Saturday, 31 January 2015

ATP - Unwritten Chapter

Swiftly and silently, the young scientist typed her latest observation on budding single Martian flower that she found at the outside where the rocket landed. She secluded herself in her lab room, away from the prying, disturbing eyes of her fellow crew mates. Being the only female in the expedition was certainly challenging. Excitedly, she awaits the moment when the flower bloomed. Holding it with her special gloves, the flower slowly blooms releasing air-borne pink pollen. Thinking nothing of the pollen, she typed in her observation as the pollen infiltrates the rocket's major air vent. 

The captain just finishing a report to Earth when he smell something strange, sickly sweet scent, even sweeter than honey. But he quickly dismiss it as some weird experiment from the female scientist. "The next report will come in 24 hours," 

24 hours later, there was no report. 

A Tattered Page* round 2 will be closing in about 24 hours so if you guys fancy some nice last shopping, head there! I'm showing a mix of ImmateriA clothing set and Bliensen + MaiTai pretty boots. There is a exclusive color boots at the event with Martian dust. It comes in SLink, Belleza and Maitreya version. Really cool! After this, Cursed will be busy with Futurewave event which I can't just wait to start bloggin with! <3 See you dollz in the next post~

Body Pixels
Skin @ Essences - Lady Dyvine Medium
Hair @ Analog Dog - Mash
Eyes @ !Chop Shop! - Madness

Monocles @ AIR - Rabbit Monocle Silver [past RMK Bunny hunt]
Facemask + Dress @ ~v~ ImmateriA ~v~ - Soft Rains Gas mask + Raincoat
Gloves @ :AdamEve: - Leather Gloves
Socks @ [dcg] Stocking 5091 black 
Boots @ Bliensen + MaiTai - Kosmonaut Boots brushed silver
Neck @ VRSION - Necklace group gift [past]
Claws @ ~*Souzou.Eien*~ - Piercer Claws

Flower @ ->~ISD - Martian Fire Flower Mountain Red
Desk @ 22769~ [bauwerk] - Spaceship Junkjard Debris Table
Chair @ 22769~ [bauwerk] - Spaceship Junkjard Debris Chair 
Wall @ [Black Tulip] - Choose your Emotion Shelf

*[Pipit]* - Chair Sit

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Big Ben Bats!

Rising from the underground, Big Ben Bats have finally made their debut album, Leaf on the Wind. Dev and Aarya, the leads of the band, are collaborating with Amy from Aloutte to create 13 tracks comprising a number of underground genre mixed with modern pop. Formerly performing gigs underground, Big Ben Bats was scouted by the famous Kaiser Kruel who is the executive producer of many talented well known musicians. It is rumored that Big Ben Bats will be making a tour around Europe in a few months.

"Picture by Dev, edits by me"

I'm so late with this project, I'm get headaches. Me and Dev been playing with this idea for 3 weeks and the fault is mostly on my end since my machine can't handle too much awesomeness of Devin coz it will sputtered and die at the sight of him. [laughs] And so, Leaf of the Wind event dedicated to raise funds for Scarlet Chandrayaan (owner of Aloutte) to fulfill her dream to visit London after her cancer had returned once again. Thus, the theme event is London. There are many items available with 50%-100% donation for the cause. It will end very soon so make sure to check out the stuff and support Amy's Dream!

You dollz can check out the cropped version of the album cover on Devin Vaugh's blog BishiStyleSL.

Aarya's Body Pixels
Skin @ VCO - Lili
Hair @ .ploom. - Hoshi streaked
Chest tattoo @ Reckless - Mazie faded
Torso tattoo @ HIATUS - Faded rose
Nails @ ::OXI:: - Ombre nails
Lips @ .:Glamorize:. - Roval Black Combo
Eyes @ ~SongBird~ - London Eye [available at LotW]
Eyeshadow @ Beautiful Freak - Demonia eyeliner Curse Blue
Eyelashes @ LovelyAlien - Starry Eyelashes

Aarya's Styling
Top @ .:ZcZ:. - Pamela Top Blue
Pants @ ~SongBird~ - Punky Britt Jeans Black [available at LotW]
Choker @ ::OXI:: - Satine Collar Black/Ruby
Necklace @ [TfAtN] - Blessing Necklace Air/Black
Mouth piercing @ .HW. Mocha - Plugs/Shadows/Piercings
Nose Piercings @ :Moon Amore: - Ukka Septum - Bat Black + Kitty Silver
Hip piercings @ House of Darcy - Thrust MESH Spiked Hip Dermals v2
Shoes @ RaMa RoWanberry - Hellbound Platform Boots spikes

Dev's Styling

Monday, 19 January 2015

ATP - Mask of Martians

The little town was full of people drifting in and out of doors,saying hello to one another, wearing golden masks and blue masks and crimson masks for pleasant variety, masks with silver lips and bronze eyebrows, masks that smiled or masks that frowned, according to the owners dispositions.

August 1999 : THE EARTH MEN

A Tattered Page* event is swinging it's second round featuring The Martian Chronicle written by Ray Bradbury. Designers are encouraged to read the story and create items based on it. This is the first that I've tried this kind of challenge and I think it's refreshing and fun to learn about a new story. This round will close in the end of this months and another round will be in March with another book~ Do check out the story and the event!

Body Pixels
Skin @ Fallen Gods - Mrs K [Available in ATP]
Eyes @ Fallen Gods - Yelow coin eyes (includes in the skin pack)
Hair @ [e] - Unfold Red 05
Body Tattoo @ Endless Pain Tattoo - Maori Summer faded

Head @ .::Aftershok::. - Gold Spider toy Head band [Available in ATP]
Arm @ Luminary - Peregrine Pauldron L Gold [Available in ATP]

On Hand @ {Roawenwood} - Moody Martian Mask Jovial [Available in ATP]
Top left @ .::Aftershok::. - Mask Silver [Available in ATP]
Top middle @ :*:Chaos, Pain, & Disorder:*: - Faces on Mars Crimson Frown [Available in ATP]
Top right @ :*:Chaos, Pain, & Disorder:*: - Faces on Mars Patina Frown [Available in ATP]
Bottom middle @ :*:Chaos, Pain, & Disorder:*: - Faces on Mars Blue Smile [Available in ATP]
Bottom right @ {Roawenwood} - Moody Martian Mask Neutral [Available in ATP]

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Berry's SL Yearbook Smile Challenge!

I damn hope I get my 13th black kitty for this picture.

What's better way to start blogging in 2015? Doing a yearbook picture! Honestly, because of the dress code in my country, we all had to wear uniforms. Making the yearbook pictures a bit bland. So I'm really excited doing this challenge, being able to portray myself in highschool setting-ish.  I hope this challenge will be an annual thing to do! Happy year 2015 people! Thank you Miss Berry <3

Body Pixels
Skin @ Lara Hurley Skin - Heidi [group gift]
Hair @ Tableau Vivant - Mikazuki Hair
Eyes @ Shy Girls - Group Gift eyes
Eyeshadow @ [Plastik] - Fauxe Makeup Heavymetal
Eyeliner @ The Horror! - Bathory 1
Lips @ The Sugar Garden - Lip Tinte Vampy

Dress @ DRBC - Wednesday Dress Lace Noir
Necklace @ .DirtyStories. - Secret Necklace [group gift]
Nosechain @ .aisling. - Simple nosechain Black