Thursday 19 September 2013

Return of Clockwork Angel

(click here for raw shot)
She effortlessly flaps her mechanical wings through the sky of Cursed. Her old, rusted home town. The city seems to still floats after her absence, the Clockwork Angel as she is called among the livings of Cursed. She was born as the same time when Cursed was to take shelter from the dangers of animalistic wars below. She was the genius who created the clockwork to keep the town float. Many thought her creation was a fool's idea; there was no way to lift a whole up in the air.

But she succeed. The town-folks cheered. The children could play outside again. The women could finally stop worrying about the coming dangers. The men would no longer leave their families again. They wanted to carve a statue as a memorial. They knocked at her door and opened it to an empty workshop. A note was left on her work desk. She had a short lifespan. Both her parents died due to kidney failure during the harsh war. It had an effect on her.

She left. But the town remembered her. A figurine was placed on top of the mechanism that powers the gears. Every year they mourn her absence and a foundation was founded under her name. A Clockwork Spiral.... dedicated to help the unfortunate. 

Of course no knew that she never left Cursed. Using her changed body to roam the sky. And with her trusted Dolphinea. 

A Clockwork Spiral has finally start their engine and some of the awesome designer put their all into creating Steampunk outfits and furnishes. I was supposed to start blogging earlier this week but happened to my viewer that won't let me log in buttt right now it's fixed. Yay! I was fangirling inside as this event was approaching, I haven't had chance to style up into Steampunk-ish outfits that I'm dying to try and now I can go crazy with shopping with a good cause!

As you all know by now, A Clockwork Spiral are dedicated to benefit the National Kidney Foundation. I am proud to say that my mother was one of the earliest batch of nurses that enrolled into becoming dialysis nurses in my country. And now she is working with a non-profitable organisation into managing and open new dialysis centers around the states for the people who can't afford the expenses. Definitely I work with her after my studies! Can't wait!

Hair @ .ploom. - Hoshi dipped
Skin @ My UglyDorothy - Freebie skin (reopening gift)
Make up @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - Sloth M5
Jacket, Skirt, Corset, Top, Garter socks @ .la petite morte. - Steampunk pack (each sold seperately)
Hat @ [ContraptioN] - The Heretic Hat (I mod it to become smaller, also available for deco purpose)
Ankle boots @ Eudora - 3D Steampunk Boots
Rings, Neck piece @ House of Rain
Eyes @~>~ ISD - Clockwork Spiral eyes (mesh)
Wings @ [UN] - Steampunk Seraph Wings
Dolpinea @ ~Oceania~ - Steampowered Dolphin 

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