Monday 12 October 2015

Varita Verde The Green Witch

How dare he. How dare that blood sucker mist his way into my sacred land and just drops his house on the Altar of the Dead? He's definitely toying with a mad bull, that puta, he might be able to dodge his rotting flesh from my attacks but his dead heart will still be pierced by my enraged horn. I knew that one day those mosquitoes will try to take over the altar, the sacred place where we offer blood to appease our gods. And HE dares to oppose us? Such bravery would lead you to your downfall, blood sucker.

I made my way to his lair, easily slicing every blood suckers that was in my way. My favourite weapon, La Perdicion Gato, a silver katana that is bewitched to kill these mosquitoes... and HIM. Plunging my Gato into a blood sucker, I reached the tall looming house. I pushed the doors open harshly, expecting that sucker. Seeing that room is deserted, I grew enraged.

"Sugar Sugar! Come out you blood sucking puta!!!"

If there are Latin readers on my blog, this is my attempt writing a story as a pissed off Latin witch, if there are some mistakes, I apologies. Anyways, this is another collaborative story of me and DevinVaugh. You can read his side of story when he post it up. The fun setting is borrowed from Devin as well so you guys just wait up for his post (pssst! pester him if you want it fast!) The hair and hat is a free Magika subscriber gift, it's only available in one colour but you can get more colour pack at the store. I added a bow by ALTAIR* for a nice touch. Coming soon to Epiphany event, is the dress, cuff, collar gacha by ALTAIR* and the exclusive is the bat necklace I'm wearing. The dresses are RARE in 3 colours to win. Try your best playing them!

Body Pixels
Hair + Hat @ Magika - Sorcery *free
Skin @ Glam Affair - Sia II Asia
Eyeliner @ Pin Me Down - Kris
Eyelashes @ LovelyAlien - Starry Eyelashes + REDGRAVE - Eyelashes
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Nightmare Slime Eyes R [Nightmare Hunt] + Genesis Lab - Demon Eyes [The Fantasy Collective] L *free
Lipstick + Lip piercings @ [CerberusXing] - Spiked Gloss *group gift
Mouth scar @ NOX. - Glasgow Smile Darker [Nightmare Hunt] *free
Chest Tattoo @ White Widow - Desperado
Nails @ Dark Passion - Web Nails  [Nightmare Hunt] *free

Bow on hat @ ALTAIR* - Eyepatch kitty Ribbon red
Collar @ ALTAIR* - Heart collar black
Necklace @ ALTAIR* - Bat necklace Exclusive
Dress @ ALTAIR* - Bat Queen Dress red RARE
Cuff @ ALTAIR* - Spike Cuffs red
Backpack @ OXI - Onryo Bag - [available in Nightmare]
Katana @ .The Sugar Garden. - Kawaii Katana red
Socks @ Pin Me Down - Batty fades
Shoes @ ALTAIR* - Strap heels BlackxGold

Close up @ Clemmm - part of 30 poses free for group members
Full body @ Del May


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