Saturday, 28 November 2015

Butterfly's Black Love

She was born to be guide for the Shinigamis when a living creature is close to their death. Appearing in the form a blood red butterfly fluttering around. Some people knows, and some ignores. Centuries passed as she performed her duty faithfully without emotions. However, when she paid a visit to the Sacred Oni land as she felt a soul needs to be reap, she found a dying Magnolia Oni. One who she heard a lot during her visit on Earth. 

He laid there, reminiscing his memories as more black butterflies surrounding his vessel, ready to guide the Shinigami to take his soul. However, her heart pained when she thought of such scenario, she knew she have fallen in love with the Magnolia Oni. Not wanting for him to die, she kill all the black butterflies, giving him her scythe, a second chance in his life to fulfill his wish. 

A heavy price may fall on her, but she didn't care.

I was suppose to post this before my internship, however something happened that made me postponed this. I apologies so much for the delay. All of shown items are available in their respective stores if you guys love to have it. The belt on the skirt is actually eye patch from The Nebulae! that I edited myself to be a belt, it was tough and took many tries to make it look perfect. Anyways this a beautiful collaborative piece with DevinVaugh and me. You can head to his blog to see more of his styling and deco credits. Enjoy the post! See you dollz~

Body Pixels
Skin @ Glam Affair - Sia Ghost Polar
Hair @ [e]liratika - Yumiko
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Sugar Vampire
Lips @ The Nebulae! - Mouth Ooze 
Body tattoo @ Clemmm - Unkin Body Smear *group gift

Faceband @ Cubic Cherry - CHO Faceband Crimson
Piercings @ Haus of Darcy - Otherside Slide
Necklace @ Cubic Cherry - Sekai Collar
Top @ The Nebulae! - Tattered Tube - Insectivorous 
Skirts @ Riske - Countess Skirt
Belt @ the Nebulae! - Bat Patch Black Leather (edited into belt)
Bracelet @ Cubic Cherry - Sekai Bracelet
Staff - Cubic Cherry - Sekai Staff Onyx hold RARE
Wings @ Souzou.Eien - Wicked Fae Wings red
Halo @ Cubic Cherry - Sekai Halo C

DevinVaugh the Magnolia Oni

Monday, 12 October 2015

Varita Verde The Green Witch

How dare he. How dare that blood sucker mist his way into my sacred land and just drops his house on the Altar of the Dead? He's definitely toying with a mad bull, that puta, he might be able to dodge his rotting flesh from my attacks but his dead heart will still be pierced by my enraged horn. I knew that one day those mosquitoes will try to take over the altar, the sacred place where we offer blood to appease our gods. And HE dares to oppose us? Such bravery would lead you to your downfall, blood sucker.

I made my way to his lair, easily slicing every blood suckers that was in my way. My favourite weapon, La Perdicion Gato, a silver katana that is bewitched to kill these mosquitoes... and HIM. Plunging my Gato into a blood sucker, I reached the tall looming house. I pushed the doors open harshly, expecting that sucker. Seeing that room is deserted, I grew enraged.

"Sugar Sugar! Come out you blood sucking puta!!!"

If there are Latin readers on my blog, this is my attempt writing a story as a pissed off Latin witch, if there are some mistakes, I apologies. Anyways, this is another collaborative story of me and DevinVaugh. You can read his side of story when he post it up. The fun setting is borrowed from Devin as well so you guys just wait up for his post (pssst! pester him if you want it fast!) The hair and hat is a free Magika subscriber gift, it's only available in one colour but you can get more colour pack at the store. I added a bow by ALTAIR* for a nice touch. Coming soon to Epiphany event, is the dress, cuff, collar gacha by ALTAIR* and the exclusive is the bat necklace I'm wearing. The dresses are RARE in 3 colours to win. Try your best playing them!

Body Pixels
Hair + Hat @ Magika - Sorcery *free
Skin @ Glam Affair - Sia II Asia
Eyeliner @ Pin Me Down - Kris
Eyelashes @ LovelyAlien - Starry Eyelashes + REDGRAVE - Eyelashes
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Nightmare Slime Eyes R [Nightmare Hunt] + Genesis Lab - Demon Eyes [The Fantasy Collective] L *free
Lipstick + Lip piercings @ [CerberusXing] - Spiked Gloss *group gift
Mouth scar @ NOX. - Glasgow Smile Darker [Nightmare Hunt] *free
Chest Tattoo @ White Widow - Desperado
Nails @ Dark Passion - Web Nails  [Nightmare Hunt] *free

Bow on hat @ ALTAIR* - Eyepatch kitty Ribbon red
Collar @ ALTAIR* - Heart collar black
Necklace @ ALTAIR* - Bat necklace Exclusive
Dress @ ALTAIR* - Bat Queen Dress red RARE
Cuff @ ALTAIR* - Spike Cuffs red
Backpack @ OXI - Onryo Bag - [available in Nightmare]
Katana @ .The Sugar Garden. - Kawaii Katana red
Socks @ Pin Me Down - Batty fades
Shoes @ ALTAIR* - Strap heels BlackxGold

Close up @ Clemmm - part of 30 poses free for group members
Full body @ Del May


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Nightmare woven in cobwebs

Scary legends and warnings surround the old ancient altar right at the outskirts of the town. She was curious, but the townspeople always avoid it like a plague when she try to ask. She know there is something in there that is beckoning her. Many time at night she would hear chanting from the altar's direction, tiny shadows at the corner of her eyes on her way to school. When she told her mother, she would pretend not to hear her story.

That night would be a super moon night, she was excited to view the rare sighting. However the townspeople didn't have the same reaction. The shops closed before dusk settles and her mother urge her to stay in her attic room for the night. However, her passion was burning, right after nightfall, she cracked open the tiny window and crawled out into the dark, accompanied with her flashlight. Wanting to have a better view of the moon, she walked further away from the town and to the path towards the altar.

Curious, she headed into the altar, with cold shivers crawling down her spine. She walked deeper past many dusty cobwebs, into a room where the crimson moonlight shines down on a lady. "Welcome, Elise," the lady spoke in a shrill voice, "We have been waiting for you," The next she knew, thousands of black spiders swarms her body, engulfing her into the darkness. 

Hello lovely dollz! I finally have a breather after my short internship while waiting for my next one. But I really missed blogging and you readerz! And since it's October, obviously there will heck ton of scary, spookey, fun HALLOWEEN events!! Currently, I only been to Nightmare event when there is also a hunt for pumpkins to get some nice free gift, however you need to face your nightmares, going through multiple jump-scare throughout the hunt right under the event sim. The gifts are very nice too, kudos to the +{aii}+ creator for making this event a blast!

Some items from the event is the night creepy corset by *NeverWish* that has a peephole through the spine, each color comes with black option too! Also Arachnia mesh head by {aii} is so awesome and freaky! It come with many skin color and eye options too. Can't to use it on more post :D The glowy things behind me is the spider curtain hunt gift by Distorted Dreams. Some other hunt gifts are these spooky candles by The Horror!, it's actually one candle but I made a whole bunch of them for this setting, as well as the creepy frame by BluPrintz. Another hunt that is going on is Twisted Hunt with dark Qi theme, I have Twisted Ouroboros by ~SongBird~, as the name says, it's animated! Anyways, hope you enjoy my post and I hope I could do maybe one or two more within my break. Credits below and see you in the next post, creepy dollz! <3

Body Pixels
Head + Eyes @ {aii} - Arachnia Mesh Head Pale [available at Nightmare]
Skin @ {aii} Arachnia Skin Pale
Hair @ Alice Project - Mania Barbed Wire Bloody White [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free
Ears @ MANDALA - Steking Ears Season 5
Hands @ {aii} - Sinners Hands

Hairpin @ OXI - Dokusatsu Pin [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free
Face Piercings @ [ni.ju] - Amped Piercings nose02
Smoke Pipe @ [Takeo] Bamboo Kiseru [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free
Collar @ ALTAIR* - Dead Love Collar [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free
Necklace @ *NeverWish* - Bone Chain necklace [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free
Chest Piercing @ Haus of Darcy - Spiked Lust Chest Dermal Frost *group gift
Underarms @ {aii} - Underarm Webs [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free
Corset @ *NeverWish* Creepy Corset red [available at Nightmare]
Socks @ [CerberusXing] - Ripped Stockings
Back @ ~*SongBird*~ - Twisted Ouroburos [Twisted Hunt gift] *free
Shoes @ ALTAIR* - Nightmare Heels BlackxSilver [available at Nightmare]
Shoulder pet @ //Monster Slayer// - Shadow Eye Spider Should Pet [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free

Middle Chair @ Pixicat - Bastet chair RARE
Left&Right Chair @ 22769 - Graphic Chair Spider
Candles @ The Horror! - Spook Candle [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free
Giant web @ UNCERTAIN SMILE - Sorcerer 2 Spider Web 
Frame @ BluPrintz - Haunted Frame Black [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free
Curtain @ .::Distorted Dreams::. - Spider Light Curtain [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free
Rug @ *PaperMoon* - Bloodstained Rug [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

End of an Empire

"At the edge of the hellfire
It's the end of an empire
In the line of the gunfire
It's the end of an empire
Again, again, again
It's the end of an empire

A start, an end, a rise and fall
No system eternal and no one immortal
Creation; all must end in destruction
We cannot change the fate of civilization

Start, end
We build up the symbols of power
Rise, fall
Constructs of a mortal mind
Life span
Conquer in our brightest hour
But then we all must fall in time

Through space and time
We can't escape this paradigm"

Celldweller - End of an Empire 

I had this idea when I heard the song in the radio station in SL while assembling my outfit and I really like how it all come out. The lipstick I'm wearing is the hunt gift for Body Art Hunt by SongBird. Try your luck hunting for it! Most of my stuff are available at respective mainstore. I do recommend listening to the music as I will embed it below. Enjoy, dollz!

Body Pixels
Body @ Maitreya - Lara mesh Body
Skin @ Glam Affair - Viva la Noce Asia
Hair + Hat @ Little Bones - Frostbite *group gift
Eyes @ *PaperMoon* - Eruda Eyes: Vivids/Lights Green
Lips + bottom lips piercings @ ~*SongBird*~ - Lacquer Lips Red [Body Art Hunt] *free
Nose ring @ The Horror! - Petite Lune: Lunar hoop Stud Aqua
Body Tattoo @ .antielle. - Catatonic 

Top @ Sn@tch - Tequila Tank Greasy 
Eyepatch @ The Nebulae! - Misero Eye Scrap Female Black
Back @ ~*SongBird*~ - Smoke Stacks Augment

Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Fawn and The Fox

They both share the same father, and even with that, they both never had fight over something. Since their age is about the same, they get along very well. Fawn acts as the older sister between the two, while Fox would loves to enjoy when anyone spoils her. To anyone, they are as different and black and white, but the Fawn and the Fox easily co-exist.

I reaaaally enoyed doing this picture. I love stars and butterflies. I love fox and giraffe. Is it too obvious? [laughs] I'm showing more from The Kawaii Project Meowzers round, the Neko lingerie by ALTAIR*! They are available is many cute colours too~ Not to mention, I also finally bought a mesh body by Maitreya and I love how the detail the tattoo look on it! There are many store right are making Summer Sale and one of them is Magika hair store! They are having 50% sale until the 28th so you dollz better be fast now! See you in the post, dollz!

Body Pixels
Skin @ Glam Affair - Ellie Nostalgic Artic
Hair @ /Dark Matter/ - Elvish Hair Black x Purple
Eyes + Animation lens @ .antielle. & Katat0nik* - Nebulae Eyes Blue + lens [available at IDK event] *new
Horns + Makeup @  .antielle. & Katat0nik* - Nebulae Faun Horns Blue + Faun Makeup Blue [available at IDK event] *new
Body tattoo @ .antielle. - Catatonic [available at Kawaii Project]*new
Hands @ ~*SongBird*~ - Sympomatic 

Top @ The Nebulae! - Adelaide Top 
Shorts @ ~*SongBird*~ - Quinn Shorts *new
Circlet + Half choker + shoulder plate @ The Nebulae! - War of the Roses set [available at Aristo] *new
Choker @ Junbug - Freyja's Collar Night
Stocks @ ALTAIR* - Starry Stockings

Body pixels
Skin @ VCO - Vivi's makeup Recipe No.01 [available at Arcade] *new
Hair @ Magika - Surprise
Eyes @ /Dark Matter/ - Cattitude Sunburst White
Ear + Tail @ Magika - Neko
Body Tattoo @ .antielle. - Moon Bastet Sleeve + Kitty infusion  [available at Kawaii Project]*new
Fingers @ [Kooqla] - Ghost fingers

Top + Panty @ ALTAIR* - Neko Lingerie  [available at Kawaii Project]*new
Shoes @ ALTAIR* - Ribbon platform
Choker @ ALTAIR* - Hime collar white
Necklace @ ALTAIR* - zZz neko necklace white
Bracelet @ ALTAIR* - Bell Bracelet Silver [coming soon to Origami Hunt] 

Fawn's Pet @ Half+Deer - Tiny Teacup Giraffe Glitter Galaxy
Fox's Pet @ Half+Deer - Fennec Fox Chasing Butterfly [available at Kustom9] *new
Wreath @ [ keke ] - Butterfly wreath Blue

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sweet Punk'd

She's feared for her tough appearance,
Of piercings and tattoos on her body,
But none shall discover,
Oh how she craves of sweets!
But only her dreams would know,
Such sweet secret.

It's doesn't even rhyme I know, I was just polishing my uhm... failing poem skill? But anyways, I'm doing a quick post about some items that I need to show. This slacker goth shirt by ~*SongBird*~ is now for sale at the mainstore, for those of you that didn't find it at the last World Goth Fair. Comes with 4 designs for your inner gothic teenager needs. Coming soon to The Kawaii Project is the tattoo by .antielle. It comes in black/white version and coloured. This the first I used the anime head and I'm really happy with expression and ease of editing. You just might see more of her! Stay tuned, dollz <3

Body Pixels
Head @ <UTILIZATOR> - M3+ Venus Anime Head
Skin Mod @ PANTSU*HUNTER - Aya M3 Venus
Eye Mod @ .:Fujiwara's World:. - Lighty Eyes Blood
Hair @ - +Spellbound+ - Astarte//Grimoire *group gift
Body Tattoo @ .antielle. - Moon Bastet Sleeve Fresh [coming soon to The Kawaii Project] *new
Piercings @ [ni.ju] - Marx Piercing Monochrome TypeB

Shirt @ ~*SongBird*~ - Slacker Goth Shirts *new
Gloves @ ~*SongBird*~ - Holey Fishnet gloves
Collar @ Remarkable Oblivion - Helvetica Collar
Head @ !The Little Bat - Elegant Bow Purple
Socks @ ALTAIR* - Starry sky stockings purple
Shoes @ *BOOM* - Ginchiest Creepers tar/laces

Dango in air @ ORIGAMI - Sansyoku dango Sakura to Hanami [past group gift]
Dango in hand @ Tentacio & .antielle. - Rabbit in the Moon Odango [available in Arcade]
Sweets box @ Tentacio & .antielle. - Rabbit in the Moon Wagashi box [available in Arcade]
Dango plate @ |CerberusXing| - Mitarashi Dango rezz *group gift

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Ways of the Plague

War, chaos, destruction, disorder, simply the taste of despair excite the Sorceress. Oh, how she thirsted for it. But ever since that good-for-nothing King plans to sign a peace treaty with other countries, it's been so boring. With no one in desperation, they would not summon her to do their bidding. And she was not about to allow such thing to happen. Sacrifices are her favorite delicacy and pretty much the source of her powers. 

And one day, she heard the all too familiar calling of an old ally, the Black Knight. He was weakened from lack of war of the world, needing for a new body. They made a deal once more, to overrule the good King.  Finally it's time to start the reign of terror. The plague of Death and Despair

Ohai! Once more, me and Dev team up for a short series that use items from the Arcade. He's wearing the Rare, Dark Forces from Death Row Design gacha while I'm wearing the Pixicat Temptation Dark Corset Rare gacha key. My melting horns is a group gift by |CerberusXing|, available at the mainstore. My lovely wings and tails is the latest release by ~*Souzou.Eien*~ for We<3RolePlay this round. Do check it out! We had so much fun with this fantasy medieval setting. It's a genre that I seldom try but you just can't go wrong when evil tries to take over :P Do check out Dev's blog for the Black Knight credits and story. May our Reign of Terror prevails, dear dollz.

"With the blood that summon me, 
I grant his darkest desire,
The night will overcome the day,
On the field of combat, a lion will lay;
Pierced through his eyes, through his broken golden cage,
A great would to peace, darkness will reign..."

Body Pixels
Skin @ Glam Affair - Ellie Skin Nostalgia Blue Artic
Hair @ ~Tableau Vivant~ - Petit Hair
Eyes @ *PaperMoon* - Eruda Eyes Vivids/Lights Yellow + Dark Matter - Catification Red
Blood on body + face @ .antielle. - Demon Blood
Piercing @ |CerberusXing| - Bitten (Gold) *group gift
Horns @ |CerberusXing| - Horny Melts *group gift
Wings @ ~*Souzou.Eien*~ - Little Imp Wings [Available at WLRP] *new
Tail @ ~*Souzou.Eien*~ - Little Imp Tail [Available at WLRP] *new

Corset @ Pixicat - Temptation Dark RARE *new
Crown @ The Nebulae! - Hekate's Crown Gold RARE
Wristcuff @ The Nebulae! - Martyred Saint Bracer Gold
Necklace @ The Nebulae! - Psychopomp Necklace Day Hart ULTRARARE
Shoes @ Nana - Tori Ballet Red + Claws

1st pic @ The Muses - Seductive pose
2nd @ [Black Tulip] - Into the Woods Set 2 + self edits

Black Knight

Monday, 1 June 2015

Mahou Usagi

Rabbit, Rabbit, what you see when you jump?
The fifteenth night moon is not nearly enough.
Jump into the night and dance with the moon.
No time to sleep, the party is just starting!

Arcade and Ai Gacha has started! I'm sure you dollz has start banging the sim's invisible wall right at midnight SLT. Not to worry, Magical Bunny is here to show some previews! The Kimono dress I'm wearing is one of the RARE from Tentacio & .antielle. Arcade collaboration, Rabbit on the Moon gacha. The geta is also a RARE that include a texture change HUD for the wood and straps. other bunny accessory is this Bunny Magic by ALTAIR* for Ai Gacha. You can try to win ribbon and necklace of multiple colours. The RARE will include all the colours in a HUD. If you are lucky, you might win this SUPER RARE BunnyMagic staff that include texture HUD as well. Good luck on winning them, dollz!

The song lyric I include above is the song sang by children in Japan about Moon Rabbit. If you want to hear the song, you can click through here.

Body Pixels
Head + Skin + Eyes @ May's Soul & antielle - Desdemona Lovesick Head COMMON
Hair @ LCKY - Drella
Body Tattoo @ antielle - Moonlight Justice
Nails @ Beautiful Freak - Goth 20
Rabbit Ears @ +Half-Deer+ - Velven Bunny Ears Origami RARE

Dress @ Tentacio & antielle - Rabbit in the Moon Lolita Yukata RARE [availble in Arcade] *new
Geta @ Tentacio & antielle - Okobo RARE [availble in Arcade] *new
Socks @ antielle - Baroque Corset Stockings in Powder
Necklace @ ALTAIR* - bunny magic! necklace .pimk. RARE [available in Ai Gacha] *new
Head ribbon @ ALTAIR* - bunny magic! ribbon .black.[available in Ai Gacha] *new
Staff @ ALTAIR* - bunny magic! staff SUPER RARE [available in Ai Gacha] *new
Ring @ Pixicat - The Rabbit Ring [past FLF]
Monocle @ AIR - Rabbit Monocle [past RMK opening gift]

Pets @ The Secret Store - Aime, Snow, [past hunt gift]

1st @ [Black Tulip] - Lost in the Woods set 8

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

World Goth Fair - Rose of Cursed

After Kaiser Kruel reign fell from Cursed, Kiara and most of the enforcers retire from their post. Some settle down with their long lost love, some went for a very long holiday, some even stayed in Cursed. As for Kiara, she thought she has seen enough of the world during her human days and decided to stay, to keep serving Cursed as an adviser. Scarlet seem to approve her since Kiara did not actually serve Kaiser, merely keeping the dark creatures outside Cursed in check. 

And so, Kiara kept being the Rose of Cursed, protecting it with her thorns

Woot! Another character comeback from last year WGF, Kiara the Cursed Enfocer. I tried to make her simple and I think I did it. The dress is from Syralle and it come with flexi skirt drape for a realistic swish feel. These pretty heels is from ZoZ fitted for SLink and Maitreya feet. Koffin chair by NeverWish is also available in many other colour combo, suited to every theme! The crown that I'm wearing is by [TfAtN] for this round of High Priestess theme in Create Your Own Tarot event. Do check those out! Until then, dollz~

Body Pixels
Skin @ Essences - Jamie Pale02
Hair @ LaNoir Soleil - CINDA
Eyes @ Pin Me Down - All about the eyes Ruby
Eyeshadow @ Beautiful Freak - Anemone Red [Available in World Goth Fair] *new
Eyeliner @ Pin Me Down - Electric [Available in World Goth Fair] *new
Lips @ [Pink Fuel] - Classic Pout Lipstick Red
Body Tattoo @ TaTToo - Tribal Black Dragon light

Dress @ Syralle - Old Lace Tea Down Red 2 [Available in World Goth Fair] *new
Shoes @ -{ZoZ}- - Storm Red Heels [Available in World Goth Fair] *new
Gloves @ AdamEve - Opera SLink Gloves
Hand @ The Dark Fae - Say It With Bones cuffs [Available in World Goth Fair] *new
Earring + Choker set @ ChaosPanicDisorder - Cecilia Set [Available in World Goth Fair] *new
Headdress @ [TfAtN] - Junon Diadem Blood Moon [Available in Create Your Own Tarot] *new

Chair @ NeverWish - Koffin Chair [Available in World Goth Fair] *new
Cane @ ChaosPanicDisorder - Rose Cane [Available in World Goth Fair] *new

1st @ [Black Tulip] - Into the Woods set 7 [Available in World Goth Fair] *new
2nd @ [Black Tulip] - Into the Woods set 1 [Available in World Goth Fair] *new

Saturday, 23 May 2015

World Goth Fair - Skull Hunt

It might be in the middle of the day, but in Cursed Castle, it's as if it's already night. The weather have brightened a little even since Kaiser Kruel fell from his throne, but the creatures of the Dark are still not accustomed with the light. Having to stay in Cursed for a year, Elizabeth fit in effortlessly with her passion for the Dark. However she roams silently with the castle with another thing in mind.

Creeping to her sister's room, Elizabeth just can't contain her excitement to finally meet with a person she adore the most. She saw him at first glance when she was touring with her sister but Scarlet has strictly forbade Liz to enter her room. But nothing will stand between her and Baron la Croix.

Finally surviving the dizzying maze of the castle, Elizabeth reached her sister's room. Wasting no time, she pushed the heavy room and there he is. Baron la Croix's skull resting on the side table of the elegant bedroom. She had to use the moment to greatly admire the scene before taking the skull itself with her.  

Happy Belated Goth Day, dark dollz! World Goth Fair event is still going on, I do hope you been visiting the sim. The decor is just gothly awesome! Even though WGF this year is not a charity event, the items are certainly a must have for any dark dollz. During World Goth Day, they had a full day of goth music spinning at Gothika, did you dollz go? You dollz can read what happen to Liz when Scarlet actually know what happen to the Baron skull in Devin's blog, BishieStyleSL. You dollz can check out this fellow blogger as a shopping guide. Stay tune for more stories!

Body Pixels
Skin @ My Ugly Dorothy - Special Skin 7
Eyes @ Pin Me Down - Mori Violets 1 [Available in WGF] *new
Eyeliner @ Pin Me Down - Electric 6 [Available in WGF] *new
Eyelashes @ [ni.ju] - Hime-yu special version lashes
Hair @ .Olive. - Chelo Hair [Available in Dark Style Fair] *new
Nails @ Beautiful Freak - Loli manicure

Hat @ deviousMind - VictorianGothic - Crystal Tophat [Available in Fantasy Gacha Carnival] *new
Neck @ Sweet Lies - Goth Collar Common 3 [Available in Fantasy Gacha Carnival] *new
Dress @ !The Little Bat - Penelope Dress [Available in WGF] *new
Belt @ *ALTAIR - kokoro collar impure violet 
Gloves @ ~SongBird~ - Holey Fishnet Gloves
Bracelet @ deviousMind - Lolita wristWraps *Lilac* [Available in Fantasy Gacha Carnival] *new
Socks @ + black moon + - Lavender Ombre Bats tights [group gift ] *free
Shoes @ .The Sugar Garden. - Ruffle Platforms SolidBlack
Pet Bat @ [SWaGGa] - Arkham Arm - White [Available in Fantasy Gacha Carnival] *new

1st Pic Setting
[coming soon]

2nd Pic Setting
Bed @22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Black Chersterfield Leather Bed PG [Available in WGF] *new
Chair @ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Balloon Chair Black  [Available in WGF] *new
Head bed decor @ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] -  Candlehouse [Available in WGF] *new
Table @ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Gothic End Table [Available in WGF] *new
Drinks @ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Cognac Bottle + Glass [Available in WGF] *new
Skull @ ContraptioN - Odd Skull *free
Hat on skull @ ~Tableau Vivant~ - Samedi Hat from Baron hairpack

1st @ [Black Tulip] - Into the Woods Set 4 [Available in WGF] *new
2nd @ [Black Tulip] - In the Woods Set 8 [Available in WGF] *new

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Romancing the Skull

Ordinary people from the other side know "Elizabeth" is just another common name. However in Cursed, she is known as Elizabeth the sister of Scarlet. She might be a mortal but her sister, (who is well-known  for her fearless leadership in the Rebellion) made sure that Elizabeth was able to join Cursed once the Scarlet Treaty was signed. Elizabeth felt immediately at home. One of her hobbies is collecting peculiar and strange skulls. Her most favorite skull that she usually seen with is rumored to belong to the Baron La Croix. Who knows?

Finally World Goth Fair is here!!! I was away last week since I went back to hometown to visit my grandma but now I'm back and sooooo ready to bust more stories! The outfit are actually from last year WGF and I intended to make this post as a pre- WGF post but I missed the date, oh well. You dollz can still find the stuff at the mainstore!

Body Pixel
Skin @ My UglyDorothy - Special Skin 7
Hair @ *Alice Project* - Ivy
Eyes @ .::Shy Girls::. - Group gift eyes
Eyeshadow @ Beautiful Freak - Divinora eyeliner Vicious Violet
Lips @ Pin me Down - Sayni 
Nails @ Beautiful Freak - Loli manicure

Dress @ *FOSCA de LE* - Annabel Lee Amethyst 
Gloves @ Izzie's - Short lace gloves
Head @ ::Squeek!:: Bat Bow 
Neck @ Altair* - Kokoro collar violet

Parasol @ {NanTra} - Promenade parasol pose pack
Skull @ ContraptioN - Odd Skull 
Hat on skull @ ~Tableau Vivant~ Samedy Hat from Baron Hairpack

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Meet Trixxy

Trixxy was different from the rest of girls her age. She was always lively and bouncy. Many thought she was in rebel phase with all tattoos and piercings she wore. Not to mention she love hanging out with the boys jumping and flipping off walls. But of course Trixxy did not care one bit. She do what she want, when she want it. 

If some of you guys notice, I based this character from Tricky by Subway Surfer mobile game. I love that game so much and I tried to re-create her. But somehow I think I created her sister! xD I had a lot of fun shooting with the parkour poses. I've had this idea for a very long while and glad I can this off my head now. World Goth Fair is coming soon and I'm sure many of you gothling dollz are waiting for this big event! See you in the next post~

Body Pixels
Skin @ 7 Deadly S[k]ins - Elfy V3 [pick gift]
Hair @ Ploom - Splayed Dipped
Eyes @ Chus! - Lens in Grass [past hunt gift]
Eyeliner @ The Horror! - Bathory 2
Body Tattoo @ .antielle. - Moonlight Justice
Nails @ The Horror! - Metallic nails [group gift] *free

Top @ The Horror! - Urbb Skell'd Top
Hat @ The Horror! - Chaiked Beanie
Elbow @ Chary - Elbow Pads 
Shoes @ Eudora - 3D Blaze Hi-Tops [group gift] *free
Piercings @ [ni.ju] - Var1cose metalmouth [group gift] *free

*Kaleidoscope Creative* - Parkour set


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Vintage Clouds

Is your head in the clouds again?

I joined in for April's Blogger Challenge made by Arora Zanzibar. Basically she will put a few pictures and choose one or more and try to recreate it in SL. I couldn't make it last month and I'm very determined to do it this month. And I did! I'm very pleased on how it turn up. I did a dark take on the picture I choose. Do check out and try if you like, it's fun to attempt recreating the pictures.

Challenge Instruction

Body Pixel
Skin @ VCO - Jenny
Hand Bruise @ Clemmm - Damaged Hands

Dress @ ::DRBC|:: - Wednesday Dress Lace Noir
Ribbon @ .antielle. - Skull Ribbon Red
Socks @ *AAA* - Black socks
Shoes @ The Sugar Garden - Ruffle Platform WoodxBlack
Suitcase @ Death Row Design - Stacked Suitcase with holdables

Taken @ Cursed

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Lady of the Ram

The year of ram dawns as the new moon shines. 
Come has the time for Lady to awaken.
As she herd the flock of her beloved undead children.

I'm not even sure where this story go. but anyways, this is my idea for the Chinese Year of the Goat. Never too late to post it anyways [laugh] I like the idea of flying sheep and all, I went a bit crazy on this but oh well. Most of the stuff are from previous events but I'm sure you dollz will find it at the respective maintores. The Beijing Opera makeup by .antielle. is still available at Xiasumi School Festival until 21st April.

Body Pixels
Skin @ VCO - jenny
Eyes @ {Dead Apple} - Sorrow Eyes Blue *group gift
Make up @.antielle. - Beijing Opera Full Black Tiara [Xiasumi School Festival]
Hair @ Little Bones - Feline *group gift
Eyelashes @ LovelyAlien - Starry Eyelashes + [ni.ju] - Hime-yu bottom lashes

Headdress @ =Zenith= Cherry blossom wreath Red *free
Dress @ Pixicat - Delusion Gown Flower 
Horns @ Plastik - Vynn Horn Hellbent 

+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep II - Death Breath

Saturday, 11 April 2015

PROJECT - Failed 13th Experiment

"Do you want to experience death before death?" - Charles Bukowski

Freaky girls!! I always fancy the idea of 2 souls sharing one body. So fascinating! The freaky head is from Death Row Design 2013 Horrorfest gacha but I'm sure it's available in the mainstore. The Bitter Mask by Souzou.Eien is sold in both rusted and new shiny metals. Left eye is by SongBird, Infection Eye that was supposed to be released for ZombieFest but for some reason the event didn't happen so she dropped the eyes at her mainstore. Available in 4 colors. The right eye is by PaperMoon for this round of We <3 RP,  Blood splatters are photoshopped obviously. Thank you for not freaking out!

Body Pixels
Skin @ Corvus - Zara Skin *free
Hair @ *ARGRACE* - Minato Black *free
Eyes @ *PaperMoon* - Fruhlingszeit Eyes (R) Blue01e [available at We <3 RP] + ~SongBird~ Eye Infection (L)
Face Bruise @ .antielle. - Snookie Punch Rough
Mouth Slit @ .antielle. - Kuchisake Onna (L) [available at Xiasumi] *new
Lip Crack @ ~SongBird~ - Cracked Lips *new
Head @ Death Row Design - f.o.d Blind Venomous Carnage

Hand @ .aii. The Ugly and Beautiful - Sinners Hand Red
Mouth Guard @ ~*Souzou.Eien*~ - The Bitter Mask & Harness Rusted
Pasties @ Sn@tch - Black pasties 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Berry's Double Threat Meme

"Sometimes we seek that which we are not yet ready to find" - Libba Bray, Rebel Angels

Again, today post has nothing to do with the urban dictionary definition of double threat. I'm feeling rather in elf mood lately, I had this idea for quite a while and finally I found the reason to publish this look. Anyways here my answer Miss Berry's this week Monday Meme.

Two online screen names you've had: I had a lot before I settled with AaryaKiseki. One of them was GreyKitty cuz I love cats and I personally believe I have a white/black personality. Another was Black Snow coz I find it interesting to think of a pure white snowflake in black.

Two video games you've playes: PC or console? One of them? Both of them? But anyways I used to play Secrets of Solstice as my first pc MMORPG and right now I'm playing Dreams of Mirror Online with my sister, Ruby.

Two things you love about Second Life: The vast ability we can do to make something out of our own dreams. And the fact that I channel my inner self into SL that I can't do in real, And the fun we have when doing things with friends! Wait that's three....

Two things you've done in Second Life: Let's see... started my photography service and learning the basic build stuff by Devin.

Two things you still want to do in Second Life: I've always wanted to learn mesh and start my own store but I'm sure that have to wait for a long time. I wanted to DJ in clubs too....

Two things you like about your Second Life avatar: Her face! It was tweaked according to my real by Devin and I love it ever since. Also that I can make her as dark as I can.

Two of your Second Life Pet Peeves: People who do freaky IM and people who just won't stop roleplaying everything.

Two things you did as a newb that you're embarrassed of: Ok uhm.... I used to think bling and shoesound was everything and wore 24/7 until I came across Miss Berry's blog. Also this one time I attached a poster on my avatar but I didn't realize it until my friend point it out and screencap it to show me.

Two of your closest friends in Second Life: DevinVaugh and Nyphry.

Meme Instructions

Body Pixels
Skin @ DeeTaleZ - Megan "Ice Princess" Special Edition MixedType [past Xmas gift]
Hair @ Eaters Coma - Gift 3 Light Silver [group gift]
Ears @ MANDALA - Steaking Ears Season 5
Eyes @ IKON - Deadshine Eyes Quicksilver (Frozen) [group gift]
Eyelashes @ LovelyAlien - StarryEyelashes + [ni.ju] - Hime-yu prim lashes
Face tattoo @ Pin Me Down - Anti White + [ni.ju] - Yumagi Silver
Body Tattoo @ .antielle. - Okami Ameterasu Body + Forehead I [available at Xiasumi] *new

Outfit @ ::Axix:: - Coelia Skirt + Top Onix
Weapons @ Ariskea - Rouge Dagger
Neck @ *PaperMoon* - Runic Necklace *new
Wrists @ [TfAtN] - Maryred Saint Bracer Silver Common 
Halo @ [TfAtN] - Elemental Halo Air/Black RARE
Torso Piercings @ Haus of Darcy - Thrust Spiked Hips Dermals 
Chest Piercings @ Haus of Darcy - Slither part 2 [group gift]
Feet @ Nana - Tori Ballet Gray + Claws

1st pic @ *Sadistic Hacker* - Warrior pose [store closed]
2nd pic @ UNCERTAIN SMILE - Killer pose set

Taken @ Dandelion

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Hologram Hanami

It was the era where every organic scenery was replaced with holograms, where it was impossible to breath the atmosphere. But people were strong, they find solutions. They created giant domes on top of cities and created a machine to turn the acidic air to oxygen. Even if the air still pollute and kill them slowly. It was the time when the flowers were to bloom and they still wanted to withhold that tradition. Holograms of blooming sakura trees were found throughout the city of NeoTokyo. 

At the home of Ninji Ceres, where she decorated the tea house with man made pond with mechanical koi fish. A blooming apricot tree completes the scene that she remembers from her childhood. But it's no safe era now. Along with her pet hologram dragon, she will continue the tradition of tea ceremony for as long as she can.

I had this Hanami idea when i visited the Origami event with the theme of "SAKURA to HANAMI" in celebrating the spring season. It's a very lively and relaxing sim. And of course I love this season especially with all the flowers blooming and the streets is just filled with colourful petals. Origami event will be open until 5th of April, so you dollz have time to pick up the items you fancy. Thank you DevinVaugh for allowing me to borrow his set for my picture. Enjoy!

Body Pixels
Skin @ Enfant + Mudskin - Late Bird 
Hair @ Tableau Vivant - Choko hair
Body Tattoo @ Letis Tattoo - Essence
Face Tattoo @ .antielle. - Sakurifivation [available at Origami] + Pin Me Down - Anti White [Skin Fair]
Ear @ MANDALA - Steking Ears Season 5
Piercings @ [ni.ju] - Marx + Dismantle Piercings
Eyelashes @ Lovely Alien - StarryEyelashes + [ni.ju] - Hime-yu lashes bottom
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Murky Eyes Bubble

On head @ ALTAIR* - Sakura Hairclip white
Neck @ [TfAtN] - Planetery Necklace Ceres RARE
On ear @ Gridwear - Solarity Left Ear
On Shoulder @ Gridwear - Illusive Right Upper Arm
Outfit @ .::Dead Dollz::. - Kunoichi Black
Arm Wrap @ DPD - Arm wrap dark
Chest binding @ Bakusu - Samurai Sarashi Dark
Leg wrap @ Bakusu - Samura Kyahan Dark
Leg tattoo @ Chary - Leg Stripes [group gift]
Footwear @ [CerberusXing] - Trapped Sakura Clogs dark [available at Origami]
Pet @ Gridwear - Tempest Dragon 
Mouthie @ [CerberusXing] - Mitarashi Danga Mouth [group gift]
Hand @ [CerberusXing] - Teshoku Red [group gift]

House @ +Theater*Chain+ - CHA-SHITSU Modern White [available in Origami]
Pond @ 8f8 - Silent Conversation Fish Pond RARE
Lamps @ Origami Group gift - Hanami Lam Gin *free
Tree + petals @ Isovii - Ume tree [subcription gift]
Dango @ [CerberusXing] - Matarashi Dango rezz [group gift]

1st pic @ The Muse Poses - Seduction 2 [group gift]

Sunday, 22 March 2015

PROJECT - Ice Twins

"Life is only a flicker of melted ice"

"Eternity is a glorious word, but eternity is ice"

quotes by Dejan Stonajovic, The Sun Watches the Sun

So I wanted to start this own blog project of mine, featuring twins or better known as clones of myself. I have a thing for twins since I am a twin myself too and merging something I love with something I enjoy would definitely strike creativity juice for me. It's also a way for me to show a lot of items that I wanted to. I hope you dollz will enjoy this blog project! 

On her, left twin
Body Pixels
Skin @ .antielle. - Snow girl [Group gift] *free
Hair @ Truth - Clover B&W
Eyes + cracked tattoo @ .antielle. - Diamond Virgin Pierced Jewels
Chest tattoo @ Pantsu*Hunter - Lace tatoo [store closed]

Halo @ The Horror! - Reina Del Hielo Halo Frozen
Neck @ =Zenith= - High Elf Lace Collar [Group gift] *free
Dress @ Meli Imako - Bridal Corset with tutu

On her, right twin
Body Pixels
Skin @ Glam Affair - Amberly II Polar Red Ice
Hair @ Tableau Vivant - Hatsuhi hair [past gift]
Left eye @ {S0NG} - Murky Ghost Eyes
Right eye + Cracked tattoo - .antielle. - Diamond Virgin Pierced Jewels
Ear @ MANDALA - Fantasy Elf ears

Head @ ::OXI:: Ama Crown + Headpiece in Snow
Neck @ .aisling. - Sumiana Collar Ice
Dress @ Meli Imako - Bridal corset with tutu

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Berry's First and Recent Challenge

It's really embarrassing when I look back all my old pictures, but amusing to see how I improve myself in skills and technically wise. When I tried the snapshot features, it spazz my whole laptop and I used the screengrab feature of my laptop to take that picture. I enjoyed my adventures in Second Life and stalking Strawberry Singh's blog until I gathered enough courage to finally start my own blog back in April 2013.

Both of the picture are not photoshopped in any way and looking at it. I feel proud that I truly pushed my limits and explored many new things.

Throughout the blogging journey, I found great new friends, Awesome sims, events and designers who decorated the Second Life world. At first I wanted to be a gothic lolita blogger but then my style changed when I posted my first Phototelling for a contest. My inspiration clicked with me and I literally poured all my literacy juice on blogging. My blog will be 2 years old next month and I'm very grateful that I started that first step of blogging. I hope to be more creative in Phototelling and my skills. Cheers to all the residents that made Second Life colourful~

Meme Instuction

On Aarya 2012

On Aarya 2015
Body Pixel
Skin @ [Pink Fuel] - Sora Alabaster 
Hair @ CatWa - Zoey hair [available at  Catwa Biker's Fair] *free
Eyes @ Shy Girls - group gift eyes
Tattoo @ Letis Tattoo - Essence 
Eyeliner @ Pin Me Down - Kris [available at Skin Fair] *new
Lips @ Pin Me Down - Sayni 8 [available at Skin Fair] *new
Ear @ MANDALA - Steking Ears Ver 5

Top @ Fujiwara's World - Black Corset [hunt gift] *free
Neck @ Remarkable Oblivion - Oracle Collar [group gift]
Piercings @ [ni.ju] - Part of Amped Piercing

Monday, 16 March 2015

FutureWave - V for Vandette

"Hello, Edge. Looking for... something?"

"Ah, sharp as ever, Vandette. You still look ravishing after all these years,"

"I must thank you for allowing me to upgrade my... legs. I can't say the same of what will happen next however."

"Well, then. Shall we start the dance?"

The final part of my FutureWave story. Again, sorry for the late post. However, even though the event is over, you guys can still check out the mainstores for the items! The SAKIDE dress and boots comes in white or black base and you can change the lining to 1001 combos of colours. The exclusive by ChaosPanicDisorder is the Nemesis Chest Implant that can change the metals and gems according to your liking. If you can't get enough of sci-fi, I suggest you cyber dollz take a look at Bright Metallic magazine. I'm featured as this month's Bloggernaught and it is an informative magazine for all you sci-fi dollz. Enjoy!

Concept Art Unlocked - Vandette

Body Pixels
Skin @ Glam Affair - Viva la Noce Asia 
Hair @ A&Y - Jetix Hair 
Eyes @ Pin Me Down - Mecha *new
Eyeliner @ Pin Me Down - Tri *new
Lipstick @ Pin Me Down - Metallic 3 *new
Head Tattoo @ ~*By Snow*~ - Hexagon Face tattoo
Chest Tattoo @ [a.e.meth] - Circuit Tattoo inner chest

Dress @ [SAKIDE] - Leyana Dress Black *new
Boot @ [SAKIDE] - Takea Boots Black *new
Prosthetic Leg @ !Chop Shop! - Prototype Leg Spike *new
Necklace - [TfAtN] - Psychopomp Necklace Night Hart ULTRARARE *new
Implant @ :*:ChaosPanicDisorder:*: - Nemesis Chest Implant *new
Arm @ DPD - Arm Wraps Dark

1st pic @ Insilico

Saturday, 7 March 2015

FutureWave - The Rising DJ

The upcoming and rising DJ Sona is now available for hologram concert directly at your home. Just purchase the package according to your preference, recorded, live or both! If you'd like a custom DJ Sona serving your home, a special package is available for a limited time. Featuring her new hit singles, Ethereal, Kinetic and Concussive, it's a sure way to level up your hologram party!

>Incoming call from Nilin

"Mr Edge, you have a new mission. Infiltrate the home-base of Wave, the person who is been distributing the DJ Sona custom package with bugged features. Investigate and destroy if found harmful for the citiven."

>Call ended
>Mission objective updated 

Ok, I know I've been suuuuper late with this part of story. RL made me put off the work several time and now I can properly finish up the story with one more post. However, FutureWave event has ended on 1st March but I'm informed that the items are now available at maintores so you guys can still pick up the items you fancy! The Skyla outfit is compromise with dress, gloves, boots and a hat, that can be purchase with 12 available colours. The helmet by Anachron has 6 different style with HUD that include colours, bass or music particle and head bob animation.

This post is heavily influenced by DJ Sona skin that was released by Riot Games for League of Legend game. I'm just so hyped by the update and super excited that I can re-create a DJ Sona poster. Although I did made a mistake on Kinetic, she was supposed to be more blue with bits of green. However, I'm very satisfied with my work and I hope you cyber dollz enjoyed it too! Look forward for the final part soon!

Body Pixel
Hair @ .Ploom. - Demi
Skin @ MyUgly Dorothy - Special 1L skin 9
Makeup @ Beautiful Freak - Circuit Makeover Red
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ - Citadel Eyes

Dress, Gloves, Boots @ GALLACTIC - Skyla Outfit
Necklace @ GALLACTIC - Callisto necklace
Headgear @ Anachron - Harmonic Helmet Carbon

Pose @ [ni.ju] - Headphone pose with ANImare edits

Body Pixel
Hair @ .Ploom. - Demi
Skin @ MyUgly Dorothy - Special 1L skin 9
Makeup @ Beautiful Freak - Circuit Makeover Purple
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ - Citadel Eyes

Dress, Gloves, Boots @ GALLACTIC - Skyla Outfit
Necklace @ GALLACTIC - Callisto necklace
Headgear @ Anachron - Harmonic Helmet Glow Bubble

Pose @ ALTAIR* unpacking box pose

Body Pixel
Hair @ .Ploom. - Demi
Skin @ MyUgly Dorothy - Special 1L skin 9
Makeup @ Beautiful Freak - Circuit Makeover Green
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ - Citadel Eyes

Dress, Gloves, Boots @ GALLACTIC - Skyla Outfit
Necklace @ GALLACTIC - Callisto necklace
Headgear @ Anachron - Harmonic Helmet Battle Bot

Pose @ Self pose

Influenced by Riot Games®
DJ Sona belongs to League of Legend®

Sunday, 15 February 2015

FutureWave - Rebirth/Reboot

"Good morning, Mr Edge. How are you feeling?"

"Like I just been run over with a truck."

-giggles- "I assure you, that is just the side-effect of waking up from the cold sleep, Mr Edge."

"Will I have it for a long time?"

"No, the pain will only be there for an hour or so. Do you know what year is it, Mr Edge?"

"You tell me, I can't think with all this mud in my head,"

"It's year 2086, Mr Edge. You are in Neo-Paris."

"Hmm... I do remember I asked to be awaken in 50 years, why are you waking me up 24 years early?"

"Because, Mr Edge, the world needs you once more,"

Yay!!!! FutureWave event has officially open! It will operating until 1st March so there is lots of time to browse and choose the futuristic gears FW has to offer. From clothing to decorations and not to forget Gothika partyyyy! I have been addicted to a game lately and I somehow infused some elements into this story, kudos whoever knows which game I'm talking about! More FW stuff to come, so do check it out. Onto the secret mission, cyber dollz!

Body Pixels
Skin @ *GalaFahionDesign* - CyberDrone Lapse
Hair @ enVOUGE HAIR - Inna
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ Citadel Eyes Chrome Aquamarine
Eye makeup @ Beautiful Freak - Circuit Eye Makeup White [Available in FW] *new
Hands @ STAR QUALITY - Cyberhand Black [Available in FW] *new

On forehead @ Bliensen + MaiTai - Bionique Implant Forehead White [Available in FW] *new
Googles @ BluPrints - Tech Spaces Scanner [Available in FW] *new
Dress @ Chariot - Krylova Jacket [Available in FW] *new
Shoes @ MIAMAI - Le Blanc Suspension Black [Available in FW] *new
On hand @ BluePrints - Data Pad [Available in FW] *new

Chair @ NeverWish - Gear Chair Red/White [Available in FW] *new
Sofa @ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Snake Sofa Set White [Available in FW] *new
Table @ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Hexagon Table [Available in FW] *new
Flower @ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Laudspeaker Flower [Available in FW] *new
Pyramid @ [ORIONITE Labs] - Pyramid Light Sculpture v1.0 [Available in FW] *new

Pic 1 @ *Pipit* - Chait sit 02 mirror
Pic 2 @ *Pipit* - Chair sit 03