Monday 23 September 2013

Twirling Clockwork

The day was especially bright. The air seems to be thin and light. The gears were ticking as beautifully as they were. The sun was too striking for most citizen's liking that they start going out with fashionable umbrellas. A young lady in particular was strolling around Cursed, taking her time, unlike the people around that wanted to be under their roof rather than under the sun.

With her antique parasol, she had her fill of the sunshine peeking through the trees and building, soaking her skin. It was safe to say she was a child who loved sunshine more than the cold air that usually engulf Cursed. She thought of nothing as she continue to stroll around, from gears to gears, to the Clockwork Fountain and climbed up to the Bridge as well. Oh how she missed those activities she did during Cursed was still on earth. 

As she came back down, she finally noticed the odd feeling in the atmosphere. She finally noticed that behind the ticking of the gears, the sound of animals has quite down, or rather it seems that there is no animals exist on Cursed. She finally remembered that there  was morning news about the war below. Even with Cursed afloat, they still took heed of what happens under them.

 The day was nothing to be enjoyed with. She noticed that people is running along to the blimp where the main engine mechanism is as well as to the Fountain that runs those gears. Faint cracks can be heard within the steady ticking of gears. The young lady dropped her parasol. 

It was happening....

Oh no! Please don't take it seriously! It not the end of Cursed yet! It's just that A Clockwork Spiral will be ending very soon, at noon of Monday to complete their full 5 days of opening. Get there quick if you haven't been there yet!

A Clockwork Spiral SLurl
Seraphim's Coverage

Hair @ Truth - Paige (blood)
Skin @ My UglyDorothy - Special closing renovation skin (past)
Lips @ [kooqla] - group gift
Eyes @ ->~ISD - ACS eyes
Dress, Socks @ The Little Bat - Sarah outfit
Necklace, Ring @ The Little Bat - Spiral Ring(Hands of Time), Cabochon Necklace (Keyhole)
Parasol @ ::Squeek!:: - brown parasol
Armwarmers @ .la petite morte. - armwarmers (brown)
Earring, Neckpiece, Clockwatch  @ House of Rain
Shoes @ Eudora - 3D Steampunk Boots
Nails @ [Virtual/Insanity] - subcriber nails

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