Friday, 30 August 2013

Beach Sparks

The wind is shifting. Nature is changing color. Fall is coming.

With the few days of summer left. It's time to soak up all the vitamins while you still can. Head down to a beach or just spending time outside doing activities and such. Soon enough, September will be quite a busy month with the Arcade and lots of Halloween Hunts *excited* But right now I'm preparing to go to a Beach Party organized by a fellow Social Group member. Take a look! :D

[Dandelion Wine] has a new meshy swimsuit with 8 colorful textures HUD that is suitable for any beachy occasion! She also has a pretty lacy lingerie for subscribers that I can't show it here because *ahem* it's quite NSFW. But do head down to her main store and pick up that pretty lingerie and strut it! It's available in 4 colors and includes appliers as well. 

After that I head down to Black Salt Beach that I found from a new Flikr group that Miss Berry created to showcase the amazing places in SL. After I took photo, I walked around and ended up at a hot spring at the highest point of the sim. (Ok I admit I cheated by flying. I was so impatient!) 

Hair @ D!va
Skin @ WoW Skins
Swimsuit @ Dandelion Wine
Eye Makeup @ [mock]

P.S - I accidentally changed my outfit before I blogged so I'm very sorry for the lack of credit. I will update it when I miraculously found again what I wore before*laughs*

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Berry's Exploring Second Life Meme

It's Monday and Ms Berry has a new meme challenge for us! This time it's about out favorite place on the Grid. I'll admit the places that I will showcase, are places that I only go when I'm stressed out and wanting some time-out since most of the time I usually hang out at my clan's sim or camping out at a Lucky Letter. I barely have time to explore much of the expanding Second Life because of my college time. I could only get on when there are events that I wanted to blog about or to some party that I wanted to go.

But enough of my annoying moans and enjoy my favorite places! <3

Meme Instructions: Share 1 to 5 of your favorite places on the grid. I feel like exploring and discovering new places. Share places you think everyone should visit and also tell us why they are your favorites. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments!

+RMK Gothic+ - SLurl - Blog - Flickr -

My fellow blogger friend took me to this sim when he was preparing for a blog post. I fell in love with this right away! I love the music here and often this sim is my gate-away from the dramas. I always found myself wondering around looking at new stuffs that the vendors and sometimes I sit down at the garden, just to enjoy the music and the pretty decorations. Beside the amazing elegant Victorian-styled architecture, the sim also has lots of shops that sells Gothly clothings that suits everyone's taste! Do visit the sim when you need some finishing touches of your Gothly attire <3

Never Totally Dead - SLurl -

Never Totally Dead is a mainstore that sells Gothical decorative for houses. Also this sim was introduced to me by a friend that was following Midsummer Hunt back then and he tp-ed me over since I was moaning complained about not having the perfect background for a masquerade picture. And again I fell in love with the music they install here, I kept coming back just for it! They sells some pretty furnishes that would be a perfect additional to your homes. If you join their group, they give out group gifts of decorative products occasionally for you~

So there's a little insight of what I love on the Grid. I hope I can get in-world much longer and explore the dreams of other people as well. I have a long list of places that I wanted to visit during my holidays. I hope you enjoyed my little rambling of my favorite place, I wanted to see some of yours and adding up to my never ending list of visiting place. Haha!

Monday, 26 August 2013

The White Party!

Ever since Editorial Clarity opened The Social Group, we were harassing asking him to host the first party of the Social Group to meet up with other members and mingle with new friends. And at last, on 24th August, he hosted the White Party down at TrueHouse. In a way, I was also celebrating my RL birthday as well! And I tell you we really partied hard!! I crashed like 20 times during the party!

Everyone were absolutely gorgeous in their white attire and of course I couldn't help but to try taking lots of memory pics <3 These are some of the pictures I took during the hard party even though I crash every I take every snapshot. Haha! I'll upload more of the pics in my Facebook page!

If you wish to join The Social Group, just head over to this Facebook link and join it while it's still open until the 27th and then contact Editorial Clarity in-world for the group invite. Lots more events that are expecting soon so come join quick before it closes! :D

Hair @ Truth - Noemi
Skin @ Mother Goose - YU(IV)
Tops, Skirt @ Magic Burst - Mad Rose Teapot White
Corset, Hat, Gloves @ Rotten Toe - Lollidoom Black
Boots @ orauswalker - Striptease boots 
Eyes @ Chus! - Seer Lens in Ghostly
Teeth @ ILLMATIC - The Perfect Teeth (Vamp'd)
Earring @ Skull and Bow earring
Nails @ Vamp Masquerade Hunt gift
Fishnet leggings @ Envious - BeautyQueen Fishnets
Plushie @ Blackeri - Bloody Grey Bunni Huggie (World Goth Fair gift)

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Freak Killer

News Flash: Sorry to interrupt your evening show but we have just received news that the notorious mental killer, Aarya, has just escaped from her prison and is heading to a nearby run-down asylum themed carnival. We have reports that she is seen carrying a gun stolen from the guards of the prison. Residents are advised to stay indoors and take precautions if needed to go outside. More news coming.

Breaking News: We have just received this. It seemed that Aarya have arrived at the carnival. The carnival was empty when the authorities reached there but there signs of fresh blood and bullet cartilage in a few places that she has been through. Authorities tried to re-capture her using tranquilizer.

After being cornered, Aarya tried to kill herself while laughing. It seemed that she planned to blow up the carnival using the dangerous chemical behind her. But the tranquilizer worked their magic before she pulled the trigger.

She was relocated to a prison asylum on a far coast island. We expect that she will not escape anymore in the future and the authorities has further tighten the security of the prison. 

You might know or not that I've been camping at Death Row Design lucky chairs and been getting all kinds of awesome gore-ish goodies and I came up with this particular outfit when I re-watch Chucky. I've been into a craving of bloody movies/stuff and I really don't know why. (Perhaps the vamp in me is kicking :x )

Also! I got a new sponsor! Yay!!! The top that I'm wearing in this post is from Love&Blood and the owner has just recently opened the store. There some awesome Lucky Board prizes that I will show below, also some pretty corsets as well. Go ahead and visit the store for some bloody goodness!

I will take my leave now, see you guys in the next post my lovely dead dollz!

"From left, Mexican woman2, Mexican woman1, Skull and Roses, Freak woman and camo free gift"

Hair @ !Monster! - Zakkiel Angel Scene (Femboy Hunt - ended)
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - August group gift
Top @ Love&Blood - mexican woman1
Shorts @ Death Row Design - ripped shorts (leather)
Boots @ Death Row Design - combat bloody boots
Stockings, Bangles @ Death Row Design - DRDoll Red
Smile tatoo @ [ a.e.meth ] - smile dog (Make and tatoo hunt - ended)
Chest tatoo @ TaTToo - Tribal Black Dragon (Him&Her hunt - last day)
Collar @ [ni.ju] - cyber collar with chain (old gift)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Happy Eid Mubarak!

I might be a little late but yeah it's never late to wish everyone a happy and merry Eid especially to my Muslim friends. My Eid celebration was short since the college holiday was just a week and I couldn't travel back to my true hometown which the other side of my country because of time and money issues.

But it was still a fun celebration with just me and my parents as we visited some of our neighbors and friends around. It's was a simple Eid this year and it was a small time-off with energy re-charge juice for me. So expect some crazy-ness added in the future posts! ;)

Of course, an Eid wish from my family in RL and SL to everyone! See you guys on the next post!

Shawl @ { kashie } black & white
Dress @ {B}  Red baju kurung
Hair @ Vanity Hair - Morea (Hair Fair Gift)
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - Lotus 
Make-up @ [mock] Mariellis Lip Shine{Firebrick}
Eyes @ VerseEye - Aria - Brown

Friday, 2 August 2013

Quickie: Off for a celebration!

Hey dollz! You probably noticed my inactive-ness in July. Mainly because I just started a new semester in college and we all are struggling to meet up with the new late schedule ( most of the classes are in the afternoon.... until 7pm) and the fasting month is kinda zapping up my energy creative juice.

And so, after this I will travelling back to my hometown for Eid celebration and where I will be is quite low-internet area. But the fun is the gathering of families together and helping out each other in preparing everything. I love the moments.

I will be off for a week or so. Until then, have a happy deadly weekend, dollz! Bye!