Sunday, 28 April 2013

Abigail Princess

Hello people~
It's really unfortunate that I can only be online during weekends, but I has been exploring my inventory and finally had a little time to spend at the Fantasy Faire. How sad that the great Faire will end very soon. I will blog the style later. Right now I'll a dress which I picked up from the marketplace. Draconis Kiss had closed down the store but I haven't check the inworld just yet. Anyways, below is the Abigail Lolita... there is also a black version called Hana Lolita which I will again later blog it.
Sorry for my late post, but enjoy~

Gown @ Abigail Lolita (Store no longer open)
Shoes @ Blackburns Neo-Victorian Gothis Bow Boots
Skin @ Tuty's Gothic Skin Candid
Hair @ Received in a freebie box from a friend
Gloves, Bracelet, Choker @ L&B Gothic Lolita Dress Set
Place @ Magnificat (I now officially fell in love with this place)

Monday, 22 April 2013

Silent Dark Days

Hello again~
Recently I was pretty busy in RL with my college fest and some personal stuff which left me very little time during weekends. (The only time for me to get online in SL) But I managed to join my dear friend's rez day party. Coincidentally, she also held a small competition where the best goth outfit would win Lindens. I didn't miss my chance and took out my best goth dresses!! xD

All the outfits here are from L&B Free Designs, when you arrive, you can click on tele board  which will direct you to a full shop of freebies!! They have recently added a few freebies too from the last time I shopped there. They also have various clothing and accessories for bikers and dark fashionistas!
Enjoy~ ;3

Dress, Socks, Handsock @ Gothic Lolita 
Spiky Shoes @ Limitless
Hair accessory @ *Mon Cheri* Tiny Giftbox ( previously blogged)
Skin @ My UglyDorothy ( previously blogged)

Outfit, Socks, Handsock @ Gothic 
Hair @ A&A Misa Hair Jetblack (previously free)
Shoes @ BlackBurns Gothic Strap Short Boots 

The wining outfit!!

Outfit, socks @ Gothic Memoire
Shoes @ BlackBurns Steampunk Gothic Lolita Boots
Hair accessory @ *Mon Cheri* Tiny GiftBox (previously blogged)
Earrings, Choker @ L&B Accessory (available at the freebie shop)
Skin @ Tuty's Lucine Gothic Skin (I'm wearing 'One Black Rose')
Hair (I got the hair from a friend and didn't have any links to store)
Nails @  [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] (group gift)

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Quirky Lolita

I finally got a little time to snatch some cute stuff SL today! My UglyDorothy is retiring her skins and she does it with a bang ;) You can get her skins by half and she also have 9 dollarbie skins on one of the walls!! How generous of her! I love how her skins perfectly match with my Gothic Lolita style! Below is one of the styles, I will blog some other styles later. Enjoy! ;3

Outfit, socks @ ~Black Arts~Lilith Free Dress ( marketplace store free!)
Hair Accessory @ *Mon Cheri* (inworld gift)
Skins @ My UglyDorothy (1L each)
Hair @ Alli&Ali Designs (previously free)

Monday, 8 April 2013

My first ramble

Oh wow, after so long admiring blogs over SL pics.... I decided to finally create my own blog and help other residents to find awesome freebies! Below is a college made out some freebies that I found at JStyle store which I will include the link later.... My first ever blog!

Outfit: Jacket, Skirt, Boots, Bracelets, Shape @ JStyle (Group gift)
Hair @ Analog Dog ging paprika (Beachball at the beach at the edge of the map)
Skin @ TuTys (silver/cleavage)
Lip Gloss @ B. Sinister (free)