Friday, 31 May 2013

Goth Fair : With the Last Look

The World Goth Fair is almost at their end. Just waiting to drop down the curtains on these beautiful Port Seraphine and Cursed sim. I went again for the last look and took more pictures of it. The place felt like home to me, it's just so sad to see the sim to close down soon.
But I will definitely look forward for the next Goth Fair! (=⌒▽⌒=)

And with this I present the last snapshots that I took from the two sims.

"Cursed and Port Seraphine"
I hope with this event, the Sophie Lancaster Foundation would continue their awareness of Gothic community to the world. Showing that being different in appearance means nothing but to just express ourselves.
It brings me to tears when I read what happened to Sophie and her partner that lead to their death. Unfortunately, I didn't fiind Sophie's headstone in Cursed. Either that I didn't look hard enough or I just have such a bad sense of exploration. (I actually was lost in the maze previously for a long time)

I will post more of the pictures in my facebook page. This might be the last post of Goth Fair from me or I might go again for another search of the Sophie's headstone. I felt bad for not visiting her headstone earlier.... ()

Dress, Pearl Choker @ (Magic)(Burst)! Mad Rose + Teapot -Red Lolita Dress (Closed Store)
Skin @ Mother Goose's Edith 1L
Hair @ Truth Shinji - crow
Boots @ BodyMix Sandra Red and Black Leather boots
Bloody lips tatoo @ dl:: Drinking Blood Face tatoo
EyeShadow @ Pautina Make-up Naughty (eyes)
Eyes @ Ephemeral Neko Shadow Cat Mesh Eyes (w1)
Head Dress @ (Magic)(Burst)! Blood and Music Dress
Piercings @ [ni.ju] Piercings

Off I go for my search! I'll see you guys again! Enjoy~ 

More info about the foundation:
World Goth Day :
World Goth Fair: Second Life Event -

Thursday, 30 May 2013

My 1st Rez Day

Its been a year already? Wow....
Although I missed a part of it when I just enrolled to college, my friends still with me all the way, supporting me when I had some problems to dealt with. I love them so much! (^^)
Last week I celebrated my Rez Day with my fellow friend, Cleo, her rez day was 22th while mine is 29th. So, we had a double celebration! Beach party baby! Hell Yeah!!

"Partying with friends,"
Even though I crashed a lot during thst time since weekends are so cruel to me in Second Life and limited my picture time but I had my fun times chatting away with my old friends again and enjoyed the fun beats and danced all the way~ ♪♪(o*゜∇゜)o♪♪
I took my time off and wanted to relax and so I went to the amazing place of Inside Art on LEA23. Wonderful place! If you grew up with children stories like Alice in Wonderland, this place is really ripped off right from the book!

"What a strange entrance,"
Of course, the entrance is actually through a magnifying glass. Haha! This place also comes with a interactive quest HUD that really made you fell like Alice!

As you walk through, you will be inside a maze which is really confusing but easy. The maze contains various info boards that you can take time reading it. You will come out and walk up to a chess board that is playing by themselves.

"I hope I won't get pushed down by them,"
Right as you walk down the chess board, you will again fell so small by the humongous pretty flowers. If they were talking, it would be awesome just like in the book!

"What a huge garden, I wonder who owns this?"
 There several other places that I know you will familiar with, its really just walking into a dream book. Speaking of books....

"Who am I? I never ask that myself,"
When you reached to this book, you're already close to the end, which I won't revealed to you.... Hehe...
Go and experience it by yourself, you won't be disappointed. Here is your limo! There will be a secret passage way to a spectacular gallery, just find your way!

Finally, I wanted to thank you all for even reading this post, (even though I promised to blog this yesterday) it meant a lot to me. I'm still very new to blogging and I'm learning quickly to do my best. I hope it will another great year in Second Life for me. (=⌒▽⌒=)

By the way, I just knew that one of my previous pictures of Port Seraphine has been featured at the World Goth Fair blog!! I fell so proud and it made my day so much! The best Rez day gift so far! You can see it here.

I know you're interested in my styling, so here! *giggles*
Dress @ [DandelionWine] Mesh Lola Dress (comes in color change HUD and as a subscriber gift!)
Boots @ A&A White Belt Leather Strap Boots
Socks @ BlackBurns Designers Sock
Hair @ Truth Kami - crow
Skin, makeup @ 7 Deadly s[K]ins Celebration skin, Sloth Makeup 5

Beach Party
Bikini @ [aDN] Crochet Bikini
Hair @ Truth Tabatha - exprezzo
Feet @ Kokoia Tip Toe Bare Feets (find the dummy at the lobby GG)
Necklace @ Celtic Unisex Necklace
Body Tatoo @ Wicked Tatoo Checkered Tatoo

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

7 Deadly s[K]kins

I know I'm breaking the rule to even post here. I really should be studying, haha!! But I have been accepted to become a blogger for 7 Deadly s[K]ins !!

I love their skin and I'm so honored to be accepted! Now let me show you the pretty pretty skin that they have! о(ж>▽<)
"Sloth skins B3a,B3b and B4a from left to right"
Sloth has her own shape and 4 skin tones, different cleavage as well freckle choices. And also 5 make up!

"Sloth Make up"
"Jezebel v1, v2, v3"
These cute Jezebel skins are available at the Garage Fair. Want it? Go to here!

As a celebration for the 1000 members, Izara released 1 L$ skin complete with a shape as well as another skin!

"1 L$ and celebration skin"
The 1L$ skin+shape can be purchased here and the celebration skin is available for group members. The group is 25L to join but totally worth it! 

Please expect my special Rez day post tomorrow! Until then~ (゚∀゚*)
Hair @ Truth Kami - crow
Eyes @ Clemmm Fog white v2(L), Fog black altver v3(R) -subscriber gift
Piercing @ [ni.ju] Amped, Simple and Monroe piercing
Choker @ Goth Fair Port Seraphine Gatcha

Friday, 24 May 2013

Goth Fair : In between Port Seraphine's Cross

Hello everyone~
Goodness.... How long has it been since my last post? I've been busy in rl with my upcoming semester exam and so I'm just cooped up in finishing reports and assignments. Ugh why do they all have the same deadline? (@ ̄Д ̄@;)
Anyways, today I can properly show you the beautiful, beautiful Port Seraphine sim. I was taking pictures while enjoying the music so much! All the shops are up and full of gothly items!

"The Port Seraphine's Cross,"

"The sleeping guardians,"

"The purple tunnel,"

Port Seraphine's theme is the crucifix, the whole layout of the shops, crucifix on the stores and stuff. It really shows out nicely.

"I just love the statue with skull,"
"Ruins of the end,"

I noticed that gatchas were placed at the ruins at the end of the sim. That's where I got my choker that you will see down later! (-)
"Hanging out at the graves and the statue, which skull do you like?"
And of course, the visitors of Goth fair! Down here is an avatar dressed like Liara from Mass Effect game as she told me. I think its really cool!

Time to show you my styling!

Hair @ Truth Noemi -  Blacks & White
Dress @ Hotaru Yuffie Gothic (pretty much available in every freebie dungeons)
Skin @ ~PixyStix~ ::Gabriella:: Sugar Skull (MM board)
Choker @ *~by natch* Garter collar 2 Oxidized silver (gatcha)
Boots @ Sn@tch FrankenBoots (outlet store)
Make up @ Sn@tch Underworld Makeup (I'm wearing Bruise)
Piercing @ [ni.ju] Amped, Simple Piercings
Skull @ Heavy Gothic Robe with Skull (missing store)
Earring @ HoR Snowflake Obsidian (Goth Fair gift)
Nails @ Inspired Design Nightstalker (Goth Fair gift)

I must tell about the new Sn@tch makeup that I'm wearing! The underworld makeup was released for the Goth Fair as well as Woeful Wednesday for just 50$L. 

Last but not least, the last picture of the blog. Which is my favourite

I hope you guys enjoyed my post this time. This will be my last post of the week since I'll straight up busy studying for my exams next week... (@_@)
 And surprisingly, my Rez Day is also next week too..... Expect a special post from me on that day! Until next time! (●´ω●)

More info about the foundation:
World Goth Day :
World Goth Fair: Second Life Event -

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Goth Fair : In the Cursed Circle

Hello everyone!
I decided to make blog posts about the beautiful beautiful sim, Cursed , I feel like I should insert a nice creepy song with it. Haha! ♪(´ε )

You're probably wondering why I named the blog post Cursed Circle, namely because that the place has a lot of circular shape things. Like the shops are arranged into semi-circular way and a stage where a few gatcha is situated in the middle of the sim is circular, not to forget the Ferris wheel!! I had so much fun on the wheel!

"Where you start,"
"She is watching,"
"The Cursed Circle,"
I had fun watching the visitors of the Cursed too!

She looked like wanting to get to summer theme without getting sunburns with a Goth-styled parasol. I love her bats!

I was taking pics of myself suddenly, BATS! It was a long time of patiently waiting for the bats. I missed this one moments where the bats was nicely flying behind me. \()\
I hope you guys enjoyed my post this time. I will blog about Post Seraphine as well too. Until next time~

Dress @ Curious Kitties Darkness Dragon Dress
Skin, Eyes @ Jomo 2012 Halloween Gifts
Shoes @ The Little Bat Sophie Pumps (Goth Fair gift)
Hair @ Truth Cindy-Night
Earrings @ House of Rain Snowflake
Tatoo @ Corvus Freebie Tatoo
Nails, Rings @ Inspired Design Nightstalker Nails-Noir (Goth Fair gift)

Friday, 17 May 2013

Cyber Goth Legacy

Hello people~
I'm taking a little break from the Goth Fair. Really, I wanted to show more of the elegant creepy atmosphere but the sim was pretty laggy to take snapshots with a few new stuff coming up. I managed talked with one of the organizers, Axi!! o(〃^▽^〃)o
She mentioned to me that there will more things to be expected in the Goth Fair. And I just found out that there will be DJs spinning tunes in the Cursed sim! Totally awesome! Too bad I couldn't make it.

Today I'll be showing one of the really nice Bubble Design outfit! This dress came with a ruffled necktie that I didn't show. Anyways, enjoy~

"As I await for my orders,"

"Dancing to pass time,"
"I have finally received my assassination orders,"

Of course I couldn't show you what happened when I do my mission. (゚ー゚;
Dress @ Bubble Design Salvatori Outfit GG
Hair @ Truth Skyla - Snow
Boots @ [ VANITY ] Wedge boots Black
Face piercing @ [ni.ju] Amped Piercing - Full
Socks, Finger tape @ [aDN] Dark Princess
Gloves @ Apollyon net Gloves (freebie box)
Skin @ WoW Skin Kesia May Gift
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ New Moon eyes Cullen (right) & Dolly Blind (left)

I'm showing a close-up of the beautiful Kesia skin and the ~*By Snow*~ gorgeous eyes.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

World Goth Fair

World Goth Fair: A Second Life Event is an event set in Cursed & Port Seraphine starting May 15th until the end of the month. Apart from celebrating the World Goth Day, the fair also conduct a fund raiser for Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

I teleported to the main sim and was pleased by the excellent built. The mysterious and creepy atmosphere makes me want to stay there forever! Ahaha ▽`)≦ 

While I'm walking through the place, there are still some shops that haven't open just yet because of some grid problem earlier. But none the less, there several famous stores that took part namely, Evie's Closet, Curious Kitties, Sn@tch and other fabulous designers!

Certainly a place for photographers and for dark admirers such as me. So go get your goth outfits on and get snapping! I will be coming back again for more pictures that for sure! Until next time, enjoy~

Dress, Necklace @ [AdN] Smexy Xmas (includes shoes, leggings)
Hair @ >Truth< Ebony - Crow
Blindfold @ 7 Deadly s[K]ins Mothersday 2013 Group Gift
Skin @ My UglyDorothy  SpecialL (closed for updates)
Piercing @ A:S:S deluxe Free Monroe Piercing (color change)
Gloves @ Apollyon Net gloves (freebie box) 

I must tell you about this awesome cute wedges from [ VANITY ] store in the markerplace that only cost 1$L!!! There are also some other awesome boots for cheap price! What are you waiting for? Go get it!

More info about the foundation:
World Goth Day :
World Goth Fair: Second Life Event -

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

First Meme - My SL Haiku Meme

Hmm.... every since I started stalking Ms. Strawberry Singh's Haiku Meme, I have been thinking back about my almost-a-year time in Second Life. Of course I couldn't say much since I missed a big part of it for some reason. I've been working and came up with this. Its sucks but it kinda fits the secret motive of why I came back. Please enjoy my first ever meme! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)

Hair @ Truth Akira - night
Skin @ WoW Skin Adele GG June (Group gift)
Dress, Jacket, Bracelet @ JStyle Black Rock
Tatoo @ <micelets!> vintage mice tatoo (giftie)
Face piercing @ [ni.ju] Amped piercing
Eyes @ Angelica Eyes - MulHolland (Hollywood event)

Hanami - Cherry Blossom in Bloom

After months of being in battlefield, I decided to return home for the spring. How I have missed the air of cherry blossom and the sounds of the streams rather than the stench of blood.
Fortunately, even my journey has taken longer than usual, I have arrive just in time for the cherry blossom in full bloom. I changed to my best kimono and enjoyed the beautiful hinami scenery.

Of course, I couldn't shake my habit to put my katana down. "Dangers are everywhere, never let your guard down," as my master used to say.

At the thought of my old master, I sadden with a prayer that she is well in the afterlife. During the moment, I almost regretted for having my guard down. I quickly took down my attacker and stole his wakizashi (short katana).

I knew that even in my hometown is never safe. I decided to return to the battlefield quickly for I know that's where my destiny lies.

Kimono, geta, bracelet, headpiece, katana @ Bubble Design Kiko (Lucky Board)
Hair @ D!va Chiharu Onyx
Skin @ Tuty's Nadia Pale tone (Rouge)
Sim @ Bubble Design

Couldn't help but to post this picture too when I undress her for the next outfit. She looks so badass like she's ready to mount off to the battlefield!!!     о(ж>▽<)