Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Dream Lives On #BandanaDay2016

Dear butterfly
Fly away
To where ever your wings take you to
Your beauty and strength will always be remembered
Take your flight without worry
Like a leaf on the wind
Butterfly fly away

Hello dollz, today is the Hair Fair's Bandana Day where you wear bandana in place of your everyday wig in SL to remember the cause behind Hair Fair. So wear your bandana proudly today or any day in SL! You can buy bandana in Bandana Booth in Hair Fair for 50L$ each and 100% of those goes to the Wigs for Kids charity. There are many beautiful designs to choose from.

Highlight of post is beautiful butterfly items of Flutter Gacha by .::Cubic Cherry::. for this round of Epiphany. The rares, large jar with butterfly flying free comes with animations and a hud to change the butterflies' texture as well as land impart of 10. I hope you enjoy today's post and see you in the next one~

Body Pixels
Head+Skin @ SOMEMORE - SaeBom Mesh Head 12
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Sugar~ Candy Eye
Eyelashes @ //LovelyAlien// - Starry Eyelashes
Nail @ Dark Passion - Feather Flair
Chest+Sleeve Tattoo @ CURELESS[+] - Moonlight Revenge [Uber, ends Aug 23rd] *new

Head @ Moon Amore - Butterfly Bandana
Dress @ Moon Amore - Papillon Dreams Dress
Socks @ antielle. - Baroque Corset Stockings in Rose

Jar+butterfly @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - Setting Free Gold/RARE/01/Flutter Gacha [Epiphany, ends Aug 15th] *new
Around avatar @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - Butterflies group Dream/09/Flutter Gacha [Epiphany, ends Aug 15th] *new
On hand @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - Butterflies on hand Dream/19/Flutter Gacha [Epiphany, ends Aug 15th] *new
On nose @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - Butterfly single Dream/04/Flutter Gacha [Epiphany, ends Aug 15th] *new
Stars @ [ keke ] - Star glitter

Left @ Clemmm - Try Hard pose 4+slight editing with Animare
Right @ Glitterburp @ Hands Up pose 2

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Mannequin's Child

In one particular high school, there used to be a Sewing Club but it was disband long ago. The club room however, was not being re-used again and all the tools such as dress forms, sewing kits etc are left there to collect dusts. No students are permitted to go as much as near the old club room. That wasn't easy since it was located on the way to the only library in the school. Many students report of scary distant sobbing of a lady and cluttering of items when the club room is always locked.

Ringo is school's librarian even since she was first year, being motherless and quite made her an easy target for bullies. Many times she stops in front of the Sewing Club and hears nothing from the room. One day after a particularly harsh bully, she cried her way on to the library. Slowly walking with her head down, she hears a click. Looking up, she saw the club room door is open. Cautiously she pushed it open, she saw many dress forms scattered about but one stood out. A tall armless mannequin covered with a veil. For a moment, she saw her mother in place of the mannequin, beckoning Ringo to her. 

Disappearance of many students baffled with police with their investigations not getting any leads. That is until the principle finally allow the police to search the abandoned Sewing Club room. The horror when they open the door made the investigators and principle taken aback. Ringo was there sewing body parts of the missing students to the tall mannequin, There are also patches of skin sewed together on the mannequin. Ringo turns her head to the new visitors, smiling and they admire her work. 

"Do you like it? I made Mother beautiful"

I just can't wait to do UbumexOrigami post since the event started. Be sure to look forward to more horror scary posts coming up! The Ubume game will be  based on school environment which where I took inspiring from for this post. The game is postponed to August 11th due to some difficulties but one of the staff of the game informed that with the due comes with even more level of scary and I just can't wait! This also means that the Origami event will end on a later date as well.

Highlight of my outfit is the Cursed gacha by The White Crow for the Origami event. I'm wearing the RARE Possessed Body tattoo with Common Possessed Face 4. There is 2 ULTRA RARE of Albino Kitsune body paint in Red and Blue to be won as well from the gacha, so good luck in winning them all dollz. See you in the next post~

Body Pixels
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Endorphine/SAND/Bare
Hair @ A&Y - Electric Rain Hair Female multicolor
Eyes @ {Dead Apples} - Horror edition/Sinistre Madness
Face tattoo @ The White Crow - Possessed Face IV Common [Origami, ends Sept10th] *new
Body Tattoo @ The White crow - Possessed Body RARE [Origami, ends Sept10th] *new

Head @ CURELESS[+] - Doll Arms Antennae *past FLF
Outfit @ AMITOMO - Rainy Day's Morning/2/S *new
Leg@ [CerberusXing] - Ripped Stockings

Middle behind avatar @ Remarkable Oblivion - Spook Show Gail Veil [Epiphany, ends Aug 15th]*new
Leftmost, Rightmost and 2nd from left Remarkable Oblivion - Dress Form Mannequin *group gift

Clemmm @ Pose 2 of 30 pose pack *group gift

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

JunkYard Bath

Just enjoying a bath with my friend here

July is almost over which means some of the best events is ending soon! And I hope you dollz didn't miss Hair Fair 2016 with all the goodies as well. I'm getting geared into some major blogging mojo and will try to fit as many ideas as possible xD Stay tuned!

Highlights of my outfit is Diamonded tattoo by The White Crow for The Crystal Heart Festival/an event with the theme of Magical Girls, and some items from Dystopian Nomad gacha for Gacha Guardian/a gacha event held at mainstore's location. More credits below and I hope you enjoy this quickie post. Until the next post, dollz~

Body Pixels
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Endorphine/PORCELAIN/Freckles *new
Hair @ Shi. - Vanguard [Hair Fair, ends 31st July] *new
Eyes @ -CIRCUS- - Hello Eyes Red
Lips @ Clemmm - Tired Glitter Lips/Charcoal
Bottom lips @ [The Nebulae!] - Mouth Ooze
Body tattoo @ The White Crow - Diamonded/BlackRed [The Crystal Heart Festival, end 28th July] *new
Nails @ Dark Passion - Wiccan Essentials [Mesh Body Addicts, end 31stJuly]

Hat @ CURELESS[+]&DISORDERLY - Dystopian Nomad / Kitty Aviator RARE *new
Chest @ CURELESS[+]&DISORDERLY - Dystopian Nomad / Digital Chestpiece Black *new
Top @ [The Nebulae!] - Tattered Tube / Hematophagous

Tub with Mannequin @ Remarkable Oblivion - Spook Show / Ida Ink [Epiphany, ends 15th Aug] *new

Background taken @ Junktown

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Japonica Summer Festival 2016

The fireflies are dancing
Beating drums fall into rythm 
Beckoning all ages to dance
It's time for fun
It's time for sweets
The Summer Festival is here!

Japonica event has some pretty line of kimonos for both girls and guys. Here I am showing 4 kimonos from the event and I tried to create personalities for each girls. All the credits are below and I hope you dollz enjoy this post! <3

1st from left
Body Pixels
Skin @ Essences - Hope pale01
Hair @ [elikatira] - Kiki
Lips @ violetta. - ringo ame lips (burgendy) [available in Japonica] *new
Eyes @ Chus! - Jill lens in violet
Nails @ violetta. - asanoha suiro [available in Japonica] *new

Outfit @ EXiA - Yukata Dot M [available in Japonica*new
Shoe @ EXiA - Geta [available in Japonica*new
Pouch @ *agapee* - Kaho Kinchaku, gacha [available in Japonica*new

2nd from left
Body Pixels
Skin @ VCO - Jenny pure
Hair @ [taketomi] - MeiLing Bento *past group gift
Blush @ [ni.ju] - Hime-yu blush (tintable version)
Lips @ violetta. - ringo ame lips (red) [available in Japonica*new
Eyes @ Chus! - Jill lens in Ice

On head @ Kyoko Couture - No.68 Big Ribbon, gacha [available in Japonica*new
Outfit @ *:..Silvery K..:* - Kimono Summer Wind [available in Japonica*new
In hand @ *NAMINEKO - Mizu Uchiwa Higanbana#3, gacha [available in Japonica*new
Shoes @ AIR - Izumo_3G*sango(red), gold gacha [available in Japonica*new

3rd from left
Body Pixels
Skin @ .::Mother Goose::. - Edith 1L
Hair @ TUKINOWAGUMA - Rinko [available in Japonica*new

Outfit @ ***Ambrosia*** - YUKATA goldfish [available in Japonica*new
In left hand @ *agapee - Kaho Kinchaku RARE, gacha [available in Japonica*new
In right hand @ *NAMINEKO - Mizu Ichiwa Kinyo#2, gacha [available in Japonica*new
Shoes @ *:..Silvery K..:* Kimono (Summer Wind Shoes) [available in Japonica*new

4th from left
Body Pixels
Skin @ CURELESS+ - Endorphine/Sands/Freckles [avaible in We<3RP] *new
Bandages @ The White Crow - Booboos
Nails @ violetta. - mizutama ichimatsu [available in Japonica*new
Hair @ Moon - Pixie Harlow *group gift

Outfit @ Sakka's Studio - [Hime!] Yukata2016 [available in Japonica*new
Shoes @ *agapee - Kaho Geta, gacha [available in Japonica*new
In hand @ *katat0nik* - (melon) Toy Kanabo [available in Japonica*new
In mouth @ [CerberusXing] - Mitarachi Dango *group gift

1st @ *[Pipit]* - Spring Shopping 2
2nd @ *[Pipit]* - Spring Shopping 1
3rd @ *NAMINEKO - Mizu Uchiwa Kingyo#2, Hotaru pose
4th @ .mien. - {mora} 01

Monday, 11 July 2016

Kitsune's Bells

Kurokami is twin sister of Shirokami, and is quite a mischief fox she is. She likes to appear suddenly and play tricks especially to her twin brother as she excels in performing illusions. But she has been the more intuitive and sensitive fox from her brother, which makes her the perfect scout ninja. As their ninja training coming to an end, their leader have instructed that they should find the 3rd to complete their squad. Since they are lacking in the strength, only the strongest would suffice with their squad. Shirokami went travelling to mountains far away, but Kurokami took her time strolling in the villages nearby. 

Trying to look for the strongest would be like finding a leaf in a huge wheat field, it's an old-fashion way, they need a new way to be able to complete their squad. Maybe let the man come to them? But how? What would make them come? Strolling through the village, she notice there is a lot of villagers preparing for something. Transforming behind a tree, she took form of her human self and hid her tails and ears. Asking around, she found out that the Summer Festival will be happening soon. Festivals would mean games and food and it makes a lot of people come. Like a light bulb, she got such a brilliant idea! Quickly she teleport to her twin brother before he embark to his next journey. 

Read the continuation in BishiStyleSL blog

The Japonica event is currently happening! Lots of summer festival items are available for sale as well gachas to win! Japonica is a fairly new event that focus on Summer and Winter festival and this their 2nd time. I hope for more to come!

Highlight from my outfit is this beautiful poofy kimono by -00- and it is available in 4 other colors as well. The kimono only have one size but I'm wearing the Maitreya body and it fit quite well with all the required alpha. The bell necklace and bell strings are part of the gacha by {iD} x +HILU+ . The gacha contains many fun festival instrument to be won! The geta I'm wearing by AIR could be seen in DevinVaugh's blog which is another gacha as well, available in gold or silver accent to suit all of your pretty kimonos. All of the hand held instrument has poses of their own too.  More credits below and I hope you dollz are excited as I am with this event!

Body Pixels
Skin @ Essences - Hope pale01
Hair @ .Shi - Introvert 
Ears @ Paws - Big Ear *free
Tails @ Aii - Kitsune Silver Bell tail
Nails @ KukuKakiKu - GvsS *new

Facemask @ .:Cubic Cherry:. - 11{smile!} mask B-grinn
Necklace @ {iD} x +HILU+ - BelL Neck Gold [available in Japonica*new
Outfit @ W-Zero - 00Kimono Dress Black [available in Japonica*new
Stockings @ antielle. - Baroque Corset Stockings in Crow
Left hand @ GUARAN-DOU - Handlet String Rose RARE [available in Japonica*new
Geta @ AIR - Izumo 1G*Kokuyou (black) [available in Japonica*new

Pet @ Love - {L} Nightmare Kitsune; Kitsugami Uncommon
In hand @ {iD} x +HILU+ - BelL Hand Gold [available in Japonica*new

Background taken @ Shiro Hasu Village

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Dangerous Kitten

Be careful with what you think is sweet and innocent

Pretty much a quick thing I did, had an inspiration a bit from Dangerous Woman song. Making this post made me realize that I've been neglecting my PROJECT:Twins ideas. xD July is a starting of some the best events in Second Life and I will try my best to cover them all. Highlights of my outfits is the body tattoos by The White Crow, the left girl is wearing Beauty Marks and the right girl is wearing Rainbow Blush, available with appliers for Catwa, Omega, SLink and Maitreya. The rest is available in the credits below, be sure to look forward for my July posts <3

Bad Bunny, Left girl
Body Pixels
Skin @ Essences - Quinn Pale01
Hair + Mask @ Dichotomy - Dangerous Hair + Mask
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Gata Vamp Eye
Lips @ Clemmm - Tired Glitter Lips Burnt Rose
Body tattoo @ The White Crow - Beauty Marks

Nose @ [CerberusXing] - Pierced Septum *past gift
Neck @ Remarkable Oblivion - Oracle Collar *group gift
Top @ -CIRCUS- - Atsumi Shirt Black
Short @ [SAKIDE] - Hallow's Shorts
Stockings @ [CerberusXing] - Ripped stockings

Good Kitty, Right girl
Body Pixels
Skin @ VCO - Vivi's Makeup Recipe 01
Hair @ Eliratika - Stella 
Ears @ ALTAIR* - Fluffy Ears static
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Gata Vamp Eye
Lips @ The Sugar Garden - Lip Tinte Ombre 1
Body tattoo @ The White Crow - Rainbow Blush II

Collar @ ALTAIR* - Kitty Collar Impure Black
Necklace @ OXIDE - Kitty necklace
Top + Skirt @ ALTAIR* - Momoirobara set
Bag @ =Zenith= - Cat bag white
Stockings @ =Zenith= - Belt leg warmer RARE

Left @ Diesel Pose - Scarlet
Right @ Clemmm - Try Hard poses

Bat @ ~*Souzou.Eien*~ - Besty Nail Bat Bloody
Wall @ Remarkable Oblivion - Junkyard Dogs Wall01