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Hello dark Designers,

Thank you very much firstly for taking an interest in my quaint little blog.

My blog focuses on creating a story within a picture. An event that blog for might have a story of their own but most of my stories are interconnected with each other. You might need to read older posts before understanding the latest story. Sometimes also, I share stories with my best friend, DevinVaugh, in collaborations. To create these appropriate setting and environment as well as the back story for each character, sometime it will take time for me to post a blog. I call this format, "Phototelling"

Genres covered on this blog: Womenswear, Gothic, Gothic Lolita and Elegant Gothic Lolita, Scifi, Fantasy, Surrealism. Sometimes the blog also features group posts.

IP Thief
I will never knowingly support and promote a copybotter in Second Life. If you see any suspicious content in any of my post, please report to me right away.

Review Policy
If you are a designer, or event organizer, that thinks my style is compatible with yours, or your event, feel free to contact me. I cannot guarantee to blog everything send to me, or everything provided in the group or subscription notices. I do reserve the right to curate the contents covered in the blog. I flourish best with stores that require blogging minimum of one new release a month, as well as events that encourages creativity-and-quality over numerous-and-fast blog posts. For patrons of Dark Phantom, I add their store logo embed with either store blog or slurls in the Featured Designers, and for Events, I add a link to their blog or slurl in the Events section.

I do a simplified stylecard to save time on the editing process in blogging, to compensate the time I spent on editing pictures. But if time permits, I will try to include the slurls if the items are exclusive to events.

If you like me as you blogger, please send me mail via FlickrMail or to as well as a notecard to me in-world, since IMs and group invites tend to get capped.

+With Dark Pleasure+
Aarya Phantomhive

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