Tuesday 6 October 2015

Nightmare woven in cobwebs

Scary legends and warnings surround the old ancient altar right at the outskirts of the town. She was curious, but the townspeople always avoid it like a plague when she try to ask. She know there is something in there that is beckoning her. Many time at night she would hear chanting from the altar's direction, tiny shadows at the corner of her eyes on her way to school. When she told her mother, she would pretend not to hear her story.

That night would be a super moon night, she was excited to view the rare sighting. However the townspeople didn't have the same reaction. The shops closed before dusk settles and her mother urge her to stay in her attic room for the night. However, her passion was burning, right after nightfall, she cracked open the tiny window and crawled out into the dark, accompanied with her flashlight. Wanting to have a better view of the moon, she walked further away from the town and to the path towards the altar.

Curious, she headed into the altar, with cold shivers crawling down her spine. She walked deeper past many dusty cobwebs, into a room where the crimson moonlight shines down on a lady. "Welcome, Elise," the lady spoke in a shrill voice, "We have been waiting for you," The next she knew, thousands of black spiders swarms her body, engulfing her into the darkness. 

Hello lovely dollz! I finally have a breather after my short internship while waiting for my next one. But I really missed blogging and you readerz! And since it's October, obviously there will heck ton of scary, spookey, fun HALLOWEEN events!! Currently, I only been to Nightmare event when there is also a hunt for pumpkins to get some nice free gift, however you need to face your nightmares, going through multiple jump-scare throughout the hunt right under the event sim. The gifts are very nice too, kudos to the +{aii}+ creator for making this event a blast!

Some items from the event is the night creepy corset by *NeverWish* that has a peephole through the spine, each color comes with black option too! Also Arachnia mesh head by {aii} is so awesome and freaky! It come with many skin color and eye options too. Can't to use it on more post :D The glowy things behind me is the spider curtain hunt gift by Distorted Dreams. Some other hunt gifts are these spooky candles by The Horror!, it's actually one candle but I made a whole bunch of them for this setting, as well as the creepy frame by BluPrintz. Another hunt that is going on is Twisted Hunt with dark Qi theme, I have Twisted Ouroboros by ~SongBird~, as the name says, it's animated! Anyways, hope you enjoy my post and I hope I could do maybe one or two more within my break. Credits below and see you in the next post, creepy dollz! <3

Body Pixels
Head + Eyes @ {aii} - Arachnia Mesh Head Pale [available at Nightmare]
Skin @ {aii} Arachnia Skin Pale
Hair @ Alice Project - Mania Barbed Wire Bloody White [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free
Ears @ MANDALA - Steking Ears Season 5
Hands @ {aii} - Sinners Hands

Hairpin @ OXI - Dokusatsu Pin [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free
Face Piercings @ [ni.ju] - Amped Piercings nose02
Smoke Pipe @ [Takeo] Bamboo Kiseru [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free
Collar @ ALTAIR* - Dead Love Collar [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free
Necklace @ *NeverWish* - Bone Chain necklace [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free
Chest Piercing @ Haus of Darcy - Spiked Lust Chest Dermal Frost *group gift
Underarms @ {aii} - Underarm Webs [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free
Corset @ *NeverWish* Creepy Corset red [available at Nightmare]
Socks @ [CerberusXing] - Ripped Stockings
Back @ ~*SongBird*~ - Twisted Ouroburos [Twisted Hunt gift] *free
Shoes @ ALTAIR* - Nightmare Heels BlackxSilver [available at Nightmare]
Shoulder pet @ //Monster Slayer// - Shadow Eye Spider Should Pet [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free

Middle Chair @ Pixicat - Bastet chair RARE
Left&Right Chair @ 22769 - Graphic Chair Spider
Candles @ The Horror! - Spook Candle [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free
Giant web @ UNCERTAIN SMILE - Sorcerer 2 Spider Web 
Frame @ BluPrintz - Haunted Frame Black [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free
Curtain @ .::Distorted Dreams::. - Spider Light Curtain [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free
Rug @ *PaperMoon* - Bloodstained Rug [available at Nightmare Hunt] *free

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