Monday 19 January 2015

ATP - Mask of Martians

The little town was full of people drifting in and out of doors,saying hello to one another, wearing golden masks and blue masks and crimson masks for pleasant variety, masks with silver lips and bronze eyebrows, masks that smiled or masks that frowned, according to the owners dispositions.

August 1999 : THE EARTH MEN

A Tattered Page* event is swinging it's second round featuring The Martian Chronicle written by Ray Bradbury. Designers are encouraged to read the story and create items based on it. This is the first that I've tried this kind of challenge and I think it's refreshing and fun to learn about a new story. This round will close in the end of this months and another round will be in March with another book~ Do check out the story and the event!

Body Pixels
Skin @ Fallen Gods - Mrs K [Available in ATP]
Eyes @ Fallen Gods - Yelow coin eyes (includes in the skin pack)
Hair @ [e] - Unfold Red 05
Body Tattoo @ Endless Pain Tattoo - Maori Summer faded

Head @ .::Aftershok::. - Gold Spider toy Head band [Available in ATP]
Arm @ Luminary - Peregrine Pauldron L Gold [Available in ATP]

On Hand @ {Roawenwood} - Moody Martian Mask Jovial [Available in ATP]
Top left @ .::Aftershok::. - Mask Silver [Available in ATP]
Top middle @ :*:Chaos, Pain, & Disorder:*: - Faces on Mars Crimson Frown [Available in ATP]
Top right @ :*:Chaos, Pain, & Disorder:*: - Faces on Mars Patina Frown [Available in ATP]
Bottom middle @ :*:Chaos, Pain, & Disorder:*: - Faces on Mars Blue Smile [Available in ATP]
Bottom right @ {Roawenwood} - Moody Martian Mask Neutral [Available in ATP]