Wednesday 21 August 2013

The Freak Killer

News Flash: Sorry to interrupt your evening show but we have just received news that the notorious mental killer, Aarya, has just escaped from her prison and is heading to a nearby run-down asylum themed carnival. We have reports that she is seen carrying a gun stolen from the guards of the prison. Residents are advised to stay indoors and take precautions if needed to go outside. More news coming.

Breaking News: We have just received this. It seemed that Aarya have arrived at the carnival. The carnival was empty when the authorities reached there but there signs of fresh blood and bullet cartilage in a few places that she has been through. Authorities tried to re-capture her using tranquilizer.

After being cornered, Aarya tried to kill herself while laughing. It seemed that she planned to blow up the carnival using the dangerous chemical behind her. But the tranquilizer worked their magic before she pulled the trigger.

She was relocated to a prison asylum on a far coast island. We expect that she will not escape anymore in the future and the authorities has further tighten the security of the prison. 

You might know or not that I've been camping at Death Row Design lucky chairs and been getting all kinds of awesome gore-ish goodies and I came up with this particular outfit when I re-watch Chucky. I've been into a craving of bloody movies/stuff and I really don't know why. (Perhaps the vamp in me is kicking :x )

Also! I got a new sponsor! Yay!!! The top that I'm wearing in this post is from Love&Blood and the owner has just recently opened the store. There some awesome Lucky Board prizes that I will show below, also some pretty corsets as well. Go ahead and visit the store for some bloody goodness!

I will take my leave now, see you guys in the next post my lovely dead dollz!

"From left, Mexican woman2, Mexican woman1, Skull and Roses, Freak woman and camo free gift"

Hair @ !Monster! - Zakkiel Angel Scene (Femboy Hunt - ended)
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - August group gift
Top @ Love&Blood - mexican woman1
Shorts @ Death Row Design - ripped shorts (leather)
Boots @ Death Row Design - combat bloody boots
Stockings, Bangles @ Death Row Design - DRDoll Red
Smile tatoo @ [ a.e.meth ] - smile dog (Make and tatoo hunt - ended)
Chest tatoo @ TaTToo - Tribal Black Dragon (Him&Her hunt - last day)
Collar @ [ni.ju] - cyber collar with chain (old gift)

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