Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Citygirl's Cornfield

Marilyn studied at one of the famous school in the country. She was not ashamed to let her fellow schoolmates know about her hometown far away from the main city, resulting her as the target for the rich. As much as she wanted to punch the fact that it's her cornfield feeds the mouth of those snotty spoiled brats, she kept her cool. They tried to taunt her but never once Marilyn had her self-control wavered. All those time helping her grandparents at the cornfield really showed the efforts.

It was the mark of the 4th year she was in that school when the strange virus outbreak occurred. All the student were given a vaccine for a disease except for her for she came late to school. Marilyn walked into a zombie-filled campus. Surprised, she cleaned up the school with the gardener's chainsaw. She went back to her cornfield in order to protect from those city zombies that she is sure to spread to her beloved home very soon.

Yesterday I watched Resident Evil: Damnation with my family. Which was kinda weird with all the blood and stuff but they were cool with it and we enjoyed it! And so I'm showing some goodies by [SWaGGa] gacha that is available at their main store. You guys can play it to get some awesome zombie slaying stuff. The sim I'm at is called The Cornfield. There is zombie-slaying game [of course] while collecting cornbucks. I don't know much details but it's a really fun game! Check it out with your friend. This cute new skin I got from Dimbula Rose Lucky Board. There is also some free past Halloween skin and outfit available there while waiting for the Lucky Letter! Halloween is coming and I'm sure all of you are probably ready with the costumes and stuff. Happy Halloween dollz!

"Another head for my collection <3"

Hair @ Truth - Clover
Skin @ Dimbula Rose - Bat Girl skin_Halloween 2014 [Lucky Board]
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Circle Blue eyes
Lips @ .The Sugar Garden. - Lip Tinte Ombre 1
Dress @ .The Sugar Garden. - Academy Uniform Bloody Basic [past Level Up]
Hands @ Clemmm - Bloody Hands
Socks @ *Edelweiss* - School-Line Knee Socks Black [Free on MP]
Knee @ Death Row Design - Spiked KneeCap [past Project Limited]
Shoes @ Razor/// - Player Kicks [past hunt gift]
Weapon @ [SWaGGa] - Zombie Chewer
Head @ [SWaGGa] - Severed Head Rare [Mainstore gacha]

Loacation @ The Cornfield

Monday, 27 October 2014

The Addams' Family Portrait

Every year on Halloween, the greatest day of all time, they would take the annual family picture. Sometimes it's on traditional medium, sometimes using the modern machine they call 'camera'. But of course, every year on Halloween the Addams Mansion would be hosting the exclusive Midnight Ball that invites every night creatures. Somehow this year, there is an exception of a single human. Wonder who that be?

Morticia has a new hobby, but it might require some 'live' models. Everyday, she would paint using the fresh model that she stored for this special hobby. One time, her daughter Wednesday asked to borrow one newest painting for her school. Morticia was more that glad to allow it.

When a sudden inspiration started from a conversation. I love it when that happens. Not to mention that I'm collaborating with one of the great designers that I adore! A bit of Halloween fun project aside from the real things being in the way. Settings are credited to my bestie, DevinBattyVaugh. Happy Halloween dollz!

Aarya as Morticia
Skin @ Essences - Jamies pale
Lips @ [Pink Fuel] - Classic Pout Lipstick
Eyeshadow @ The Sugar Garden - Elvira's Makeup kit
Hair @ ^;^CatWa^;^ - Morticia Hair
Dress @ ^;^CatWa^;^ - Morticia Dress
Necklace @ ~*Souzou.Eien*~ - Throned Embrace Necklace 

Devin as Pugsly

Draconias as Gomez

Lexxiuss as Wednesday


2nd pic
[noctis] - Antique Gold and plum rugsquare wrinkled sculpt
[noctis] - Vanitas painting 1/Phillipe de Champaigne, 1646
[noctis] - vanitas Still life table hand
[DDD] - Rose Bush - Potted
[noctis] - Vanitas painting 5/Edwaert Collier: 1663
[noctis] - Vanitas artist's stool wood
[noctis] - Vanitas painting 2/E Collier, Natura Morta con Teschio
[noctis] - vanitas Still life table redroses
[noctis] - Vanitas artist's barrel w brushes
[noctis]- Vanitas painting 4/SRenard de Saint-Andre 1650
[noctis] - Vanitas artist's paints and pallette on crate
[noctis] - vanitas Still life table fiddle
[noctis] - Vanitas artist's stool wood
[noctis] - Vanitas painting 3/Ambrosius Bosschaert 1630
[noctis] - vanitas Still life table scales
[noctis] - Vampirium sidetable summer blood
[noctis] - Vanitas posing couch/daybed w paint RARE
[noctis] - vanitas Still life table snailraven
Curtains @ [noctis] - part of Undertaker Parlour set 
Chair @ [noctis] - Vamporium singles chair set winged (edit tint)
 [noctis] - Madame Zola's Fortune teller's set