Monday, 4 December 2017

Geisha of the Stars

Never apologies for burning too brightly or collapsing yourself every night
That is how galaxies are made
- Tyler Kent White

Hello dollz! It' been a while, mostly it the fault of my part however but I shall be starting a new job soon enough and so I hope I will have enough time for blogging although it would be very busy work. Hope you dollz enjoy the holidays ^^

Body Pixels
Hair @ A&Y - Medusa Cyber Hair / multicolor *new
Head @ CATWA - Catya v3.0
Skin @ [KiiKO] - ::Nokaze:: / snow *11 RARE
Makeup @ CUREMORE - Star Gals / Royal Makeup
Eyes @ CURELESS[+] - Collyrium Eyes / Albino
Body Tattoo @ CURELESS[+] - Synthetics Angels / Transangelism / OMEGA / RARE

Neck @ //Naberius// - The Manticore Collar / Gold *new
Outfit @ CUREMORE - Star Gals / Lake Romance Drape / RARE
Back @ CUREMORE - Star Gals / Parade Halo / Iridescent

*{( konpeitaou )}* - pose collection 2 / 1C

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Life's Aquarium

One person's rain is another person's fish tank
- DevinVaugh

Hello dollz! We are well into November now with few weeks left of 2017. Hope you dollz are ready for the end of year sales and happenings and holidays and stuffs.

Highlights of the picture are the gacha products made by NAMINOKE for Sad November event. The fishes are available in static and swin with each win. There are no rares so all of the fishes and umbrella are commons to play. Rest of the credits down below and I'll see you dollz in the next post!

Body Pixels
Hair @ Magika - Plenty
Skin @ Glam Affair - Milu Good Girl / Polar *past FLF
Brows @ .aii. - Black & White Fantasy Brows pack
Eyes @ CURELESS[+] - Cutie Coven / Dark Chocolat
Lips @ Izzie's - Red Lipstick Set 

Outfit @ *Tentacio* - Love Story Uniform 01
Leg @ - Cozy socks / Snow / Maitreya
Feet @ - Casey Plats / Midnight / Maitreya

In hand @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Ame} umbrella / red w
Fishes + Umbrella tank @ *NAMINOKE* - Rainy-Day Aquarium gacha [Sad November, ends 2nd December] *new
Pose @ *{( konpeitou )}* - pose collection 3 / rain *free

Monday, 13 November 2017

Sunset Path

"Can you see the sunset real good on the West side? You can see it on East side too."
- S.E. Hinton, The Outsiders

It took my motivation almost 2 weeks to even finish this picture because of the amount of crashing I had to deal to even take snapshots of it... but at least I made it work for you dollz.

Highlight of the picture is the brand new build release from //Naberius// for 6 Republic event. The build is base on classic Chinatown vibes that I grew and love which make me really happy to see in it SL. The stocking I'm wearing is actually from last week's Fifty Linden Friday by CURELESS[+] which I'm sure you dollz can still pick from the mainstore but with a different price. The scarf is from [CerberusXing] that was sold for the precious round of The Season's Story but it's now available in-store. The very eye-catching headphone is by Cubic Cherry with a million color options to mix and match to your style.

The rest of the credits down below and I'll you dollz in the post <3

Body Pixels
Hair @ .Shi - Vanguard / Mon
Head @ CATWA - Catya v3.0
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Atrophine / BEIGE
Eyebrow @ .aii. - Fantasy brow pack 1
Eyes @ CURELESS[+] - Dark red
Eyeliner @ +Jigokucho+ - Devil's Eyeliner Pack 

Head @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {I C U} headphones
Neck @ [CerberusXing] - Badlands Silencer / Black Worn Leather A 
Top @ -CIRCUS- - Atsumi shirt White
Bottom @ VINYL - Neyla Shorts + Akeda Harness
Arm @ LUVI - Gloves / Armwarmer / Maitreya
Leg @ CURELESS[+] - Anxiety Garters / Maitreya 
Feet @ *NeverWish* - Enemy Stacks

Build @ //Naberius// - Midnight Alley [6 Republic, ends 20th Nov] *new

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Eye Candy

"For those who face their nightmares with eyes wide open"
-Ashes to Ashley

We're almost to the night Halloween dollz! October has lots of fun spooky events that just flutters my dead heart, I love itt. So much batty and bloody goodness~ I wish October never ends

Highlight of the picture is the full body scar tattoo by The White Crow named Revealing which is a store release. Currently TWC is also having a Halloween Sale with 50% off all store items until the end of October! The creepy eye props are by Cubic Cherry for The Nightmare event in which you can play an awesome spooky game to win a LOT of prizes. Rest of the credits down and have fun being scary dollz~

Body Pixels
Hair @ Dichotomy - Reina Hair RARE
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Atrophine / PORCELAIN
Eyes @ CURELESS[+] - Yuurei Eyes
Tongue @ [CerberusXing] - Bloody Tongue *group gift
Body Tattoo @ The White Crow - Revealing [Store release*new

Head @ CURELESS[+] - Arachnid Headpiece 
Neck @ VALENA - Queen Choker / Silver [The Nightmare, ends 30th Oct] [hunt gift] *free
Fingers @ [CerberusXing] - Salient Talons / Silver

Props and Poses
Eye in right hand @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - Ocular Displacement [The Nightmare, ends 30th Oct] *new
Eyes in left hand @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - Nommy Bulbs [The Nightmare, ends 30th Oct] [hunt gift] *free
Pose @ Glitterburp - Hands Up

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

#SLChallege - Seven Deadly Facts

Here are the instructions for the #SecondLifeChallenge this Monday: Share seven facts about your Second Life avatar or your SLife that may or may not be obvious to your readers/everyone.
  1. My Second Life Fact #1: I bite, I joined in a Malaysian vampire family in my early years of SL. It's still a small branch off a main family but I still had a lot of fun during that period until the Master and Mistress decide to leave SL. The family kinda feel apart after.
  2. My Second Life Fact #2: I first registered for SL just after my participation of National BootCamp and left because I have no idea how to play. I came around again after 3 months or so into college and well here we are.
  3. My Second Life Fact #3: I started my blog after a few months obsessing and stalking over Miss Berry's blog.
  4. My Second Life Fact #4: I may not be socializing much but truthfully, my machine is just can't handle parties at all. I will crash at landing.
  5. My Second Life Fact #5: My first ever event coverage was World Goth Fair 2013 just as a freebie blogger. I went to that everyday until the end. And also it's where I meet my best friend DevinVaugh, the date is now becoming our friendship anniversary date.
  6. My Second Life Fact #6: My SecondLife blog is where I pour my imagination and creative juice that it hampers my drawing skills a bit. Which is why I'm trying to pick it up back lately.
  7. My Second Life Fact #7: I am planning to open a store in SecondLife! Do look forward for it soon~

So Miss Berry is bringing Monday Meme back! And I'm really happy to join in because it's like taking a break from storytelling a bit while sharing about myself with the readerz~

Highlights of the outfit, are the new crop top sweater by Cubic Cherry for The Season's Story that will be opening real soon. Available in a lot of colours and patterns as well. SongBird has come out with a new store release with the Spooktober theme of this capris pants. Also available in other bright and faded colours. The sporty sneakers is from LUVI if you dollz wanna a bit into sporty vibe. Rest of the credits down and I'll see you spooky dollz in the next post~

Body Pixels
Hair @ *barberyumyum* - 2017.2GG *group gift
Head @ CATWA - Catya v3.0
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Atropine Skin / PORCELAIN v1 [The Seasons Story, ends Oct 31th]*new
Eyes @ CURELESS[+] - Cutie Coven / Dark Violet
Lashes @ [CerberusXing] - Hana Eyelashes Set
Lips @ (Enfer Sombre*) - Catwa Lipstick Set / Miu [SaNaRae, ends Oct 18th]*gift

Forehead @ CURELESS[+] - Moonlight Jewels
Nose @ [CerberusXing] - Vermin / Silver / R
Neck @ OXIDE - Arachne Collar [The Nightmare, ends Oct 30th]*hunt gift
Top @ .::Cubic Cherry::. -  {Eiko} crop sweater SKY skull [The Seasons Story, ends Oct 31th]*new
Bottom @ ~SongBird~ - Spoopy Capris / Maitreya [Store release] *new
Footwear @ LUVI - Black Sneaker

::AW:: - fashionblog9 *free

Monday, 2 October 2017


 I am the shadow
I am the host
Puppeteer is my ghost
Oh I
I do these things
It's just the nature of my strings


HAPPY OCTOBER MY HAUNTED DOLLZ!!! The oh so spooky month is here and omg there's so much events started. Go and have fun shopping, the best month is here!! This year, I joined in Inktober challenge which a 31-days challenge where you draw with ink. Since this is my first participation, I was nervous and all. If you dollz wanna see my Inktober drawings, do check out my Plurk or Instagram~

Highlight of the picture is the new released set of claws by CerberusXing for The Project Se7en. It comes in 3 metal colours to choose from with fitting for Maitreya, Belleza Jake and Vista hands for female and male. The skelly arms is by Cubic Cherry in {What's Left} Lootbox gacha with more versions of the skelly arms to win. Rest of the credits below and I'll be you haunted dollz in the next post!

Body Pixels
Hair @ *barberyumyum* - 81 {anime}
Head @ CATWA - Catya v3.0
Skin @ Glam Affair - Bibi / Creepy / Polar
Eyes @ Izzie's - Demon Eyes animal orange
Makeup @ The White Crow - Butoh ii *Re-released
Teeth @ ::Axix:: - Creepy Teeth {Ghoul} Broken
Body Tattoo @ The White Crow - Shadows

Head @ [CerberusXing] - War Fan / Blood 
Neck @ OXIDE - Wayfinder Necklace
Right hand @ [CerberusXing] - Salient Talons / Silver / Maitreya [The Project Se7en, ends 30th Oct] ] *new
Left hand @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {What's Left} Arm Spikes SILVER [Lootbox, ends 20th Oct] *new
Clothes @ CURELESS[+] - Yokai Chronicles / Shrine Maiden Outfit / RARE

Base pose @ Sari-Sari - Puppet 5 + Animare pose HUD
Finger pose @ DevinVaugh + FATE poser HUD

Monday, 25 September 2017

Red Wolf

Casted away from birth for her fair complexion and golden hair. Left in the far room of her parents, never to meet other souls than her family. Her only salvation is a hidden garden in the woods where she can only go once the town is asleep. She loved to play with the wolf cubs there and actually feel happy and safe. 

Years passed and she grew up quietly in the cold room, making her own food and clothes. Then one day, her parents actually open the door and ushered her out. The mother bathe her almost too delicately and the father prepare her clothes. An elaborate dress with hood in the color of blood, almost silky to touch. She hesitantly put it on, along with the shoes that somehow fits her feet perfectly and white gloves that covers her rough fingers. Every time she tried to ask, they would shush her or pretended that they didn't hear her. Once they deemed she was ready, they pulled to the front of the house, almost roughly as she weakly resisted. 

There was a huge crowd in front of house, only adults, all looking expectant and not sneering at her for once. Someone gave her a weird-looking mask, instructing her to wear it. The front of the mask is long and bulky, but bare like a cage. After she finished put it on and pulled up the hood, another gave a basket filled with white roses. 

"You are to go to the house of Elder in the forest,"

That's all and off she was pushed down the path into the dark forest as the dusk starts to settle. The path was winding and she only know that she needs to find the only river flowing in the forest to find the Elder's house. It was easy for her since she always sneak into the forest at the back of her house and she knew where the river is. Just as the stars appears on the inky sky, she arrives at the Elder's House. Hesitantly, she knock on the hard wood door and almost immediately it was open to reveal a hideous old woman with overgrown body, smiling wickedly down to her. 

The old woman roughly grabbed her into the rickety house and into a large cage in a corner. There were another two large wolves in the cage, appeared to be injured. The old woman proceeded to continue cooking at the stove, a large pot boiling over a great fire, as she cackling with glee on how she was the sacrifice by the town. So that the town would be left unharmed, and continue to flourish them with good harvest. On how the soup would be perfect now that she now here as the final ingredient for the great meal. 

Shaking in fear, she huddled back among the two large wolves which she recognized since she played with both since she was little. A few days passed as the old woman comes and goes around the house, stirring the boiling soup, mumbling for the perfect time to add the last ingredient. For the past few days, she nursed the wolves' injury and waits for her death.

When the time comes, the old woman was cackling mad, ripping open the cage door and peering into the cage. Just when the old woman about to grab her, the wolves pounced onto the old woman, teeth and claws slashing into the body. With a war cry, the old woman pushed the wolves away and tried to grabbed her once more. Dragging her to the boiling pot, she then tried to push the old woman into the pot. The two wolves noticed her action and once more pounced on the old woman. The Elder howled as the hot soup melted her body and she then ran away with the two wolves into the deep deep woods. Never to be heard from again.

Hello dollz! I do hope you dollz enjoyed that huge read, I kinda gave up in the end though. Another month almost end and we're getting closer to Halloween! Such a time to be alive!!

Highlight of the picture is all the goodies by CURELESS[+] for Lootbox event, I am wearing the RAREs from the gacha. The wolf muzzle I'm wearing is from Naberius, a brand collaboration between the creators of [CerberusXing] and [ContraptioN], it comes with leash holder as well for the *winkwink* times hehe. The set comes in a handful of other colors to you dollz liking as well The rest of the credits below and I'll see you dollz in the next post!

Body Pixels
Hair @ .Entwined. - Piper
Head @ CATWA - Catya Head v3.0
Skin @ Glam Affair - Milu Bad Girl
Eyeliner @ [CerberusXing] - Bakemono Make-up set
Body Tattoo @ CURELESS[+] - Little Red Wolf / Wolf Within / APPLIERS HUD [Lootbox, ends 20th Oct] *new

Overhead @ CURELESS[+] - Little Red Wolf / Tattered Hood / EXTRA [Lootbox, ends 20th Oct] *new
Mouth @ //Naberius// - Masamang Aso Muzzle / Black
Dress @ CURELESS[+] - Little Red Wolf / Favorite Dress / RARE [Lootbox, ends 20th Oct] *new
Hand @ CURELESS[+] - Little Red Wolf / Leather Gloves / WHITE [Lootbox, ends 20th Oct] *new
Feet @ CURELESS[+] - Little Red Wolf / Mary Janes / RED [Lootbox, ends 20th Oct] *new

Left @ CURELESS[+] - Little Red Wolf / Direwolf Growling / WHITE [Lootbox, ends 20th Oct] *new
Right @ CURELESS[+] - Little Red Wolf / Direwolf Descending / BROWN [Lootbox, ends 20th Oct] *new
Basket @ CURELESS[+] - Little Red Wolf / Harvest Basket / BEIGE [Lootbox, ends 20th Oct] *new

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


I feel a little rush 
I think I've got a little crush on you
I hope it's not too much
But boy when I'm with I hear it
My heart is singing
La la la la la la...
La la la la la la...

Crush - Yuna ft Usher

Greeting dollz! I'm back from my 2 weeks-not-so-vacay stay at my hometown and I'm all pumped up to make more pretty pictures. Not to mention, I finally got a mesh head! So happy! I got it for my rl birthday from a good friend of mine and I'm just so grateful for her <333 There are a lot of new techniques that I used for this picture and I hope you dollz like it. Please do tell~

Also shout out to mah gurl YUNA~~ Do check out her song below~

Highlights of picture are the beautiful balloons and flower choker from the Lulu gacha made by Cubic Cherry for this month of Arcade. There are also the pretty RARE baby dress to win! The hijab that I'm wearing is by Luvi, a new designer that I blog for. It comes with a color that can be costumize into literally a thousand colors~ Rest of the credits below and I hope you dollz have a good week!

Body Pixels
Head @ Catwa - Catya v3.0
Skin @ Glam Affair - Milu Good Girl
Eye Makeup + Eyelashes @ [CerberusXing] - Hana Eye makeup set
Lips @ [CerberusXing] - Berry Lipstick set

Head @ LUVI - Virtual Hijab "Amar" Thousand Color
Top @ The Secret Store - Lola Cropped Sweater / Deer
Neck @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Lulu} collar GOLD [Arcade, ends 30th Sept] *new

Balloons @  .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Lulu} balloon BLACK + SILVER + GOLD [Arcade, ends 30th Sept] *new

Friday, 25 August 2017

Punk Reaper

In the near future, the earth decayed further into a wasteland planet with the toxic of human greed. When they finally realized the consequences, it was too late and the hopes and dreams of the shiny, fancy futuristic world crumbled to dust. What was left is a planet that is trying to kill you. Wearing a gas mask is mandatory accessory to survive, unless you are planning to suicide in this world with no future. For those who are just too stubborn to die, they kill to live.

Hello dollz! I love this picture very much since I didn't much editing progress with it too. I hope you dollz enjoy the picture as I did as well. The next picture is something I can't wait to show to you dollz, it's a very big change for my SLife.

Highlights of the picture are the outfit set I'm wearing is a gacha by CURELESS and Moon Amore for the current round of Rewind! Try your best in playing the machine~ Both Wasteland Reaper by [CerberusXing] and {After} gasmask by Cubic Cherry are for the current event of ThereAfter event which is ending real soon, so better them quick! The full body tattoo I'm wearing is from The White Crow for the Somber event of this month. Rest of the credits down below and I'll see you dollz in the next post~

Body Pixels
Hair @ CUREMORE - Punk Chick / Mohawk / Fire [Rewind, ends 10th Sept] *new
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Haemoglobine / Bare
Eyes @ Clemmm - The Whites v1
Body Tattoo @ The White Crow - Shadows [Somber, ends 6th Sept] *new

Face @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {After} gasmask [Thereafter, ends 27th Aug] *new
Neck @  CUREMORE - Punk Chick / Punk Choker / Black [Rewind, ends 10th Sept] *new
Outfit @  CUREMORE - Punk Chick / Misfit's Attire / Outfit + Vest / RARE [Rewind, ends 10th Sept] *new
Leg @  CUREMORE - Punk Chick / Ripped Stockings / Right / RARE [Rewind, ends 10th Sept] *new
Feet @  CUREMORE - Punk Chick / Workboot / Coal [Rewind, ends 10th Sept] *new
Arm @ Death Row Design - Spiked armband *past limited item

Weapon @ [CerberusXing] - Wasteland Reaper [Thereafter, ends 27th Aug] *new
Neon sign @  CUREMORE - Punk Chick / Anarchy Neon / Toxic Green [Rewind, ends 10th Sept] *new
Plushy @  CUREMORE - Punk Rat / Gal + Guy [Rewind, ends 10th Sept] *new
Wall @ Remarkable Oblivion - Junkyard Dog / Wall 01
Crates @ [CerberusXing] boxing crates

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


We are the eerie piercing laughter in the night
That finds joy to trick and create mischief with delight
We are the ones who expose and manipulate you fears
We are the ones who will laugh at those tears
Blissful slumbers
Horrific screams
Wonderful Summer

Hello dollz~ how is summer in your place? Over here is not that hot with occasional heavy rain but I know there are places that is really hot. I do hope you dollz who are in the hotter side are keeping yourself hydrated and dress lightly for the season. I'm so happy that Kagami Team has finally started their new horror game 'The Godless Night'! It's a Japanese horror interactive game in Second Life that I highly recommend you dollz to check it out and play. They made an outstanding work with the shopping sim as well as the game.

Highlight of the picture are the kitsunes and geta from CURELESS[+] Yokai Chronicles gacha for the Kagami event. The dress I'm wearing is from Bakeneko set that comes with Lootbox. At the feet, Ankle Ballets by [CerberusXing] that comes with twinkling bell sounds while you walk. The rest of the credit down below and I hope to see you dollz in the next post~

Body Pixels
Hair @ Wasabi Pills - Marissa Mesh Hair
Skin @ Glam Affair - Amberly II / Polar / Red Ice
Hand @ .aii. - Sinners Hands / White
Upper body tattoo @ CURELESS[+] - Hyaku Monogatari / Fresh
Thigh tattoo @ The White Crow - Moon Babe / Fresh

Headdress @ CURELESS[+] - Kitsunetsuki / Headpiece / Black Plastic
Outfit @ CURELESS[+] - Bakeneko / Shapeshifters Robe+Sleeves+Tails
Necklace @ OXIDE - Arida Necklace
Thigh @ Remarkable Oblivion - Melancholy / Garter / Midnight
Feet @ [CerberusXing] - Ankle Ballet / BlackGold
Shoes @ CURELESS[+] - Yokai Chronicles / Fujin Geta / NaturalWood [Kagami, ends 28th Aug]*new

Silver @ CURELESS[+] - Bakeneko / Obake Familiar / SILVER
Blue @ CURELESS[+] - Bakeneko / Obake Familiar / LUNA
Black @ CURELESS[+] - Yokai Chronicles / Zenko Kitsune Descending / NOIR [Kagami, ends 28th Aug]*new
Red @ CURELESS[+] - Yokai Chronicles / Zenko Kitsune Ascensing / RED [Kagami, ends 28th Aug]*new

Monday, 31 July 2017

In The Name of The Stars

In the name of the Stars, I shall punish you!

Well I claim no rights of the quote above. Since it's the last day of The Crystal Heart event, you dollz should recheck whether you dollz got all the amazing magical stuff from the event~ have a wonderful summer, dollz!

Highlight of the outfit is the gacha items made by a collaboration between [CerberusXing] and {vincue}, with the corset set and wings as RARE win. Try your best in winning them~ The Layla bracelet by OXIDE comes with a colour hud for a variety of mix-matching. The star particles of the picture is actually particles that you can buy from Cole's Corner at the event. There is star and heart shape with 5 other colours and also hand only particles as well. Rest of the credits down below and see you dollz in the next post~

Body Pixels
Hair @ [taketomi] - Quele *past group gift
Skin @ Glam Affair - Katra/Polar
Eyes @ -CIRCUS- - Hello Eyes/Blue

Forehead @ {vincue}&[CerberusXing] - Airie/Bindi Gold [The Crystal Heart, ends 31st July] *new
Neck @ {vincue}&[CerberusXing] - Airie/Collar [The Crystal Heart, ends 31st July] *new
Arm @ {vincue}&[CerberusXing] - Airie/Armleg [The Crystal Heart, ends 31st July] *new
Body @ {vincue}&[CerberusXing] - Airie/Corset + Skirt + Undie RARE [The Crystal Heart, ends 31st July] *new
Hand @ OXIDE - Layla Bracelets [Indie Teepe, ends 6th Aug] *new

Wings @ {vincue}&[CerberusXing] - Airie/Wings Gold RARE [The Crystal Heart, ends 31st July] *new
Pet @ +Half-Deer+ - Moon Bunny/Fairy
Staff @ DISORDERLY - Crystal Court / Magic Wand / Tear [The Crystal Heart, ends 31st July] *new
Particles @ **Coles Corner** -Girl Power / Stars Spiral Aura (Yellow) [The Crystal Heart, ends 31st July] *new

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Black Stars

"Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly, then your love would also change,"
- William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Hello dollz! I wanted to cover more items from The Crystal Heart event just before it ends, loads of pretty stuff to snatch for that magical wardrobe~

Highlight of the outfit is the Magical Girl body suit you can win from gacha by Cubic Cherry, I'm wearing the ULTRARARE dark bodysuit. The socks are won separately and there other colors of the bodysuit and socks to be won. The blood drips on the body are Shattered tattoo by The White Crow. Rest of the credits down below and I'll see you dollz in the next post~

Body Pixels
Hair @ [Due] - Pia
Skin @ Glam Affair - Artimis skin/Creepy Night/Polar *past group gift
Eyes @ *papermoon* - Eruda Eyes/Vivids/Lights/Purple
Body tattoo @ The White Crow - Shattered *new

Forehead @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Kaori} bindi reverse
Outfit @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Magical Girl} body dark ULTRARARE [The Crystal Heart, ends 31st July] *new

Flowers @ {anc} - Silence / Spider lily in {DARK/Shadow}

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

In Bad Pinch

Restlessly, Chibi shifted again to ease her numbed legs. She has been trapped in the strange dimension for who knows how long. Even her Luna equipment couldn't transmit any distress call. It bad enough that she managed to injure herself during the fight, to top it off got caught and caged. The cage wouldn't budge, she tried. Sighing slowly, Chibi continues to try activating the Luna again in hopes that she could establish any communication from this bizarre dimension.

Hello dollz! The Crystal Heart event has just opened its new round and you guessed it! New rounds of magical stuff xD While I did not grow up with Sailor Moon, it came to the TV while I already started my middle school [yeah we're late on everything here] I try my best in creating stories for this well-loved series~

Highlight of the outfit is the Eternal Senshi set by CURELESS[+] for the event. In comes in all the Sailor colours plus a special colour when you get fatpack. The set includes bodysuit, skirt, backbow, extra strings, gloves and hairclip. CURELESS[+] also has the Luna P ball as a gift at the event. The cage is by ~*Souzou.Eien*~ for The Darkness event, there is an orb and bird cage version sold with various animations to pose with. rest of the credit below and be sure to look forward for the next magic~

Body Pixels
Hair @ Exile - Evie [Hair Fair, ends 16th July] *free 
Skin + Head @ *(OO)*YUKI - Mesh head Lila 08
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Sugar/Pinku
Blood @ The White Crow - Deepest Bear [SaNaRae, ends 18th July] *new

Hair @ CURELESS[+] - Eternal Senshi / HairClips [The Crystal Heart, ends 31st July] *new
Outfit @ CURELESS[+] - Eternal Senshi / Bodysuit+Gloves+Skirt+WaistBow [The Crystal Heart, ends 31st July] *new
Footwear @ #EMPIRE - Xylosma

Ball @ CURELESS[+] - Luna P [The Crystal Heart, ends 31st July] *free
Cage @ ~*Souzou.Eien*~ - Ornamental Orb Cage [The Darkness, ends 31st July] *new

Friday, 30 June 2017


"You can be a King or a street sweeper,
but everybody dances with the grim reaper."

Oh gosh, June is almost over! And half summer is almost gone! My, my how time flies. I had the best time in hometown for Eid and I love enjoying my time with family members and all. Anyways, back to the dark tales~

Highlight of outfit is the new bento nails by [CerberusXing], available for SLink bento and Maitreya hands and I think it's a perfect addition for you dollz witchy garb. The face tattoo is by The White Crow, available in a few versions, each more bloody of your choice. Also to add to your dark accessories is the new line of pentacle chokers by ~*Souzou.Eien~*! More credits below and see you dollz in the next post~

Body Pixels
Hair @ Dichotomy - Reina Hair RARE
Skin @ CURELESS[+] -Endorphine/SAND/Bare
Eyes @ {Dead Apples} - Sinistre/Bloodlust
Face Tattoo @ The White Crow - Doomed/Bloody
Nails @ [CerberusXing] - Cerberus' Diseased Claws

Hat @ Remarkable Oblivion - Spellbinder/Hecate
Choker @ ~*Souzou.Eien~* - Nature Pentacle Choker

Wednesday, 21 June 2017


I'm not a piece of cake
For  you to just discard
While you walk away
With the frosting of my heart
So I'm taking back
What's mine, you'll miss
The slice of heaven that
I gave to you last night

Melanie Martinez - Cake

Hallo dollz! Posting from my hometown right now, very sorry for the inactivity until now since fasting in Ramadhan force me to wake up early for food before sunrise and just bye-bye energy, haha. And Eid is just few days away and then there will be too much food, gotta prepare my tummy for that :3

Highlight of the outfit is items that can be won from Galatea Doll Lolita gacha made by a collaboration between CURELESS[+] and Tentacio. Shown also are clothing from Mimi gacha by Cubic Cherry. CURELESS[+] has also updated the Morphine skin for mesh applier and you dollz you have purchased it can get the redelivery for free from the mainstore. Rest of credits below and I'll see you dollz in the next post! [hopefully soon]

Left girl in Red
Body pixels
Hair @ Eliratika - Tonya
Face skin @ CURELESS[+] - Morphine RedLips/Freckles
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Circle/Aqua Eye
Body @ CURELESS[+] & Tentacio - Galatea Doll Lolita/RARE Bento Body

Head @ CURELESS[+] - Akiba Cafe/Oversize Maid Bow/Red
Neck @ CURELESS[+] & Tentacio - Galatea Doll Lolita/Collar Red
Dress @ CURELESS[+] & Tentacio - Galatea Doll Lolita/RARE Dress

Right girl in Blue
Body pixels
Hair @ Wasabi Pills - Viola Mesh hair
Skin @ Enfant - Late Bird_E2_W1 *group gift
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Sugar/Blue Eyes

Head @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - Mimi/ribbon blue
Neck @ CURELESS[+] - Akiba Cafe/Charm Choker/Blue
Dress @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - Mimi/dress stripes pastel/Blue
Socks @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - Mimi/socks stripes/sky
Gloves @ CD - Bow Gloves white

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Youkai Summoning

It is unwise to summon what you cannot dismiss

Hello dollz! It's the fasting month of Ramadhan for us Muslim so I'm quite in rl juggling between waking up super early and work and stuff but I will try my best in posting what I can for you dollz.

Body Pixels
Skin @ Glam Affair - Penny/Asia
Hair @ .Entwined. - Piper
Eyes @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Stormy} sight

Hat @ Remarkable Oblivion - The Illusionist/Cygnus
Dress @ [hh] - Gigi Dress
Legs @ - Serina Boots
Book @ .::Cubic Cherry:. - {Starry Spell} book *new

Bone Titan
Body Pixels
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Morphine
Hair @  .aii. - 2k followers gift
Body Tattoo @ The White Crow - Inside
Body Bone @ CURELESS[+] - Sliced Torso *new
Hand @ CURELESS[+] - The Twelfth Night/Perchta Hands/RARE

Eyes @ ~*Souzou.Eien*~ - Serenity/Eyes
Mouth @ [CerberusXing] - Silence *group gift
Chest @ [CerberusXing] - Heretic's Toy *new

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Pyon Pyon Candy

Sugar and spice
And everything nice
That's what little girls are made of

Sunshine and rainbows
And ribbons for hair bows
That's what little girls are made of

Tea parties, laces
And baby doll faces
That's what little girls are made of

Damn, I almost didn't make it for this post. Busy rl yeah sorry but I tried to make cute cute pic ok. [I  tried] Not very good at it but sometimes I need to use that theme for certain pictures etc.

Highlight of the picture is the items from Petit Bloom gacha made by a collaboration between CURELESS[+] and DISORDERLY for a past event of Bloom but I'm sure you dollz can still play the machine in the respective stores. The cute pout is made by Cubic Cherry also for Bloom event and available in other colours as well. Rest of credits down below and I'll see you dollz in the post~

Left girl
Body Pixels
Hair @ Wasabi Pills - Vic Mesh Hair A
Skin @ Glam Affair - Alice Skin/November Chic/Polar D
Eyes @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Wonder} eyes/ice
Body Tattoo @ .antielle. - Moonlight Justice Tattoo/Fresh

Top @ CURELESS[+] - Petit Bloom/La Rosee Top/RARE *new
Bottom @ .::Cubic Cherry;;. - {Rufly} skirt Maitreya/plain WHITE
Footwear @ EMPIRE - Xylosma/Maitreya

Right girl
Body Pixels
Hair @ pr!tty - Meme {Rootless} *past hunt gift
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Serotonine/Birthmark/No Brows
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Sugar/Lime Eyes

Outfit @ CURELESS[+] - Petit Bloom/Les Rosees Dress/RARE *new
Footwear @ - Sugar.Platform
Hand @ CURELESS[+] - Petit Bloom/Cake Pop Treat/Rose *new

Pouf @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Bloom} pouf/White *new
Cakes and Treats @ CURELESS[+] - Petit Bloom gacha commons *new

Saturday, 29 April 2017


"Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is one hundred percent."
- R.D.  Laing 

Hello dollz! Just a quick but not so simple post xD Took me a while to finish editing this picture since I'm one perfectionist Virgo [laughs] Hectic month really with me doing a rl job and trying to juggle SL stuff in between as well.

Highlight of the outfit is the beautiful horns by [CerberusXing] for the Fantasy Faire event! Nothing like donate while buying the stuff you like ;3 Be quick, the event is closing up real soon! The posture collar is also by CerberusXing for The Dark Style Fair coming soon, with it comes in several other colors as well. The rest of credits down below and I'll see you dollz when I'm actually coherent to do stuff~

Body Pixels
Hair @ Adoness - Asgardis/Pitch Black
Skin @ Glam Affair - Sia Ghost/Polar 01
Eyes @ CURELESS [+] - Yuurei Eyes/PURGATORY
Horns @ [CerberusXing] - Ikenga's Horns/Silver [Fantasy Faire, ends 30th April] *new
Body Tattoo @ Letis Tattoo - Essence 100%

Collar @ [CerberusXing] - Hell's Harbinger/Black out+Silver [The Dark Style Fair, Coming Soon] 
Neck @ [CerberusXing] - Skeletal Chain/Black
Chest @ .::CubicCherry::. - {Rose} pasties/BLACK/NoChains

Monday, 17 April 2017

Red Unicorn

"It's strange. How hollow I feel. Like there might be echoes inside of me.
Like I'm one of those chocolate rabbits they used to sell around Easter,
the ones that were nothing more than a sweet shell encapsulating a world of nothing.
I'm like that.
I encapsulate a world of nothing."
- Tahereh Mafi, Unravel Me

Hello dollz! Real life had me swamped again but soon I will be able to spend regular time for SL. I wanted to make a quick post for this look I made like long ago, yeahh. I will try more posts with more upcoming items this month, look forward to it, dollz~

Highlight of the outfit is RARE black dress and scarf from {Kiss} gacha made by .::Cubic Cherry::. for current round of The Season Story. There are many more colours to be won from this gacha with full black and pink as RARE. The huge fluffy scarf is from Red Queen's Realm gacha by CURELESS[+] with many, many more stuff to be won from the machine. I wish you dollz best of luck to play it. The rest of the credits down below and I'll see you dollz in the next post~

Body Pixels
Hair @ Beusy - June Hair (Solids) *group gift
Head + Skin @ SOMEMORE - SaeBom Mesh Head 03
Eyes @ CURELESS[+] - Cutie Coven Lens/GOLD/DARK
Horn @ .::Cubic Cherry::. @ {So Magical!} Darkness horn RARE
Tattoo @ CURELESS[+] - Curiouser&Curiouser/FRESH *past FLF

Shawl @ CURELESS[+] - Red Queen's Realm/Cheshire's Shawl/RED 
Neck @ .::Cubic Cherry::. -{Kiss} scarf BLACK RARE [The Seasons Story, ends April 30th] *new
Dress @ .::Cubic Cherry::. -{Kiss} dress BLACK RARE [The Seasons Story, ends April 30th] *new
Harness @ ALTAIR* - babydoll harness/black/S
Back @ Violent Seduction - Maria Wings *group gift
Shoes @ - Kendall Platform (Pewter) + Socks

{Imeka} - Ayumi 3

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Red Opium

As her master accepted Hana into his household, she was given a role in the Red Opium room where she was made as a display piece to entice men to keep coming back for the addictive drug. No one was allowed to touch her of course, only her master has the permission. However, in the midst of the sweetly hallucinating fog of the room, sometimes a few customers grew bold the more they inhale the dizzying smokes. And they pay for it, never to be seen again. 

Hello dollz! Life has been hectic with me as I recently started a job finally and its just takes a lot of energy that I have not used for a very long time. I was on a year full of lazying around after all. Anyways this story is a small continuation from a previous story here and I just adore this character now. She just might be a permanent character for sexy stuffs in the future *winkwink*

Highlight of the picture is the bondage that Hana is wearing made by Salt&Pepper. The ropes include a RLV script and a HUD to change the colours. The doll is from a gacha made by Mato for the Re:Japonica event as well. Do check them out quick! The sharp deadly heels are by [CerberusXing] for the current round of Shoetopia, comes in Black, Silver and Gold. The bed, smoke pipe and pan are items from a gacha also by [CerberusXing] for The Season Story round coming real soon! I will update the link once the event is open, don't worry~ The rest of credits are below and I'll see you dollz in the post real soon!

Body Pixels
Hair @ (r e d)Mint - No 39'16
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Endorphine/PORCELAIN/Bare
Body Tattoo @ The White Crow -Only [Project Se7en, ends April 20th] *new

Bondage rope @ Salt&Pepper - Yumi Harness & Binders [RE:Japonica, ends April 9th] *new
Mouth Piece @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Candance} gag/white rose
Ankle @ tomoto - rings of bells/gacha  [RE:Japonica, ends April 9th] *new
Footwear @ [CerberusXing] - Project Harpoon/Black [Shoetopia, ends April 15th] *new

Bed @ [CerberusXIing] - The Opium Den/Opium Bed (Li 4) [The Seasons Story, ends April 30th] *new
Tray @  [CerberusXIing] - The Opium Den/Yan Pan (Li 1) [The Seasons Story, ends April 30th] *new
Smoke Piper @  [CerberusXIing] - The Opium Den/Dragon Yan Qiang/RARE (Li 2) [The Seasons Story, ends April 30th] *new
Doll @ Mato - Ball Jointed Doll/06 (Li 1)  [RE:Japonica, ends April 9th] *new

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Forbidden Twins

Welcome to the Dragon Room of the Imperial Brothel. Where resides a special twins ready for service, catering only to special customers of the Brothel. The pairs are trained from an early age, they are some of the most prized our jewels of the house. If you wish to have them pleasuring you, there is a... unique payment. Are you willing for pay for the once in a lifetime experience?

I'm having so much fun with the theme of this event >w< The items in the event are so awesome and just so pretty too. I hope I could do posts soon since I'm also starting a new job next month. Ohhh so much to do, so little time! Do check out the event too, there are more items that has just been added and I will try my best to cover all the products.

Highlight of the picture is... everything. The house by 22769 is available in traditional which I'm using and rustic. The dragon paperstand, mat, seat, tea set and lantern are a part of a gacha made by Maruchin for the event. The items can be texture changed using HUD as well for different settings of your choice. The cages are by AIR and contains 4 poses for each gender. Cages are available in black or red wood with silver or gold trimmings. Both of the girls are wearing short kimonos made by ALTAIR* and yes they are available in more colours. The socks and shoes in which the left girl is wearing is by Dead Dollz for the evnts as well. The rest of credits are below and I'll see you in the next post, dollz~

White, Left girl
Body Pixels
Hair @ LCKY - Kate
Skin @ Essences - {Quinn} Pale01

Blindfold @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {NO EVIL} See/Crimson
Outfit @ ALTAIR* - kuon kimono/shiro sakura-iro [Re:Japonica, ends 9th April] *new
Socks @ .::Dead Dollz::. - Koibito Tabi [Re:Japonica, ends 9th April] *new
Shoes @ .::Dead Dollz::. - Koibito Geta [Re:Japonica, ends 9th April] *new

Black, Right girl
Body Pixels
Hair @ AIR - Kazura/Gray
Skin @ Essences - {Quinn} Pale01

Mouth @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {NO EVIL} Speak/Crimson
Outfit @ ALTAIR* - kuon kimono/kuro sakura-iro [Re:Japonica, ends 9th April] *new
Socks @ [CerberusXing] - Ripped Stockings 
Shoes @ [CerberusXing] - Project Harpoon/Silver [Shoetopia, ends 15th April]*new

House @ 22769 - Yuukaku House Traditional (Li 210) [Re:Japonica, ends 9th April] *new
Paperstand @ Marushin - 2/Byobu Dragon (Li 1) [Re:Japonica, ends 9th April] *new
Carpet @ Marushin - 4/Oiran Mousen (Li 1) [Re:Japonica, ends 9th April] *new
Tea set @ Marushin - 8/Oiran Tabakobon (Li 2) [Re:Japonica, ends 9th April] *new
Seat @ Marushin - 7/Oiran Zabuton (Li 2) [Re:Japonica, ends 9th April] *new
Lantern @ Marushin - 9/Oiran Andon (Li 1) [Re:Japonica, ends 9th April] *new
Cages @ AIR - Toriko (Li 11) [Re:Japonica, ends 9th April] *new

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Play-Time District

There is a new attraction at the red-light district of Neo-Tokyo. A place where real people are assigned for your pleasures, not the cold services of a robot. They strive in providing the actual connection between humans as we know that some customers prefer to take a conversation. The contents of those conversation is not restricted of course. Go as lewd or perverted as you want. Hey, we all have dirty fantasies of our own. 

Open yourself and indulge in our services.

"Welcome dear customer, to the Imperial Brothel"

Re:Japonica is open! It's a new theme of the Japonica shopping event that dabs into Erotica. So I have really came out from my comfort zone to show you dollz this piece of mine. I hope I do more posts of the event. Please note that I'm not using the correct representation of a geisha, I am only re-creating a fantasy of my own. Stay tuned :3

Highlights of the outfit from the event are the Sultry Kimono by [CerberusXing] that is available in many colour combinations, but the bras and panties are sold separately. The harness that I'm wearing is a gacha by {wa-kotolier} with colour combinations with gold and silver metals to be won. Try your luck in winning, dollz~ The body injury is made by violetta. and there a few versions available in pack if you dollz want a slightly different look. The house or mansion that I'm using is by 22769 in traditional version. A rustic version is available separately for purchase as well. Below are the rest of credits and see you in the next post, dollz~

Body Pixels
Hair @ Tableau Vivant - Mikazuki hair
Skin @ Essences - Hope/pale01
Eyes @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {wisp} eyes/fog [We <3 RP, ends 31st March] *new
Makeup @ antielle. - Beijing Opera/Full/Black Tiara
Lips @ The Sugar Garden - Lip tinte/Vampy
Body Tattoo @ violetta. - hikasyukketsu(c) [Re:Japonica, ends 9th April] *new

Harness @ {wa-kotolier} - "Ume Blossom" harness/07:BlackSilver [Re:Japonica, ends 9th April] *new
Nipple Piercing @ [CerberusXing] - Floral Nips Silver *group gift
Kimono @ [CerberusXing] - Sultry Kunoichi/BlackGold [Re:Japonica, ends 9th April] *new
Panty @ CerberusXing] - Sultry Kunoichi Panty/BlackGold [Re:Japonica, ends 9th April] *new

House @ 22769 - Yuukaku House Traditional (Li 210) [Re:Japonica, ends 9th April] *new

Friday, 17 March 2017

Black Out

Shadows fall over my heart I black out the moon I wait for you to come around You got me dancing in the dark, dancing in the dark I've closed my eyes But I won't sleep tonight Baby, you should come with me I'll take you to the dark side Me and you, you and me Do bad things in the night time Baby, you should come with me And we can kill the lights Hit the lights with a blackout, blackout Hit the lights with a blackout, blackout Black bird, black moon, black sky, black light Black, everything black Black heart, black keys, black diamonds Blackout, black, everything black Black, everything, everything All black, everything, everything All black, everything, everything All black, everything, everything black

Heya dollz, hope you all had a good week so far, while mine has been quite bumpy one. Hard to focus though when you also have like 26848 weddings to attend as well. This picture is obviously inspired by the song that I've been listening to since it was uploaded to my favourite music channel. And of course because of my love for black, I mean duh *laughs*

Highlight of this outfit is these pair of eyes made by Cubic Cherry for the current round of We <3 RP event. These eyes are 25% off during the duration of event. The rest of credits down below and see you in the next post, dollz!

Body Pixels
Hair @ *barberyumyum* - 85
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Morphine/Freckles/Natural
Eyes @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Wonder} eyes/War [We<3RP, ends 31st March] *new
Cuts @ Clemmm - Scratched Blush multiple
Lips @ Clemmm - Tired glitter lips/Charcoal
Body Tattoo + Eye Bruise @ The White Crow - Babygirl

Outfit @ *COCO* - Hooded Coat Black
Face piercing @ Haus of Darcy - Broken Reflection 
Choker @ REIGN. - Tattoo choker necklace/Spellbound/Black
Necklace @ Blueberry - Energy/Choker/Black/#22
Headphone @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Honshu} headphones/Black