for Nouveaux Visuals. It's a magazine specialized for the Nouveaux sim where there some really cute and awesome designers! Wanna know what I wear? Flip through the magazine! Have a nice day dollz!