Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Blood Rose

When the war started in the country she love, Hana was aimless, she lost her family, she lost her anchor, she almost lost herself. It wasn't until the Royal Clan took her in that she found answers. Hana knows that she was a distance relative of Royal Pureblood, even though she herself was not part of highest hierarchy. They mentioned about meeting a person closely resemble of a god, an ancient vampire that can end the war. However they have yet to complete the deal or find something that was good enough as an offering for the great lord. Hana decidedly to offer herself, in a way helping the Royal Clan for what they have done the country prior.

She was not allowed to speak, thus she wore a mouth piece with a white rose that represent her untouched body. She was nervous of course, waiting obediently in the bath-house as Kiara seals the deal with Lord Red Star. What does he look like? What would he do to her? Will he be rough on her? Hana knows that her body cannot be easily destroyed as she has some of the Dark royal bloodline of vampire. She was excited too, of what her life will be with this new lord. She almost flinched when the paper door was open and then the man he was waiting for steps in.

He was different, his skin colour of from rich dark chocolate and his hair, beautiful cascading pale silks with hints of gold. His eyes however, piercing gold raking all over her body. Hana cast away her shame, this was not the time to think of covering herself, she made the choice. When he notice the white rose on her mouth piece, he blinks, almost like in surprise and it look like he smiled, but maybe it was just her imagination.

He spoke little, only to instruct her into positions within the tiny bath and then he started to carve her. It was how the first test of loyalty conducted. This was just the first test for Hana. It hurt, it cuts, it bled... but the lord was surprisingly tender. She didn't know what to expect so she tried her best to keep quiet, lest there was some audible gasp and moans escaped her lips. What was he doing? The carving felt especially intricate and it span throughout her back until her bottom. After that, he carved parts of her arm, her front and her face last. Finally she was able stared at his face as he delicately carve her face. It still hurt but at this point, it felt more like an intimate act. Hana has completely gave herself to this lord, and it seems that he has accepted. 

Helllo dollz! I'm so relieved that I finally finished this piece and I do hope you dollz like it since I don't do much of these very revealing pictures. At first I wanted to do something quite innocent but then of course my brain took the dark path. Haha xD I create the story in line with my bestie, DevinVaugh story with Kaiser if you dollz haven't notice.

Highlight of this outfit is the intricate tattoo made by The White Crow for Momento Mori event, The tattoo also has carvings at the front but of course not as intricate as the on shown on the back. The rose gag or mouth piece made by Cubic Cherry for the current round of ROMP, available in other colour of roses as well. Rest of the credit below and I hope you dollz enjoy the story! <3

Body Pixels
Hair @ (r e d)Mint - No. 39'16
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Edorphine/PORCELAIN/Bare
Body Tattoo @ The White Crow - Anger [Memento Mori, ends Feb 9th] *new
Nails @ KukuKakiKu - Silver Lining

Mouth piece @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Candence} gag/white rose [ROMP, ends Jan 30th] *new

Bath tub @ <Okami Creations> - Meiji Hot Tub

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Bonsai Champloo

Sometimes there is world that we don't see. A tiny world really, just out of sight. Many children believe of little fairies and gnomes exist. Well, actually it's partly true, only not of those kind. You see, we are kind of like guardian angels, but not exactly either. We protect the children from the evil youkais and spirits. They don't see us of course, what do you thinking what does our years of training worth of? We are not sure how we came to being either, maybe we are the souls of former samurais? Who knows but we will goddamn do our job while we're at it. Sometimes, we also have a break. Like when the Granny Hammy invite us for tea ceremony. 

Hello dollz! Just a silly little story to go with the picture! xD The tree is actually a tiny bonsai but I resize it to ungodly size for this shoot. Not to mention, I recently upgraded my laptop to able to handle the new Bento viewer and now I can shoot with my bestie againnnnnn! So happyyy! I hope we can more pictures together in the future :3 BONUS POINT IF YOU GET THE TITLE REFERENCE DOLLZ! <33

Highlight of this outfit is the tattoo by The White Crow for the current round of Epiphany. I'm wearing the Kanji face-paint and the exclusive tattoo for the event, Red Blossom. There a few items from the Winter Japonica that I wasn't able to cover during the time event but I still wanna do this post since I really wanna show them :3 This black lacey short kimono from ExiA with other pretty colours also available. This cool straw hat is made by Maru Kado and available in white and red too. The hair however, made by Air, is a mesh hair with 7 hair angles to choose from for all the pretty photography needs! All the items of Japonica is available at their respective mainstore and the rest of the credits are down below, enjoy dollz and see you in the next post! <3

Body Pixels
Hair @ Air - Kazura 
Skin @ Glam Affair - Sasha/Artic
Eyes @ ~SongBird~ - Supermassive Eyes
Face @ The White Crow - Proverb/6/COMMON/gacha [The Epiphany, ends 15th Feb] *new
Body @ The White Crow - Proverb/Exclusive/gacha [The Epiphany, ends 15th Feb] *new

Hat @ {-Maru Kado-} - Suge Gasa/Black
Outfit @ ExiA - Kimono_Dress_Lace/s/Black
Leg @ *{( konpeitou )}* -  humiduki usagi/8/COMMON/gacha
Footwear @ [CerberusXing] - Trapped Sakura Clogs/Dark

Tree @ [CerberusXing] - Juniper Bonsai
Katana @ MANDALA - Sakura Dynasty set

Coming soon to BishieStyleSL

Monday, 9 January 2017

Japonica Winter Festival 2016

White specks everywhere
Cold wind comes and goes
As the children grows into the phase
And today we celebrate 

Ok so, I know I'm quite late for this post since I'm sure the event is over by now but I really wanted to show you dollz the beautiful kimono available for that round of Japonica. All the products will be available is their respective stores if any of them caught your fancy. If some of you dollz notices, these 4 girls are actually the same girls that I did on the previous round of Japonica and I'm considering to make them the permanent characters for kimono-wearing pictures in the future. Coz' it makes everything easier for me after all, hehe. Credits are below and I will see you dollz in the next post very soon! <3

1st from left
Body Pixels
Skin @ Essences - Hope pale01
Hair @ [elikatira] - Chantal
Lips @ violetta. - ringo ame lips (burgendy) 
Eyes @ Chus! - Jill lens in violet

Outfit @ !1mm*** - furisode2017 butterfly red [Japonica, ends 10th Jan] *new
Neck warmer @ [CerberusXing] - Fur Snood/Artic Fox/Silver [Japonica, ends 10th Jan] *new
On head + on obi @ *NAMINEKO* - KUKURISARU [Japonica, ends 10th Jan] *new
Hand @ *NAMINEKO* - Hanetsuki Hagiota #6/gacha [Japonica, ends 10th Jan] *new

2nd from left
Body Pixels
Skin @ VCO - Jenny pure
Hair @ [taketomi] - MeiLing Bento *past group gift
Blush @ [ni.ju] - Hime-yu blush (tintable version)
Lips @ violetta. - ringo ame lips (red) 
Eyes @ Chus! - Jill lens in Ice

On head @ OXIDE - Momo Kanzashi [The Seasons Story, ends 31st Jan] *new
Outfit @ **Ambrosia** - 2016Furisode/botan [Japonica, ends 10th Jan] *new
Neckwarmer @ *katat0nik* - Fur Shawl/2/gacha [Japonica, ends 10th Jan] *new
In hand @ *NAMINEKO - Oshie Hagiota #1/gacha/RARE [Japonica, ends 10th Jan] *new

3rd from left
Body Pixels
Skin @ .::Mother Goose::. - Edith 1L
Hair @ TUKINOWAGUMA - Rinko 

Glassess @ {wa-kotolier} - "irodori" Glasses 008 [Japonica, ends 10th Jan] *new
Outfit @ *NAMINEKO* - Tsuki Kimono Blue [Japonica, ends 10th Jan] *new
Neckwarmer @ DownDownDown - Rough rope Snood [Japonica, ends 10th Jan] *new
In hand @ *NAMINEKO* - Hanetsuki Hagiota #4/gacha [Japonica, ends 10th Jan] *new

4th from left
Body Pixels
Skin @ CURELESS+ - Endorphine/Sands/Freckles 
Hair @ Moon - Pixie Harlow *group gift

Outfit @ **Ambrosia** - 2016KIMONO/nanten [Japonica, ends 10th Jan] *new
Neckwarmer @ CubicCherry - {Maru} scarf [The Seasons Story, ends 31st Jan] *new
In hand @ *NAMINEKO* - Hentsuki Hagiota #4/gacha [Japonica, ends 10th Jan] *new

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Winter Winter

"Even the strongest blizzard starts with a single snowflake"
- Sara Raach, Snow Like Ashes

Welcome to the new year of 2017 dollz! It's still all wintery and cold in the northern hemisphere so I hope most of you dollz bundle up all warm and snuggly with your furbabies. I have finally returned home from my hometown and omg I really need to showcase all these stuff from the event I'm covering for! It might be quick without much stories and I hope you dollz will bear with me while I try my best to make pretty pictures :3

Highlight of the outfit is beautiful Gothic Peacock kimono that has a corset as the obi. The color palette is really diverse for a lot of mix-match. The fan I'm holding is RARE prize from :::c*C*c::: gacha available in Japonica event. The hair I'm wearing is from TUKINOWAGUMA for the event as well. The Edo period snowman next to my avatar is from booN, there is also a modern version of snowman available. The rest of credits below and see you in the next post!

Body Pixels
Hair @ TUKINOWAGUMA - Ayane [Japonica, ends 9th Jan] *new
Skin @ Essences - Hope/pale01
Makeup @ antielle. - Beijing Opera/White tiara/Full

Outfit @ *:..Silvery K..:* - Gothic Peacock/KimonoMesh [Japonica, ends 9th Jan] *new
Footwear @ *NAMINEKO* - Thorn Geta [Japonica, ends 9th Jan] *new

Snowman @ booN - Japanese EDO snowman [Japonica, ends 9th Jan] *new