Thursday, 25 July 2013

Down into The NekoZone

I was looking for run-down urban metropolis for a blog challenge when I remember I had promise myself to visit the all-famous NekoZone Central which is now featured on the destination tab.

This place is officially my new damn fave sim. The urban feel, the rain, the run-down alleys and the music. Man, nothing beats dubstep for me! There some flying cabs around can gives off the feel of futuristic place, but looking like a strip or place where the rebels hangout. I can picture some disguised demons or shape-shifters looking over the dark city like a guardian. Oh, it really sounds like the Angel tv series!

In the middle of my posing and snapping, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the owner of NekoZone, Fox Daviau! He was so kind to give me tour around as well as a visit to his penthouse on the highest point of the city. He told me of a sewer existed under the city, but I didn't have enough time to explore more because of my classes (I didn't skip it, don't worry LOL)

"From the highest point"
NekoZone has a club that spins occasionally. I was told that they still needed staffs before setting the club on fixed time. I wish I could take part but my hectic schedule is already making my day crazy on daily basis. But  if you guys are interested, head down to NekoZone and if you're lucky, you might meet Fox himself!

"Boss style, me and Fox"

I'm sure you might see me there too, I know I will dropping there for the music and am considering whether I should make that sim as home.... hmmm

Your flying cab to NekoZone
NekoZone Facebook

Hair @ Tableau Vivant - Constantine (Hair Fair Gift)
Hairbase @ shaved ornament: white shades
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins-Gail
Eyes @ sicknessthesia-Sickness Red eyes
Makeup @ Sn@tch Wild makeup (LL)
Tank @ Corvus-Evil bunny tank
Pants @ Czarny Kanarek-Brown Bloody Harem pants
Shoes @ even.flow - spiked sneakers (Endless Summer Hunt-ended)
Piercing @ [ni.ju] Amped piercings + BB - Lip piercings
Necklace @ Celtic necklace 
Ear @ BB-ear piercing (modded) + Scrub-3 stupid earring (ESHunt)
Tatoo @ Elven G.G.N Tatoo

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Under the Full Moon of Ramadhan

In my place, 15th of Ramadhan has just gone by. And the night of full is especially my favorite. It's so mysterious that those 3 full moon night, there barely much stars around but only the moonlight shining.

Even tough I'm not the best example as a Muslim girl, I intend to make the most of these once every year occasion that is very special. The best thing is, in my country, Ramadhan has become a national event where even non-Muslim are looking forward to it. Mainly since when it almost time for breaking fast, a few hours before that, there always be some bazaar or mini-fest of foods to buy for your dinner. These fest are literally everywhere as long as there are crowd and some of the foods are only available during Ramadhan and I think that what makes it special.

I love it so much when communities understand each other and help out when ever they can in such events. I enjoy walking to the bazaar near my hostel with my friends, Muslims and non. I love the variety of foods available and the fun that we have when we gobble up the foods at night. College life is not fun without friends.

On that note, I shall proceed to finish the rest of the month with thoughts of my friends and you all readers to have wonderful and prosperous month ahead.

Bandana @ Hair Fair Bandana Day 2013 - {Zaraa} jeweled "black"
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - Anna (Her&Him event)
Outfit @ Ikshu: Altai Maiden Outfit - Onyx
Choker @ by Nacht - Grater Collar (WGF gatcha)

Location @ World's End Garden

Monday, 22 July 2013

YinYang Sisters: Invades the Food Fair!

Guess what? Me and my sis went party-crashing to the Food Fair! There are lots of clothing as well as item featured foods. My mouth was watered every time I see food as we walk around admiring the sim. Take a look!

Take a walk and rest when you want to. There's plenty of benches around.

The pond view from a nearby bakery cafe.

Giant sushi to sit anyone? Or perhaps you like to have the sushi strung around your neck and arms as you tempted to eat it? Haha!

We stumbled to Dysfuctional Design shop and I absolutely love vegetable garden! It reminded me of my hometown's backyard where we have a forest full of tropical fruits. We sat there until dusk while enjoying the scent of freshly baked bread.

Of course, Seraphim made better coverage about what's in-store there than me. So check them out.
The official Food Fair Blog.
Your taxi to the Food Fair!

My sis recently introduced me to Pastel Goth style and I went crazy with it. Not sure if I nailed it, but me and my sis had fun dressing up!


"I still suck at editing though"
(click here for raw shot)


on me--
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - Vanity Tone 1 (new realese)
Lips @ Sn@tch - Underworld Makeup (WW item)
Shirt @ Legal Insanity - jen oversize shirt (SL10B freebie)
Sock @ edge grafica - overknee sock
Boot @ Death Row Design - platform boot purplr (Lucky Chair)
Piercings @ [ni.ju] - Amped & Scrub - Sadness
Choker @ by Nacht - Grater Collar (WGF gatcha)
Nails @ Inspired Design - Nightstalker Nails (WFG freebie)

on Ruby--
Skin @ Mother Goose's - Moran
Shirt, Sock @ AIK - Kawaii Textured Heart Sweater
Boot @ Paint - Vanessa Boots
Lip Piercing @ [ni.ju] - Snake Bites
Nails @ GlitzzBeleza - White nails

twin items--
(worn by both)
Hair @ Rosy Mood - Fuga (Hair Fair Gift)
Eyes @ VerseEye - Aria 
Spike Headband @ Aux - All About Spikes Copper (Endless Summer Hunt)
Eye Shadow @ MC - Tuesday Eye Makeup 

Monday, 15 July 2013

Stand 4 Love Gallery

I got a sneak peek to the Stand4Love gallery!

Hundreds of pictures, 45 sponsors, 21 photographers.

It's a global support. Stay tune for Stand4Love website when the official opening post with LMs for you guys to see it too. See you dollz there!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Malibu Beach home

Ever since I started joining in Stand4Love, I also started following Editorial and Rico's blog that showcases home decorations. Even though I only hitching a home in my family's land, I loved seeing how people decorates and the unique designs that you often would never find in RL.

When they open up their Malibu Inspired Beach home, I had to go visit and take a closer look. And so I went there with my greatest sister, Ruby.C.Sutcliff. Though I struggled a bit at first, I crashes 5 times before I could start taking pics! Anyways, here are some my favorites photos of the awesome Beach house.

"The homey touch on a family dining table,"
"We especially love the fire-place here"
"Nothing beats the natural sun warmth,"
"Don't the outdoor feels welcoming?"
"I'm very tempted to dive head-on into the pool, but I forgot my swimsuit,"
I'm pretty such that the Beach house has closed by now and I had a technical problems earlier that lead me to post later than planned. So sorry, guys. But anyways, below is a special message from my sister <3

Have a great day ahead, my dear dollz!


on me--
Hair @ Truth Tabatha- streaked
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins Lotus skin - for sYs project
Top @ Traphouse Collection S4L shirt
Shorts @ sn@tch Leopard shorts
Hat @ SWaGGa S4L cap
Boots @ Death Row Design combat boots - LL

on Ruby --
Hair @ INK hair SKC gift for Hair Fair - Blonde/Blue [mesh]
Skin @ Amy tone (store unavailable)
Dress @ JK style S4L shirt/dress
Boots @ Bitch Tail S4L free outfit
Makeup @ Lovely Mi Stand4Love makeup 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Haunted Meme

What a better way to restart the day than a creepy Haunted Meme by Ms Berry! I had a nice week of packing and unpacking for a new semester of my college. I hope I can do better in this term and be more hardworking for my tests and all. Ganbatte!!

Anyways onto today's meme! o(〃^▽^〃)o
(click here for raw shot)

Meme Instructions: What are you afraid of? What are you haunted by? Share some of your fears and if you can, create an image depicting one of them. Don’t forget to leave your link in the comments!

Hmm... I'm very fascinated in everything dark-ish and scary. I love going to cemeteries and actually saw a ghost during my childhood (I won't tell the story though). I'm quite what they say a weird girl that like snakes and spiders, things like that. But as much as I love skulls, I just can't stand to see it in real.

Yes, I love skull prints but I'm deathly scared to skulls in real. I had a very very bad experience during childhood where my cousins prank-ed me on a blackout night. I still couldn't make myself to look at it anymore. What more, in one of the labs of college, there's a skeleton hanging there and my luck, I'm sitting right in front of it. Gladly enough, the skeleton is facing its side and I don't need to cover my eyes from fear.  Though strangely enough in my previous blog post, I looked comfortable with skulls.

Well then, that is one my fears. I seemed to have fears with other stuff like being alone, having to lost my senses (like my right hand, it's my precious drawing hand lol), losing all my book collection and might be the biggest of all, having my computer memory wiped off. O_O

Now then, my dead dolls, what are you afraid of?

Hair @ Magika
Skin, Corset, Skirt, Socks. Necklace @ Rotten Toe - Victorian Decay Collection
Lips, Make up, Body Tatoo @ 2nd MakeU and Tatoo hunt