Monday, 23 September 2013

Twirling Clockwork

The day was especially bright. The air seems to be thin and light. The gears were ticking as beautifully as they were. The sun was too striking for most citizen's liking that they start going out with fashionable umbrellas. A young lady in particular was strolling around Cursed, taking her time, unlike the people around that wanted to be under their roof rather than under the sun.

With her antique parasol, she had her fill of the sunshine peeking through the trees and building, soaking her skin. It was safe to say she was a child who loved sunshine more than the cold air that usually engulf Cursed. She thought of nothing as she continue to stroll around, from gears to gears, to the Clockwork Fountain and climbed up to the Bridge as well. Oh how she missed those activities she did during Cursed was still on earth. 

As she came back down, she finally noticed the odd feeling in the atmosphere. She finally noticed that behind the ticking of the gears, the sound of animals has quite down, or rather it seems that there is no animals exist on Cursed. She finally remembered that there  was morning news about the war below. Even with Cursed afloat, they still took heed of what happens under them.

 The day was nothing to be enjoyed with. She noticed that people is running along to the blimp where the main engine mechanism is as well as to the Fountain that runs those gears. Faint cracks can be heard within the steady ticking of gears. The young lady dropped her parasol. 

It was happening....

Oh no! Please don't take it seriously! It not the end of Cursed yet! It's just that A Clockwork Spiral will be ending very soon, at noon of Monday to complete their full 5 days of opening. Get there quick if you haven't been there yet!

A Clockwork Spiral SLurl
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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Tick.... Tock.... Tick....Clockwork....

Tick.... Can you hear it?......Tock.....That sound......Tick.......The sound the ensure that this town still lives........ Tock..... But have you wondered?.......Tick......If those sound......Tock........suddenly stops?.....................................................................

Wouldn't that be awfully wonderful? When it's finally silence in the air, rather than the ticking tock of the gears. Where the sky wouldn't look so sad and it would be nice if the citizen isn't so snobbish. And perhaps if I could blow up that blimp, I could rest well today? Ah, my thoughts amuses me. It has been a while since I thought about this. Oh? About what you ask? The image of the gears in Cursed suddenly stops. That one.

Yes. Go on quiver under your quilt. You and I know well that this will happen sooner or later. Your so-called Clockwork Angel won't stop me. The day where Cursed touched the earth once more will arrive. Remember my words. It will haunt your dreams. It will haunt your works. It will plague your mind. And one day.... it will happen right in front of your eyes.......

Oh yeah! Finally from a point of view that I'm very familiar with. I hope you readerz won't be too uncomfortable with this style of writing. I always had a passion with horror/suspense/thriller novels and movies. But I have this habit of not finishing anything that I started, so far I have neglected 4 comics and 2(perhaps 5?) fanfic that has been forever since I last update them. But enough about me. I'm sure you carnies recognize this outfit from AvatarBizarre in the Twisted Hunt. Fear not, there are other colours available at A Clockwork Spiral in the booth, though I liked the Carnival look better. Haha! A quick post of ACS and another will come out soon after I hope. There is less than 24 hours left until the gears of ACS will truly stop and we will meet Cursed again during Gothmas in December.

Until the next post! See ya, my dead dollz!

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

A Clockwork Rider

An odd familiar rumbling sound was heard heard from a distance. Being on a higher ground made the loud rumble to be almost unheard by the citizens of Cursed, as an unnamed rider changed to her idle stance on her trusted steam bike. It was not known where she came from, she just simply appeared. Some would see her at roam around Cursed as if inspecting, on top on the Clockwork Bridge like a hawk or simple on the rooftop watching as people goes by with their daily tasks.

Few people knew who the rider with hair made by rusted copper plugs, wearing a metal mask that seems to strain her face and with a steam bike. Though they are never sure how she able to ride that bike to high places in Cursed, but they never asked. Since she is not doing any danger to Cursed, they leave her alone. Lately, it seems that she is appearing frequently, doing nothing but just watching. 

Time time she was watching the blimp which is what holding the Cursed afloat in the sky. The elders took it as a sign. That perhaps something will happen soon, and so they silently pray for it not to happen. The other though, took it for granted, not thinking the reason for her presence and believing that she is in-a-way the guardian of Cursed. 

Perhaps they would know how wrong they were.

Another post about the awesome Clockwork Spiral event! I just couldn't get enough of that place. Certainly it felt like home to me. I'm so glad the people behind World Goth Fair came up with this. I just can't wait for the next fair! The Steampunk fair will turn off their engine soon! So get there while you still can! How cool is this mask from [ContraptioN]? It very much awesome and it also come with rez version for you decoration and scripts that can lock you head and neck. My sponsor, 7 Deadly s[k]ins has just release a new skin in her collection, Greed that comes with Lolas, SLink applier and the newest, Phat Azz applier! So head down and try the demo your self!

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Friday, 20 September 2013

The Clockwork Secret

As the town of Cursed afloat, there was a time where the atmosphere at higher sky became heavy and polluted by the smokes of wars below. As much as they stayed inside, they still need to go outside for a number of things, oiling the gears that kept the town afloat, checking for mechanical errors that perhaps happened overnight... the essential daily routine that must not be broken.

The community of Cursed very much feels that fashion was an important asset in social. It was during the breakthrough of Renaissance and people detest at the idea of wearing a clunky mask that doesn't suit the latest trend. It was until they notice a lady walking around in between the thick haze with an unusual mask donning her face. They watched her as she walks to secluded corner of the town where people don't roam to there anymore.

The gears ticks on and the lady never show up afterwards. The men was chased down to streets in demand by their wives to search the lady and ask about her mask. They went to the corner and found an almost forgotten shop of mask-makers. It was an old family of mask-making and they watched as a petite girl finished some final touch ups at her latest mask collections. It was very much similar to the mask that the mysterious lady worn. 

The masks was sold out in a day. The girl was delighted to see her new collection was a hit and she could continue in her family's mask-crafting skills. As she continue to work with the orders, one of the town-folks asked whether she knew who was the mysterious lady that walked into her store before. Confused, the mask-maker replied, "Oh? No one have came here since the day Cursed was lifted. Those men were my first customers since, I never had anyone before." 

Who was that mysterious lady who lead the people to their solution? Perhaps the Clockwork Angel? Who knows?

As I am very much excited with A Clockwork Spiral, I'm aware that the time for the gears to continue ticking is until the 22nd. Which not until the floating Cursed to touch down on the solid ground! As my dusty brain finally work its gears into coming up with lots of Steampunk styling, I'm having so much fun exploring this side of fashion! Wheee!!! Heads up though, at 9 pm SLT, DL Lokii of MV with be rocking out at the Club Gothika that located at the center of Cursed. I hope to see you guys there too! And more of Cursed posts coming~~

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Return of Clockwork Angel

(click here for raw shot)
She effortlessly flaps her mechanical wings through the sky of Cursed. Her old, rusted home town. The city seems to still floats after her absence, the Clockwork Angel as she is called among the livings of Cursed. She was born as the same time when Cursed was to take shelter from the dangers of animalistic wars below. She was the genius who created the clockwork to keep the town float. Many thought her creation was a fool's idea; there was no way to lift a whole up in the air.

But she succeed. The town-folks cheered. The children could play outside again. The women could finally stop worrying about the coming dangers. The men would no longer leave their families again. They wanted to carve a statue as a memorial. They knocked at her door and opened it to an empty workshop. A note was left on her work desk. She had a short lifespan. Both her parents died due to kidney failure during the harsh war. It had an effect on her.

She left. But the town remembered her. A figurine was placed on top of the mechanism that powers the gears. Every year they mourn her absence and a foundation was founded under her name. A Clockwork Spiral.... dedicated to help the unfortunate. 

Of course no knew that she never left Cursed. Using her changed body to roam the sky. And with her trusted Dolphinea. 

A Clockwork Spiral has finally start their engine and some of the awesome designer put their all into creating Steampunk outfits and furnishes. I was supposed to start blogging earlier this week but happened to my viewer that won't let me log in buttt right now it's fixed. Yay! I was fangirling inside as this event was approaching, I haven't had chance to style up into Steampunk-ish outfits that I'm dying to try and now I can go crazy with shopping with a good cause!

As you all know by now, A Clockwork Spiral are dedicated to benefit the National Kidney Foundation. I am proud to say that my mother was one of the earliest batch of nurses that enrolled into becoming dialysis nurses in my country. And now she is working with a non-profitable organisation into managing and open new dialysis centers around the states for the people who can't afford the expenses. Definitely I work with her after my studies! Can't wait!

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

If time could be turned...

She was baffled. Confused. Her faith was almost broken. She tried not to believe her eyes when she stepped into the foreign place that once she called home. Dust filled the air. Broken components scattered almost every place her eyes saw. The hospital that she was born to and gave birth to her twins was turned in a barricade. The satellite dish that was her town's pride was thoroughly broken. The streets were lifeless. 

She almost dropped her rifle as she stared at the view in front of her. Dead, dry trees with black leaves hanging loosely. Houses had holes and most didn't look like a house at all. When she snapped back, she scolded herself for letting her guard down. She told herself that there might still be enemies around and she felt like she wanted to protect the last remaining of her town. For a second, her heart thought "If only I could turn back the time, if only the war was never started, perhaps I could still be with my family," She wept bitterly. Soldiers are not suppose to show emotions, but it seems this time was an exception.

She guarded her town fiercely. She scavenge the town thoroughly and used her damaged used-to-be home as her temporary barricade. Even though the home was little more damaged, the memories of it gave her the safe aura. At night she would dream of her memories with her twin and her husband. They were so vivid and she would wake up at the slightest noise or sound. "If only.... I stayed back... If only I didn't enter the military... If only.... I could travel back in time... I should stop myself from leaving them..." She tried to hope for the best for residences that lived there. She hopes they were perhaps has taken refuges somewhere. She tried not to think the opposite though it sometimes haunt her dreams.

The heavy rocket launcher felt light at her back which she used it to protect her back if there was a possibility of a sneak attack. Her muscular arms holds her favorite M-16 as if it was nothing as she points it towards a stranger. Who was he? An enemy? An ally? She was doing her daily inspection when she caught sight of a dark silhouette down from street. He walked calmly towards her. Too calm. She quickly aims her gun. His composure didn't waver. He was too calm and she felt anger. Frustrated. 

"Stay down, soldier." he spoke. "I'm Lieutenant Dev, the one in-charge of this area. I'm sorry for you to see this town as it is and I assure that we have evacuated the residence before the enemies send a sneak attack on this area," She almost couldn't believe what she heard. It could be her family was safe. Her friends was safe. Suddenly, she felt the weight of the launcher at her back. Suddenly she felt an almost relief of herself. Her grip on her gun loosened, and she quickly saluted her superior. "The war is almost over, the president is negotiating with enemy to end it. And soon this town can be rebuilt," He cracked a smile with it in which she tried to return only to realized that she had not smile for a long time. For a very long time. 

"Let's head down to nearby headquarters, you can have you rest there, Miss....?" "I-I'm Phantomhive, sir." She replied, she was used to be called with her number rather than her name. Her voice was hoarse and rough from her journey. She finally felt fatigue and wanted nothing more than to meet her family back. "Let's go, we would love to hear your story of being the only survivor of Area 64," He smirked and turned back towards where he came from. She stared at his back and dropped the rocket launcher from her back. Her body felt much lighter and she took a deep breath of relief. Exhaling, she imagined the face for her husband and her little twins. She looked up at the dusty sky and whispered, "Perhaps.... it's fine like this," Then she followed her leader with still her gun in her hand. Habits die hard. As she passed along street, she mused that if ever a time-reverser was exist, then the town would become the little quaint bustling town she knew.

Wow, that was a really long one. It was forever to finish and I totally apologies that I have't been doing any new posts lately since the project I was working on suddenly changed the deadline to an earlier date, and I was crazy to finish the project. The post this was inspired by the Writer's Block challenge by Simply Dou, and a little from last month's Independence Day in my country. Happy 56th anniversary! 

My blogger friend help out as being the Lieutenant, and I'd say a handsome one too. LoL And so right now so grossed with Twisted Hunt and I will show some of prized, perhaps by tomorrow. After this, I'll be packing up for my travel tomorrow~ See ya again dead dollz

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