Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Broken Throne

She was to lead the century old kingdom to a new a era. She had visions, strategies and supports for her dreams. That was when a dormant traitor decides to crush the old kingdom down to it's ruins.

She was forced to fled, by the order of her father. Just like that, her precious kingdom fallen. When she was finally allowed to return to her castle. There was just ceremonial throne left by their ancestors stood in between the ruins. 

She vowed on her father's ash that she will bring the crumbling kingdom back to it's own glorious era once more.

By now, the first round of Fit for a Princess is over and I'm just waiting for the next round which is Floral theme! Sooooonnn!!! Very soon. May would be another bus month again with Fantasy Faire and World Goth Fair coming! Wohoo!! Anyways, until the next post my lovely dollz!

Skin @ MyUglyDorothy - Re-opening gift
Hair @ Ayashi - Queen of Hearts [past RMK hunt gift]
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Murky ~ Kirby Eyes
Dress @ Kouse's Sanctum - Anna Ruby
Gloves @ AdamEve - Opera Gloves
Necklace @ Mesh free necklace

Location @ Pretty Island 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Fit for a Princess - The Queen and Me

"The Isle"
She was the eldest child, meaning that she will be the next to rule the kingdom after her mother. It wasn't easy. Seeing that she was a rebellious little child that loved to spent more time playing with her little brothers. Until the time has come for the Queen to start training her, the young princess was given chance to do whatever she wants. She was never to leave the castle ground of course.

Months turn to years, the young princess bloomed wonderfully and the Queen started to feel that it's time to begin her training. They start slowly, first changing her dreadful fashion taste to sophisticated fashion sense fit for a princess. They have a long way to go.

I'm sooo sorry! It's been a lot time since I last post. And this picture been lying around in my folder, waiting for me edit it and upload it. My mum already posted her part long ago and I suddenly was drowned assignment deadlines and tests. Studying medicine is never easy. But anyways please enjoy my post for today. I have a project coming up that will take most of my time again soon. That said... until the next post, my lovely dollz! <3

Princess' Styling
Skin @ Jalwa - Victorian [past Genre]
Hair @ Milk - SpellBound [FFAP]
Eyes @ {Song} - Murky eyes
Dress @ peqe- Princess... or is she? Hades [FFAP]
Tiara @ Hopscotch - Amira Tiara [FFAP]
Necklace @ Krystal - Purity necklace [FFAP]
Glove @ Izzie - Short lace glove

an lar poses - Know it all [FFAP]

Queen's Styling

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Fit for A Princess - Her Private Tower

The sun slowly made it's way to sink behind the horizon. The light slowly changed its colour and the air started to chill.

The only sound resounding in the seemingly empty room is the sound of pages being flipped. The sweet serenade of the birds. Her silent breaths. This is her routine, everyday after her studying and etiquette lesson. She would spend her time here, read book after books taken from her father's private library. 

At her private tower, built by her father for her 10th birthday. It was located further from the main castle, but overlook the beautiful sea that was the pride of her kingdom. Sometimes she would stay there until night falls and returns much later after when she finished day-dreaming. 

The King would never scold her, he would give a wise advise at times but he knows that her hobby would prove useful in the future. Only time would tell

I rarely read princess stories aside the usual Disney ones, so this was quite an awkward story that I wrote. Hope you guys would make out what I'm trying to tell you guys in the story! xD
Fit for A Princess, A Royal Shopping event has open it's drapes and really every piece made the creators are very pretty. Coz' every girl has a dream of being a princess at some point in her life.

The dress I'm wearing is by .Luminary. and also sold in a few other colours as well. The book I'm holding is one of the gatcha prize by Frogstar is Pride and Princess common book. Also the little tiara I'm wearing a part from Krystal's Purity Jewellery set in Platinum. The stone on it can be colour-change with a script.

So... hope you guys like it and see ya in the next post!

Hair @ ChiChickie - Fateweaver [FB gift edition]
Skin @ VCO - Jenny smokey
Eyes @ {Dead Apples} - Sorrow eyes Lilac
Tiara @ Krystal - Purity Tiara Plantinum [FFAP]
Dress @ .Luminary. - Grace Blue [FFAP]
Gloves @ Izzie - Short Lace gloves
Nails @ A:S:S - Rhinestone [FFAP]

Tower @ Alouette - The Princess' Tower [FFAP]
Book @ Frogstar - Pride and Princess [FFAP gatcha]

2nd pic @ .elephante poses. - Let it Go [FFAP]
3rd pic @ Glitterburps - Hands up

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Into You

I'm trying

Ever so trying

Not to fall

Into you

Hulloz my dollz~ Happy April! I hope you guys are ok with this first day of April, knowing some of you would be executing a prank or unfortunately fallen in a prank. April have a lot of events going on, namely Fit for a Princess, Cutie Moon Fair, Home Show and a bunch more fun events coming around. A lot of thing are coming around and I'm just twisting my way in between all! That said, hope you guys have a nice April!

Until the next post, my dollz

Hair @ Little Bones - Black Magic [Special group gift]
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - Rock Attitude special
Eyes @ Nocturnal Couture- Infected Blue
Makeup @ Corvus - Damned Eyeshadow
Lip paint @ .aii. - Gyaru Lip Tatoo
Headbow @ The Horror! - EyeBow
Choker @ Pekka - Spiked Collar [Group gift]
Dress @ The Horror! - Lola Plaid Dress
Socks @ The Horror! - Legs Socks
Shoes @ Sn@tch - Destiny Pumps

1st pic @ +desire+ model poses
2nd pic @ Uncertain Smile - Apple set