Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My Thankful Wish

Hello my dollz! Pardon for my lack of posts until now, I've been away for the holidays and my home net isn't strong enough for me to take nice pictures but I had fun with my family and friends in both worlds. Most of the relatives came here to visit my sick uncle, so we spent time a lot together with travelling around and shopping. I hoped to meet up with my extended family more, it's has been a bit of lonely year for me.

I want to thank all of my readerz that stumble upon my humble little blog, my awesome sponsors with their pretty creations, event designerz that made beautiful masterpieces that I almost struggled to show the prettiness and lastly, all my beautiful friends that been with me through hopes and tears during this last year. Special thanks to my good friend, Dev and Fulli for putting up with my blabbering and crashing and craziness and stuff *giggles*. I hope this coming year will bring good luck and prosperity for myself and all of you~

It's quite late to wish you guys a happy holidays but never too late to say Have a Happy New year!

"Pictures by Dev, editing by me"

Outfit + Hair @ Exile - First Snow [The Arcade gatcha]
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]in - December GG
Piercings @ Pekka - Cutuful Piercings GG
Necklace @ AZE - Magic Lantern Snowflake Slide
Boots @ GABRIEL - Denim boots GG
Hand Muff @ The Secret Store - Suede Muff [Inspiration Point hunt]
Decor @ [UniQ] - Christmas CentrePiece

Location @ Dev's cozy cabin frontyard! :D

Sunday, 1 December 2013

December Raid

(click here for raw shot)

The revolution has not been televised
The revolution is in your mind
The revolution is here! 

This is my my Coup d'e Tat 
Boomerang going from mouth to mouth
Hand's up, get high
The song's starts, I'm the tagger

 Coup d'e tat - G Dragon

It's already the first of December! Christmas spirit has been in air since a few weeks back, but now I'm sure it's in full swing! The latest round of Arcade has started at midnight SLT and of course it's would un-penetrable to for at least days! Yard sale are almost everywhere on the grid in which you can check it out here in plurk.

The image above is my first try-out with clipping mask and fire stuff. Took the whole 2 study days for me. Haha! Don't worry I won't sleep tonight. The song I added above the one I've been listening since it went out on August. On repeat. Every second. Every minute of a day. LoL kidding. I wanted to dress myself as him or one of the ladies in the video, perhaps soon. Enough of my blabbering....

My hoodie is one the items available at The Black Cart Sale at The Wash. Tons of clothing and decos at the price of 10$L or 50$L. Super affordable black clothing? I literally spoiled myself there. You guys should head down soon since it will end by 4th of December. Also showing off one of my new fave pants/boots from [LeeZu] that I got from Shoetopia. I was so happy to get it! Technically, it was an early Christmas present from my sissy! Love yew my sissy <3

That's all for now. Must get going and I hope to see you dollz again in grimm of cold winter~

My Styling
Hair @ .adoness. - xanthippe
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]in - November Group gift
Tattoo @ TaTToo Tribal Black Dragon [past - She&Him hunt]
Eyes @ Clemmm - Demoneee eyes [Molten Red]
Ears @ MANDALA - Steking ears V4
Choker @ *KA* - Skull/Spike Necklace
Dimple Piercing @ :Zombie Suicide: - Dimpled Cheeks
Plug Piercing @ .HW. Mocha Plug Piercing [hunt prize]
Nails @ A:S:S - Black on Black nails
Cuts & Bruise @ :Zombie Suicide: - Black Makeup with cuts
Hoodie @ {MV} - Spookshow Hoodie [Spectre]
Pants/Boots @ [LeeZu] - Yukatan Pants [Black]
Bats & Pose @ .ploom.

Location @ Sinners Heaven

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Berry's Weird Question Meme

Here I am, sneaking around when I suppose to study, haha~ But anyways I just couldn't resist to blog, it's a way of relieving stress for me. Ever since I start blogging, my depression time has lessen quite tremendously, I enjoy and look forward for events that I can cover, my inner dark fashionista just burst out of me and I really love it. I really wish to have more time to explore the pretty dark side of Second Life, one of the reason I want graduate quickly! Anyways onwards for the meme today~

Monday Meme Instructions: Copy and paste the following questions and answers into your blog post, delete my answers and input your own. Remember to leave your link in this meme’s comments so we can all come by, read your answers and secretly judge you.

1. Which was the last sim you visited? (Other than your home) +RMK+ Gothic Sim

2. Does your avatar look like the real you? In terms of shape, maybe a bit, but fashion-wise, oh she is the absolute opposite of me.

3. Do you wear underwear/pantied underneath your clothing when out and about on the grid? If it's necessary so that no prevert would zoom up my skirt, I will. But usually I wear pant-style clothing so I'm quite naked underneath those meshy clothing~ ;P

4. If you won a million linden dollars, what would be the first thing you buy inworld? First thing first, everything on my favourite list! [laughs] And then perhaps a house somewhere on the grid since my sis is very much interested in home decor. I totally suck at that!

5. Have you ever bought something in SL and the realized afterwards that you had already owned it before? Well... it's usually when I do MP shopping and come across with a lot of freebies then logging in to get it just to find out than you got like three of four similar items. Good thing it's just freebies and dollarbies for now.

6. Have you ever done anything in Second Life that would be considered illegal in real life? Biting people randomly would probably get me to jail in real life. Strutting down the grid with a rocket launcher at my back will consider me crazy and dangerous. Shooting people randomly and a bunch more that I rather not to tell... ;P

7. If you could go out on a date with any other avatar, who would it be? My super deep vampire crush, Winter Jefferson.

8. Who, in your opinion, was the greatest avatar to ever slive? Miss Strawberry Singh~

9. What is the most embarrassing things you've ever done inworld? I don't really remember much, but when I was newbie, I hung out at The Shelter, chatting and dancing. The whole time I didn't realize my speaker was on and I talking to my friend in my original language. So everybody was like, "Who the hell talking?" "I;m hearing weird sounds" and I was clueless since I mute the SL sound to listen to my own songs. After a while I knew what happened and just kept my mouth shut.

10. If your avatar had a mind of its own, what do you think it would say to you? "Gurl, hurry up and make up your mind already!" -This is since I take the longest time to figure out my styling and choosing a background for my pic-

My Styling
Hair @ .ploom. - Hoshi
Catsuit @ LORIEN - Sci fi Black Catsuit
Skin @ Ryuuko - Opal Milk (freebie in store)
Eyes, tattoo @ ~By Snow~ - Indogene eyes & Hexagon Face tatoo [in same pack]
Techy stuff @ [KONG] - freebie fatpack at Korean Community Sim

Monday, 25 November 2013

Berry's Introspection Meme

After I read Miss Berry's Introspection Meme as well as My Reflection post from her blog, sometimes I get that feeling where you look back into your life and wonders the 'what ifs'. Happens a lot to me especially when I go to sleep, I have a habit of over-thinking when I lay back on my bed and I know a lot of us do this as well. My avatar is what I wanted to be from real life, mainly I could express myself more virtually than in real. My friends always observe this habit of mine, where I'm pretty much spunky virtually but quite in reality.  I tend to spend more time in games I play rather than going outside. I try to change this attitude but it takes a long time for me.

My avatar don't affect me much but I do really get addicted to SL too much. Of course with the semester examination is tomorrow and I'm here writing on my blog. [Get your damn ass to study Aarya!!] Hahaha! So I really want to make this one post before I bury myself in notes so get along now~

Meme instructions: Answer the following questions and don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments.

1. Regardless of your current number, how old do you actually feel? I'm currently 19 years old, which many consider very young. I tend to feel different when in situation, I feel older when I'm at college or with my extended family but of course, when your at home, your mom just would never stop baby you and perhaps that why I can never feel older than 17 years old at my own home! I learn that when you're away from home, you will learn more about being independent to yourself and start making life decision. 

2. Which is worse, failing or never trying? Never trying, really what kills more than being a corner with your mind over-thinking about 'I should do that' 'What if' and those stuff. I don't know about you guys but that really kills me. Mainly why my friends call me brave 'coz I like to try everything that I can get my hands on! xD

3. If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life different? Perhaps, having 21 years more to live, I would surely would everything to make my dreams come true. That is publishing my own manga and anime. [I'm an otaku, yeah]

4. Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things? I'm more into doing the right things in things. Yeah, of course I focus on doing it right as well. Get it?

5. Would you rather be a worried genius or a joyful simpleton? I really am... a joyful simpleton. As to what my friends always see in me. I tend to relax even though there is something big going on and take it slow and mellow. And I pretty much hate that attitude of mine 'coz I become so lazy to do anything. Somebody please cure me!

6. Have you been the kind of friend you want as a friend? I've been trying to be everything what I want as a friend. Being there and being joyful but always there when you're sad and all. Though I can't help but to feel lonely sometimes. I try to reach out when my friends need so but then I could never reach out to others about my own feelings until I reach the breaking point. Another bad habit of mine. :D

7. Do you remember that time 5 years ago when you were extremely upset? Does it really matter now? What I only remember 5 years ago is when I cried so hard that my dad commented about my grades. It wasn't what he expected. Now when I think back, it seem silly of to have a tantrum just from that. [*blush]

8. At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive? I think it was when I joined the national boot camp after high school. That 3 months period of extreme military-like work-out as well as meeting new friends from all parts of the country made me more aware and reflect in life since that was the first time I was away from home more than 2 days. 

9. If you just won a million dollars, would you quit your job? The answer perhaps is what every teenager would say, OH NOW I WON'T HAVE TO WORK ALL MY LIFE! Yeah... no. I might have that desire but I like to have that hard-earned money to spend on things I like so that I would appreciate it more. Plus, when you have everything that you want just like that, won't it feel bored after that when you have nothing to chase after? ;D

10. If you knew that everyone you know was going to die tomorrow, who would you visit today? I could never choose. I love my family. I love my friends. My friend has been more than a family for me. I would probably make a huge reunion party and invite everyone that I have come across in my life, real and virtually, and thank each of them for making my life a meaningful one even it's just a small part.

11. What do you feel is the difference between being alive and truly living? 
Being alive: wake up, shower, eat breakfast, go to school/work, do your stuff in school/work, come back home, do more work/homework, watch t.v, eat dinner, sleep, rinse and repeat. 

Truly living: You wake up from bed excited of you will do today and wonders about the challenge that throw in your path. Being able to do what you really want and being super satisfied from it even though you only accomplish a small thing in life. With all your creativity flowing out like water and being inspired by everything in life. Of course, loving people just the way they are.

12. If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make a mistake? In every way, we do learn from mistakes, even from when we were newborn until now, we learn. Of course, when we make mistakes, we feel guilty, shameful and powerless, those feelings isn't really nice things to have so I think that is why we tend to be so afraid to make mistakes even though it teaches us to be more determine cautious. 

13. What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you? If the things are actually right thing, I would. Many things are done differently simply because of social pressure and such. People want that and don't want thing and blah blah blah. Communities think too much about what other think of them. In real, I could not do things as I like from family demand. I understand since I'm the only child so they want the best for me. In SL of course, I give a big, fat, GOODBYE and ignore them. Hehe

14. If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be? Be happy and think more of yourself but never be selfish. NEVER!

Since this is an introspection meme, I present an introspective cat! Bye now, see you dollz again!

Aww don't worry!! I will always let you catch the red dot!! 

My Styling
Kimono, Hair, Tatoo @ BareRose - Sidare Zakura
Skin @ Glam Affair - Halloween Group Gift Skin
Ears @ Half Deer - Bunny Ears Gatcha [Origami - RARE] (it's my first rare!)
Place @ +RMK+ Gothic Sim

Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Resurrected +RMK+

+RMK+ Gothic has been awaken from its slumber! Behold the new and fresh look of the sim!

The sim was closed for renovation and now open to public! The designers who are tenant of +RMK+ also been generous to provide re-opening gifts of sorts! The sim is now divided into 4 parts with each unique theme. Since the sim has been one of my fave sim of all time, I went there and had a short tour by Dev (blogger of Bishie Style SL as well as the +RMK+ blog). He was really kind and patient to guide me throughout the sim and points out some of the buildings that are created with storyline behind it. I'm very intrigued the stories and being very much inspired from it. Some of the characters are actually the same ghosts during the +RMK+ Halloween Game.

You guys will soon see what I have in store with the interesting stories! +RMK+ Gothic also hosting a photo contest which you can see the info here. I will also participating along as well. You guys can check out more pic at the +RMK+ Photo Contest Flickr. Below are the pictures that I've taken so far. Raw and unedited so you guys can see the pretty darkness of the sim. Enjoy! 

Of course, I just couldn't resist to add a small story to it!

Maria has been a chocolate-maker of the delicious Cadbury Cocoa for quite a while. Winter is coming closer and the wind is becoming more crisp and cold. Soon she need to make the special winter chocolate to be sold at the shop. For that she must venture out to get the special ingredients. Around the +RMK+ Gothic where anything is not what you expect it.

If you love my outfit, it is a Cadbury Girl outfit in which you have to join the +RMK+ group and then tp to the shop, click at the huge poster at the back of the store and get it! Even though I'm not into pink much but I really like dress style, lot's of frills which I love in Lolita fashion. I wish there would be more meshy Lolita dresses in SL. Or it's just perhaps that my searching skill is noob. You can see more re-opening gifts from Dev's awesome blog as well! See you again my dollz! 

"The TP clock post"
Outfit @ RokumeikaN - Cadbury Girl outfit
Monocle @ Air - re-opening gift
Hair @ Truth - Ebony
Skin @ My Ugly Dorothy - Freebie skin at Korean Community Sim
Armwarmer @ .la petite morte. 
Booties @ Warm brown bootie 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Reunion with Rockabilly Love

November 20th, 

Dear Diary

So it was after school and I'm looking out the window thinking for the first time you deployed for battle. It was the summer break after our last year of high school, you were to be deployed exactly one week after the release of high school.

 When you left it was the first time I had ever felt alone. So I became a teacher, that way I'd never be alone, I'd be surround by smiling faces of the children each day and each day brought me joy. Soon enough our rebellious friends grew old enough and got decent jobs as well, so our rebellious gang split up.

Four years later after a long stressful day at work, I come home expecting to feed my very lazy cats only to find out that my sister was there at the door waiting to surprise me with open arms and the same smile she shown as the day she deployed. After tears and hugs, we joined inside for a smoke and to reminisce on our old rockabilly days, where we both are today and what plans we'd have for our futures. 

We decided to live out our memories and dress like we did when we were young and we visited the same diner we always did on Saturday's with the gang. It was good to see each other, it was good to fill the void in the lonely teacher's heart. It was good, to live again.

I finally had time to blog in between my study time and I wanted to blog about the Rockabilly Fashion Fair with my lovely sister! We spent a lot of time at this fair and absolutely lovin' the retro items available! My sister is especially excited and quite an expert on the style as well. The story and styling is made by her and had much fun exploring our inner Rockabilly! The Fair will close by the 23rd of November so hurry up and have a retro trip at the sim! Credits are below and hope to see you dollz again~ <3

My Styling
Hair @ Calico - Desiree
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - Peggy [Rockabilly Fair special]
Eyes @ Clemmm - Fog White
Navy outfit @ Goth1co - Rockabilly Military Dress red
Pump @ Demotik - Mesh Peeptoe Heel
Place @ Yamato Memorial

#2nd style
Hair @ Little Bones - Temptation [Group gift]
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - Peggy [Rockabilly Fair special]
Lipstick @ {Tilly} Red lipstick
Bra, short @ [LF] - Cute Pinup High Waist Shorts red
Jacket @ JStyle - Black Jacket 
Pump @ Demotik - Mesh Peeptoe Heel

Sis Styling
Hair @ Little Bones - Temptation [Rosewood]
Skin @ Pink Fuel - caramel
Eyes - Choco sweety eyes
Lipstick @ Pink Fuel - Harley Lipstick [Rose]
Cardigan @ Goth1co - Red Polka Dot Cardigan
Shirt @ /artilleri/ - Lajla Lurex Sweater [cream]
Skirt @ DRBC - Noir Pencil Skirt
Shoes @ Maitreya - Group gift Pump
Place @ Korean Community Sim

#2nd style
Hair @ /artilleri/ - Trixie hair [chili]
Skin @ Pink Fuel - caramel
Earring @ Dice earring
Shirt @ [:: JesyDream ::] - Knotted Shirt
Pants @ OSITO - Capri Pants 
Shoes @ Maitreya - Group gift pump

Twin's wear 
Tattoo @ {micelets} - Vintage mice tattoo [MP giftie]

Friday, 8 November 2013

Horrorfest - Sisterhood

The year 2097, the previous virus almost swept the earth clean of humans. But a clever scientist created the antidote at the nick of time. It was spread through air. The same way as virus did. But then, some who were infected turn into something else. Shape-shifters is what they call. It's uncertain if they truly could shape-shift but they really do posses the characteristics of some animals. Some looked like a tiger, some only grew tail. These population are very few and considered as exclusive pets to high rollers. Most kept as breeders and slaves for their good genes or strength. Some became dancers or thieves. What is sure that they are surviving in the harsh future world.

There is a secret club to where they hire these population. It was reserved to high status people and only with money will you inside. The spotlight is always on the slurty Rabbit Dancer. She was the popular and demanded among the dancers. Being a rabbit shifter makes her full with energy every time she dance, she would dance until the dawn breaks and money would be raining on her.

She is one of the best criminals in the town. She could snatch away millions' worth of jewelries ever before anyone could push the alarm button. As a Cat Burglar, she does what does best and what she really love. 

The recent increasing numbers of victims with bodies either wide open or severed were alarming. All of the victims are male and no connection between each other what so ever. Killing patterns are very random and no one could come up with logic explanation. That is, if they were to think a little out from the that tiny box, they might find a clue. The small clump of white fur in one of the man's nose, tit bits of glitters strangely inside the intestine of an gashed open man. 

Perhaps they would know, that the so-called weakling are secretly devouring them. One by one.

Hi again my dollz! Pardon for the long absence, I was away during the holidays and came back to college with a big slam to studying. I must tell you that I'll slacking on blogging a little for to study for upcoming exams. Haha! Originally I really wanted to make this as a Halloween post but I think it's too late for it and I'll opt for a Horrorfest post. Quick though, today is the last day of the event! Right now they are spinning the table to celebrate the success of Horrorfest! Credits below and I hope to you dollz again!

My Styling Cat Burglar
Available at Horrorfest
Corset @ My Little Bat - Horror Corset [blood-gatcha]
Shorts @ SAKIDE - Hallow's Shorts [gatcha]
Blood @ ~SongBird~ - Will you still love me?
Eyeshadow @ The Stringer Mausoleum - Fashion Monster makeup [rare]
Jewelries @ AZE jewelries - Yum Kimil, 
Hair @ [COLORS] 
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - MadPea hunt gift
Ear @ {PHYCHO:Byts} - Black Neko [Dark Kat hunt gift - past]
Boots @ [HTxDZ] - puss in boots

Sis Styling Rabbit Dancer
Available at Horrorfest
Rabbit ear @ DEADPOOL - Dead bunny purple bow
Outfit, cuff @ 90 Degress - Naughty Bunny
Eyeshadow @ Alli's - Nightmare eyes [store hunt gift]
Hair @ Truth - Rebel
Skin @ [PF] - Harley <Caramel>
Boots @ Diabolika

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Horrorfest : The Underworld Sorceress

Her time has come... once more to terrorize the upper world. Nearly 800 years has passed since she last walk through the Hell's Gate. The last time she was on the surface, she brought the Black Death across Europe, cursing a few tyrants an eternal life of a ghost when their soul is too pure to be presented to the King, killing thousands of people just to serve as a favorite soul snack for Underworld King. This time, she came back with a dark mission. Conquering the ghost realm. Humans think realms other than Heaven and Hell doesn't exist. How wrong they are.

Stepping through the Hell's Gate with the light of the Grief Messenger and her gleeful raven perched on her clawed manicured hand, she reached the Haunted Place, feared by many humans and the main home of the ghosts that roam the surface. Her smile was sinister and cold. She intends to make conquering a quick work. After all, the ghosts could never beat her, not even close to touching her. She was The Sorceress of Death, feared as the right hand of the King himself. Her raven flew, starting to signal the surface what great darkness would soon engulf.

She chants ever so slowly, savoring the moment before it becomes a too-quick work. But then she opened her eyes to an intruder. A very familiar intruder. The ghost rider, on a gorey-looking horse, faced fiercely towards her, with his dead eyes fully focused at the sorceress. His sword in hand poised into deadly intention. The Sorceress scuffed, ceasing her chanting to entertain herself for a mere battle with a ghost warrior.

But it was no ordinary warrior, he was one great warrior during his Medieval life, when she cursed him into eternal ghost life just so she thought he would enjoy to see his kingdom crumbles before him as he couldn't do anything. It was a long battle and The Sorceress refused to fall back but an unexpected kick literally sent her back to Hell's Gate and she swore to come back to surface to complete her mission. Even it will take another 1000 years.

This huge-awesome-project post that came up when I was dressing up my next Horrorfest outfit. I usually have these moments where me and Dev call as 'The Darkest Hours' which is when we wear something and have absolutely NO IDEA of what we're doing. Literally. At first I was thinking of a modern-ish witchy outfit. But then when I visit Dev and lovely Fulli in her horse avatar, we all had the brightest light-bulb clicked in. We could even hear the sound in our heads when we talked about the story behind post! xD In the place where we took pictures, in which I found from Miss Berry's recent blog post, it was heavily scripted and led to many internal raging (to me, that is) crashes. But we managed and here we present it to you guys! Check out his awesome blog for the ghost warrior POV of the Phototelling.

I'm wearing a gorgeous one-piece suit from ~ImmateriA~, it's meshy and comes with 5 sizes. I really love the texturing on the bones and it gotz ze materials! I couldn't decide about the headdress until I pair Paper Moon's Sister Deer and Alice Project's hair. It was perfect! Being a sorceress is about getting everyone's attention, and that's why the Rare eyeshadow from The Stringer Mausoleum as well as the Mutant Creature eye just fits together like a puzzle piece. The ghost warrior and his ride styles can be found at the Bishie Style SL blog by Dev and do check him out since he blogs about many kinds of men clothing that I'm sure my guy dollz would love! For now we depart until the next post!

My Styling, The Sorceress
Available exclusively at Horrorfest
Body Suit @ ~v~ImmateriA~v~ - Vampir Nacht 
HeadDress @ Paper Moon - Sisters of the Moon (Sister Deer)
Lashes @ The Stringer Mausoleum - The Great Patch [Eye Decor] (Rotten}
Eyeshadow @ The Stringer Mausoleum - Fashion Monster Makeup [Rare] 
Eyes @ The Stringer Mausoleum - Mutant Creature Eyes (Void Salamander)
Raven, Spider props @ Uncertain Smile - Sorceress Poses
Hands, Feet @ Ali's - Sinner's Pack
Hair @ Alice Project - Ivy [Masscare Project]

Dev Styling, Ghost Warrior

Fulli Styling, Ghost Horse
See : Bishie Style SL

Big thank you to Dev and Fulli for putting up with my crashing and all! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Horrorfest - Faceless Black Swan

She had huge talent. One could easily see that she had a bright future as a beautiful ballerina. She was a cheerful child that enjoyed what she loved. But of course, jealousy has her own way of destroying one's life. Her own best childhood friend threw acid at her face. The face that previously smiled so brightly, now covered with bandages. She refused to step out from her coven. Crying endlessly as her 'friend' eagerly took her place as the Black Swan that she worked so hard to get. 

The curtains lifted. The crowd awaits for rumored 'the next great ballerina' to dance. The Black Swan swirled her way onto stage, inwardly proud of her so called 'hard work' of getting the exclusive part. Oh she will know how sweet revenge would be. She danced with a dark illusion as the audience gasped when another masked Black Swan twirled through the dancers effortlessly. Towards the delusional Black Swan, she danced a routine that she created herself just for the part that was ripped away from her. 

Finally noticing the masked intruder, the Black Swan ceased her dance and immediately recognized the masker, her feet quickly gathered to run away. The masked dancer continued her deadly dance, following the fake Black Swan and jump in between her way out. She twirled into her signature spin, with each swing of the leg pushing the Black Swan back into stage. Finishing her spin, she thrust a hidden poisoned blade to the Black Swan. 

The crowd gasps, the Black Swan fell onto her own pool of blood. The masked black dancer resumed her dance around her body, not caring of the blood. A dark victory dance, so hypnotizing that captivate the audience. She then disappeared, rumor told that she went to a dark mystical forest and continue her dance of sorrow. No one knows for sure, but the people who watched her final dance would say that she will still live in their memories. Her dark dance that seems to tell her sorrow story.

Hello again! Sorry if that was a really long story. I really love ballet dance and enjoyed watching the videos of it. Even though I can't become a ballerina, sure as hell I can be a Black Swan in SL! Hahaha! The outfit is by *LOULOU&CO* gave me the idea, it is sold in 2 versions, clean and bloody. I then pair it with the super elegant laced neck corset. There are several other styles of the neck corset that you choose, sold by ~*S.E*~ It's very lovely and I love how it compliments the dress as well. The mask I'm wearing is from [ContraptioN], The Cannibals mask that has a few other versions, it is able to be textured in clean or bloody by a click of a menu! The masks could be worn on the face and include with a rez version if you wan to use the mask as a house decoration. Lastly, I wore one of Paper Moon's headdress collection, Sister Crow, that completes my awesome Black Swan~ Credits below and I hope you dollz are enjoying my Horrorfest post because there will definitely more coming soon! Until next time!

Exclusively available at Horrorfest
Dress @ *LOULOUCO* - Ginger Skull and Blood
Neck Corset @ ~*S.E*~ - Elegant Throat Corset
Mask @ [ContraptioN] - The Cannibals (broken and bloody)
Headdress @ Paper Moon - Sisters of the Moon (Sister Crow)

My Styling
Hair @ Dura - Naomi
Skin @ Jomo - Halloween skin gift
Earring @ Chaos, Panic, Disorder - The Widow set
Bloody leg @ Dead Apple - Blood stain
Shoe @ BareRose - BlackCat sim shop gift

Pose @ Feel the Music Ballet and Dance pose
Location @ +RMK+ forest

Friday, 25 October 2013

Horrorfest - Service Maid

The maid silently walks in the dark. Careful not to starlet her master in his resting. Her movement was silent as the shadows, quickly doing her chores of the day before the dawn breaks through the mountains. Her heels clicked softly on the velvet-like carpets as she pushed the cart full of her master's morning essentials towards the main room. The door opens without a single creak and she effortlessly pushed the heavy cart inside. She stops the cart near the window and swiftly opens the curtains. Something in the cart glimmered with the morning sunlight, as she turns back and picked it up.

Her pure white maid dress was seen to be literally smothered with blood as she grips the knife that she once used to decapitate her beloved master's head. She was very much in love with him, so much that she just could not bare to see him with another female. Strong wooden root sprout from the dried pool of blood near the window, in which she use to place the master's head. In the very room, in the very mansion of her master's, Hackberry Mansion. Long forgotten as soon as his death was announced. Grinning to see her most beloved, she continues her illusion of 'taking care' of her master as if he is still alive in that haunted mansion. Scheduled, away from the terrified minds. 

Hello again my pretty dead dollz! Another post with awesome items from Horrofest 2013! There are so much awesomely bloody stuff to show that I almost faint from it! LoL just kidding! I'm doing my very best of showcasing most of the items as to my hectic schedule would allow me. The white bloody maid outfit by ILAYA which includes with the knife is one of the many awesome hunt gift of The Grand Olde Horrofest! No worries, ILAYA also sells the maid outfit in noir, blue and rose color as well pumpkin sweater as the 100% donation item at the event. The poses I am using are also comes a maid pose pack by ILAYA.

The jaw is from the amazing [ContraptioN] and includes 4 types of face expression, bloody tattoos to match with the expression and female/male size. These pretty little black heels that every female in SL should have is from Demotik and also comes with other colors sold. And also my hypnotic eyes are from AvatarBizarre and also sold in different other colors as well. The house I took pics is the newest house set by Never Totally Dead which is Hackberry. There is a demo house rezzed at the sim and you guys just have to tp down to it. I'll tell you it's a really creepy house! Credits are below and I hope you dollz are ready for more bloody posts soon! See ya

Exclusive at Horrorfest 2013
Eyes @ AvatarBizarre - Eyes Retina Polish
Jaw @ [ContraptioN] - The Carnivorous Jaw 
Outfit, Knife, Poses @ ILAYA - Bloody Maid (Hunt Gift)
Shoe @ Demotik - Mesh Black Velvet Peeptoe 

My Styling
Hair @ Eaters Coma - Gift hair
Skin @ Corvus - Zara Skin (GG)
Hands @ SLink - Relaxed gesture

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tricking Hour

Look! Up in the sky! What is that? A giant bird? No it's, it's Tricker Witch Aarya!


Oh ugh. This is embarrassing. Just a sec as I safely command this broomstick to PUT ME DOWN! 

(click here for raw)

Ah there I am. Safely on ground level. I'll have my broom insurance to get me a new one. With the latest style of course. Oh why is everyone scampering away? I have yet to show my new tricks! It's Halloween! Oh well I'l just have fun with Morgana! Which town shall we trick? Which human shall we cast mishap? I wonder who will be written in my scroll of unfortunates? *giggles* We will gonna have so much fun, Morgana!

Hello! I'm having a little break since the semester exam is around the corner and I need to do best in studying stuffs. Ok this time I'm featuring a Tim Burton-inspired outfit by one of my sponsors, Love & Blood. Includes everything shown except for the pumpkin on the hat, it's from ~by Snow~ 's Apple Bobbing prize. And also the green underlayer socks is made by my friend when he thought it would compliment the outfit as well. I think I look like an awesome witch! Credits below and hope you dollz will look forward for my next Horrofest post!

Hair @ ~by Snow~ - Clowny Hair (Trick or Treat) 
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - Greed for SYS project
Eyes @ ~by Snow~ - Feline eyes
Make up @ Sn@tch - Grape Crush (Wild Tattoo MakeUp)
Hat, Corset, Tutu, Garter, Broom, Candy piercings @ Love & Blood - Tim Burton inspired Witch outfit
Choker @ Sn@tch - Spoiled Leather Collar
Boots @ Battle Fairy - Vanya Sulie Knee High Red Boots
Chest Tattoo @ Corvus - 28 Tattoo
Pumpkin on Hat @ ~by Snow~ - Pumpkin Deely Booper
Morgana @ Skull from SL10 Birthday event

Location @ Horrorfest Forest 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Horrorfest - Virus Taste

There was a strange plague swept the town. Reports of strange mutation happens to people being infected by it gripped the town folks in fear. Why? They should embrace what nature has in store for them. The mutation is nothing more than just how nature bracing us for what to come. How could they not understand that? I embraced it. I felt the changes within me. The only thing that was visible to see was that my eyes changed to apple green. It was nothing, rather I liked it. I always wanted to have such eye color. 

Then a big outbreak came. A strange secret experiment in which the government tried to use the plague to create a strong unbreakable army. To bad, the virus broke loose before they could do anything. Now this is my favorite part. In which the human are wrong and Mother Nature proved to be right as always. The virus does not infect people who previously mutated by the plague. I was delighted to see as the streets are empty and I could walk down the road happily as I struck another zombie lifeless. 

Now this would be a fun day.

I actually finished this post hours ago but then it started raining and my internet just went 'goodbye I'll be having a vacation right now'. For almost 12 hours..... I raged like crazy. But as always singing and rocking out musics helps out a lot. And now... enough of my babbling, I hoped you guys been visiting Horrorfest. I loved the sim a lot! I promised I will show in the next post. I tried to create a phycobilly style in which fusion of phyco-ness and rockability. As to what my friend said. I love very much really. Credits are below and I hope you dolls enjoyed my post this time. Until then!

Available exclusively at Horrorfest
Choker @ ->-ISD - Death's Grip Choker - Death 
Necklace @ DRD - Skeleton hands necklace
Earring @ ->-ISD - Death's Grip Earring - Blood
Dress @ DRBC - Nettie Dress

Hair @ Truth - Naomi
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - MadPea Hunt reward
Eyes @ Dead Apple - Sinister Lifeless Vamp
Lips @ Sn@tch - Underworld MakeUp (Blood Lips)
Tatoo @ {micelets} - vintage mice tattoo (MP gift)
Shoes @ DRD - Lolita pumps

Friday, 18 October 2013

Horrofest - Bloody Red Riding Hood

One would simply brush off when they encounter a figure with a red hood over her face. They would walk the other way hoping not have another encounter with lone red ridding hood. Ah, but some astray from that silent warning and approach her. As she turns her face slightly, they would gasp and she would plead in a tiny child-like voice. "Help me, I have been cursed! A witch has turned my face into this! Please, only you can help me!" 

Oh those men would fall easily. She would lure them to her lair, unknowingly to them. As they step into the darkness, the door would lock themselves and they would be trapped. Her face would morph into a giant mouth, ready to engulf the trapped prey. Her black clawed hands holds the victims with inescapable grip. Bloods stained her pure white dress, into red.

The door opened again. The red riding hood emerges from the dark, as the tongue licks the blood from the clawed hands. Then she would disappear, waiting for another prey to fall in her traps...

Horrorfest is open as we speak! There are a huge list of designers with bloody amazing works! Horrorfest is organised by The Guild of Gloom who also organized Zombiefest with cumulative total of 700,000L$ and trafficmore than 50,000. This year, they intend to surpass that amount to possibly 2,000,000L$ from the 100% proceeds from the sale of exclusive items from designers who took part in Horrorfest. The donation will fund the Epilepsy Therapy Project. Be sure to visit Horrorfest and check out the exclusive items! I will try to cover more about the event as much as I could so expect more posts!

I was hoping you dollz won't a heart attack from that picture too. Haha!

Available excluxively at Horrorfest 2013
Mesh head #1 @ DRD - common doll Phantom (Horrorfest gatcha)
Mesh head #2 @ DRD - rare Blind Carnage f.o.d (Horrorfest gatcha)
Hood @ fri.day - Raven hood (crimson)
Dress @ ~SongBird~ - Will you still love me? (clean and bloody)

Demon hands @ DRD - demonhands

Location @ Samurai City