Monday, 27 January 2014

CNY Festival : The Teaser

Hello all! It's been a while after my last post since I've been quite busy with and clients. But let's talk events shall we? Chinese New Year Festival was brought by the same team of Water Lantern Festival which will be starting by Jan 31th until Feb 21st. The festival is to celebrate the coming lunar year of Horse and saying goodbye to the Snake year. If you have a Chinatown in your city, the celebration would certainly be lush and merry. My country is no exception too.

Being a country of a melting pot of cultures, we celebrate each other's special days and Chinese New Year is one of the noted big celebration of the year. Red decorations are already being put up in malls since the start of 2014 and we also looking forward for lions and dragons performances on the streets. That's why this is one SL event I simply can't miss covering about! <3

I'm wearing Cashmere&Keana Relic outfit for the festival. It's comes in a few more colours other than red and also available for males as well. The beautiful red lantern hanging suspiciously without thread is a rare 2014 Horse Lantern by [CX]. You can check more item previews in their Flickr Pool.

That's all for now, I'll be going for a short break for the CNY holidays and will be back for more event fashion coverage! Until then my dollz!

Hair @ ~Tableau Vivant~ - Resident Hair [group gift]
Skin @ MyUgly Dorothy - Special 1L skin7
Eyes @ KMADD - Free sampler eyes
Outfit @ Cashmere&Keana - Relic outfit Oriental [coming soon to CNY Festival]
Shoes @ Ballerina shoes 
Deco @ [CX] - Chinese Lantern Specials [coming soon to CNY Festival]

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Parted Wish

Hello again dollz, if some of you are my friend from Plurk, then you might knew what happened last week. My close aunt died and my mom picked me up later at night to rush back to hometown. It was the second death in my experience and it kinda sets me in a thick emotional blanket that I haven't felt like for a while. At least this time, I recovered a tad bit faster than before and now I'm presenting a dedicational post for my lovely aunt who has gone forever.

She was lovely woman and I really regret not fulfilling my promise to visit last month, something came up during the last minute and we had to cancel it, sadly. She has been suffering from diabetics for a long time now and nearly had her legs amputated. Now somehow I felt relieved that she is free from pain. I became more aware of things that I neglected and not giving my all. I will try to improve myself to fulfill promises to my mother and other living souls.

For now, let's just live to fullest.

Hair @ [LNS Design] - Solctice [NWS Hunt]
Skin @ Jalwa - Zahida Victorian [Past Gerne]
Choker @ ~by Natch~ - Garter Collar oxidized silver [past WGF gactcha]
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Murky~Aqua eyes [free instore]
Horn @ FINESMITH - Black Bride [group gift]
Hat @ Edge Grafica - part of mourning outfit
Dress @ Apple May Design - Lavish Mesh Gown
Gloves @ AE - Slink Opera Gloves
Lace jacket @ Lace Bolero
Cuffs @ AZE - Alwilda's Manacles

Location @ Smoky Cape

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Frost Chill

The biting winter swept the land like it always had been for last 400 years. Normal people would avoid this part of cursed land, it always seems like something is alive along with the winter. A glimpse of white figure, footstep echoed in the forest, a silent sobbing in between the howls of harsh winter winds. The cursed land was once belong to Marley, the stingy gold-digger who is now roam the earth as a ghost, shackled by his sins.

Then who is haunting the now long-forgotten Marley Mansion? 

You see, just a few weeks before Marley fell into the Thames River, he married with the daughter of the deceased landowner, granting him more wealth that he dreamed. They both share the greed for more and more wealth. Until one day when Marley left the mansion to sign off an important paper in a town across the Thames River. The journey would take him a few days. But he never came back. The widow became frantic, they stayed at the mansion alone, no maids or such. Where would she go for help?

The winter swept more fiercely, just like that night. She was forced to get out from the mansion when the temperature was overwhelming. But the moment she stepped her foot, she was literally blown away with the storm, never to be seen again.

That is, she is still waiting for her husband to come back to the Marley Mansion. Sad story isn't it? 

Heya dollz, I wanted to get into snow feels as much as possible before the spring comes. Even though it doesn't snow here, the rain season seems to contribute as much temperature drop that I had my second flu this year. Apparently I'm not immune to cold weathers as I used to. Moving along, this story post is my continuation on Dev's Ghost Marley post a little while back. I was inspired by his post and made the outfit just in time before Gothmas closed. I'm sure you can see Widow Marley in the previous post~ ;P

The location is Paradise of Eden which absolutely gorgeous in snow. I love the fairies that flies around you and bugs LOL. Unfortunately, for the past few weeks I've been having problem logging inworld. I re-installed the official viewer twice but still I would have the same problems. I hope it melts soon enough before I start ramming my fist into the screen. And also I hope my readerz who in the heavy snow area of the world, stay safe and warm, I'm sure Mother Nature will be back into her glowing self. Until the next post, my dollz!

Hair @ Alice Project - Mary Frosted [Advent gift]
Skin @ Style by Kira - Giada skin 01A (Vamp 1)
Eyes @ Clemmm - The Whites
Antlers @ Death Row Design - AntiCristmas Antlers [past, Oh My Gatcha]
Coat @ NS - Mesh Winter Coat
Boots @ Eudora - Xmas Steampunk boots [past GG]

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Gothmas' Goodbye

Hello people! Welcome to 2014! I hardly feel the time flies really. This year we will start will everything new! Refresh your resolution! Re-decorate your houses! Everything! Of course this year I will start with a new semester and I really need to step up in my studies to even absorb the infos and all. I really hope all my readerz had some wonderful time during the holidays as well.

I've been meaning to blog about Gothmas by Gaslight since a long ago but my network was really weak during my break and I couldn't get a decent picture without crashing at least 5 times beforehand. So I went to the event at the last few moments and took a few photos just before it was closed down. Pardon for the late post since I was busy getting back to college and all. Yeah... anyways enjoy!

Happy Horrific New Year everyone!