Saturday 21 September 2013

A Clockwork Rider

An odd familiar rumbling sound was heard heard from a distance. Being on a higher ground made the loud rumble to be almost unheard by the citizens of Cursed, as an unnamed rider changed to her idle stance on her trusted steam bike. It was not known where she came from, she just simply appeared. Some would see her at roam around Cursed as if inspecting, on top on the Clockwork Bridge like a hawk or simple on the rooftop watching as people goes by with their daily tasks.

Few people knew who the rider with hair made by rusted copper plugs, wearing a metal mask that seems to strain her face and with a steam bike. Though they are never sure how she able to ride that bike to high places in Cursed, but they never asked. Since she is not doing any danger to Cursed, they leave her alone. Lately, it seems that she is appearing frequently, doing nothing but just watching. 

Time time she was watching the blimp which is what holding the Cursed afloat in the sky. The elders took it as a sign. That perhaps something will happen soon, and so they silently pray for it not to happen. The other though, took it for granted, not thinking the reason for her presence and believing that she is in-a-way the guardian of Cursed. 

Perhaps they would know how wrong they were.

Another post about the awesome Clockwork Spiral event! I just couldn't get enough of that place. Certainly it felt like home to me. I'm so glad the people behind World Goth Fair came up with this. I just can't wait for the next fair! The Steampunk fair will turn off their engine soon! So get there while you still can! How cool is this mask from [ContraptioN]? It very much awesome and it also come with rez version for you decoration and scripts that can lock you head and neck. My sponsor, 7 Deadly s[k]ins has just release a new skin in her collection, Greed that comes with Lolas, SLink applier and the newest, Phat Azz applier! So head down and try the demo your self!

Hair @ Discord Design - Codie (Corroded)
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - Greed Tone 1 (new release)
Eyes @ ->~ISD - Clockwork Spiral Eyes
Mask @ [ContraptioN] - The Heretic Mask (default 1)
Jacket, Pants, Boots @ Pale Empress - Airship (bones)
Necklace @ House of Rain - Decadencia Silver Necklace
Bike @ H&C Wheels Titan ( hunt gift)

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