Tuesday, 27 May 2014

World Goth Fair - Her Memoria

Mother Noir, the bringer of darkness to ones life. A touch of her fingertips would release a soul from their temporary body, sending it to Duat for judgment by He Who Sees All. However, there are rare times when a soul is unable to part from its body properly, resulting only a piece being shedded. A body without a full piece of soul would become a fearsome undead creature, one with no restrain and full of the desire to kill.

When that happens, Mother Noir would recreate the soul like a reborn soul of a child. However, the body would remain undead, cursed to eternal life of the dark.

Whoop! Don't worry this is not my last post of WGF yet. There will be one more, I hope, before I start on my holidays. The beautiful statue behind me is a Memoria by Refine Wild with 100% donation. I'll say this is one perfect decoration of every dark castle! World Goth Fair would be on until 1st June, so just come by, enjoy the music and awesome build. peace out for now, dollz!

Hair @ {Rumina} - Alyssa 
Skin @ -POUDRE- [Artemisia]
Eyes @ Nocturnal - Violet Shut [WGF, 50% donation]
Headdress, Dress @ [AD] - Sophie [WGF, 100% donation}
Hand Tattoo @ Moon Amore - Eye Power

Statue @ Refine Wild - Memoria [WGF, 100% donation]

Pose @ [Pipit] - Spring Shopping Set

Location @ Chouchou

Monday, 26 May 2014

World Goth Fair - In the Shadow

She is Hunter Noir. Hides in the shadow and comes out when an unsuspecting creature of Cursed wanders too far. She takes care of those who intends to escape the dark cage, in pursuit of the futile hope of freedom. How foolish of them. Do they think the human world would accept them just like that? It would cause chaos and a lot troublesome problems. 

However, there are strange sightings within the surroundings of Cursed. Instinct tells her there's something bad happened but she couldn't move without an order from Lady Red herself. Oh it would be too late to know...

Hello all! I decided I wanna try something different for character Hunter that I started searching crazy for tutorials again. I still have to work on my skills more but I think i got the explosion effect. So anyways, I've been wearing this outfit for a while since I got it, Endorphin made an awesome outfit for World Goth Fair and I just couldn't take my hands off it! Making an appearance is the cute little Kuro the Dragon by Death Row Design! I hope you guys enjoyed my posts so far on World Goth Fair, Peace out, dollz!

Hair @ Damselfy - Sindy [WGF]
Hairbase @ Amacci Hairbase - Warm red
Skin @ [Pink Fuel] - Alabaster Heavy Smoke
Lips @ [Pink Fuel] - Classic Pout Black
Eyes @ Dead Apples - Horror Edition
Streak @ Pin Me Down - Erius Set 4 [WGF]
Band-aid @ Wrecked Band Aid Classic Blood 
Earring @ Scrub - 3 Stupid Earring
Choker @ *KA* - Skull/Spike Necklace
Top, Jacket, Pants @ Endorphin - Gothic Strapped Outfit [WGF]
Chest Tattoo @ Reckless - Til death Bitch
Shoes @ Death Row Design - Gashashow Stompers
Nails @ By Snow - Wicked [WGF]
Dragon @ Death Row Design - Gashashow Exclusive
Scythe @ ImmateriA - Lizzie Borden Scythe

1st pic Pose @ Glitterburps - Dark Lady

Location @ Pigeon Island

Sunday, 25 May 2014

World Goth Fair - The Crimson Ruler

Red is the royal colour of the dark world. It was fitting since the ruler drinks the forbidden scarlet liquid for her immortality and abilities in check,until that she is called Lady Red . Being the oldest known creature in Cursed, she ruled wisely with Faye alongside as her advisor in the shadow. Many wars and clashes have erupted in frail hope to overthrown her, but of course they would fall in defeat under her Illusion Eye. She was not a terrible leader, nor a good one. She merely keep every dark creature in check, not causing trouble and she will dismiss their activities, whatever they do. 

However one day, came a man through the sealed doors, poised in utter elegance, brewing a scent that dominate Red, the most powerful vampire herself. She fell easily at his feet. Little did she knows of what to come following her crumbled resolve, starting with the messenger bats lying in it's own blood just outside the door.

Wohoo this collaboration with Dev is what I've been waiting for a while. So the World Goth Fair has been around more than a week already and it's going on awesomely with all the special music sets and live sets by a few artists~ I managed to listen to a few sets in between my exams and it was sooo cool! The event will be going on for another week or so, so go there and enjoy the music and stuff!

Red's Styling
Hair @ Adoness - xanthippe
Skin @ Glam Affir - Vera Horror Edition
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ - Midnight Eyes [WGF]
Mask @ LaNoir Soleil - Secret Identity Mask [WGF freebie]
Outfit, Collar, Necklace @ Pale Empress - Severina [WGF]
Shoe @ Nocturnal Couture - La Addiction-Muerte leather [WGF]
Gloves @ Izzie's - Short Lace Gloves
Nails @ ~*By Snow*~ - Fishnet Goth [WGF]
Bat @ [UNIQ]

His Styling

Left chair @ By Natch - Cozy Cthulu Chair [WGF]
Right chair @ 22769 - [bauwerk] Chtuluh Armchair Black [WGF]
Stature @ Refine Wild - Memoria [WGF]

Monday, 19 May 2014

World Goth Fair - Bats

The Franken Lady, as so others call her. She's been around Cursed almost as long as the High Council. If anyone knows the histories of Cursed, it's her and the High Council. She is the best fighter whenever a war broke out, being able to attach back her body parts even being pulped to bits. As the time passed, the Dark world seem to be in peace without much problems. As much as she wants to be sure that nothing will be happening again, Faye Noir, The Franken Lady has the unmistakeable intuition of something bad will happen. She sent a bat messenger to the High Council for precaution, dreading the bad feelings she's having.

Holding her uniquely marked hands together, she silently hoped for the rest of the Noir family members to be safe.

Hulloz everyone again! World Goth Fair is still spinning it's wheels and welcomes all the dark creatures alike! Don't worry about Faye, she won't bite~ There are lots of music event coming up and I just hope I can take part in between my exams and all [or not, my onii-chan is yelling me] So... anyways, more of awesome dark fashions coming all the while showing you dollz the dark creatures of Cursed! Get ready for some nice collabs soon! Peace out, dollz!

Hair @ Damselfly - Octotavia [WGF, 50% donation]
Skin @ *Atomic Faery* - Franken Girl - Bone [WGF, 50% donation]
Eyes @ Clemmm - The Whites
EyeLiner - Beautiful Freak - Demonia gruesome gold [WGF]
Face makeup @ Pin Me Down - Tili
Necklace, Earring @ House of Rain - All Depths of Despair [WGF]
Corset @ Adoness - Hekate Corset Meteor [WGF, 50% donation]
Skirt @ ~SongBird~ - Shay Skirt Res Stripe [WGF]
Boots @ The Little Bat - Axi Boot [WGF gacha]
Garter @ Squeek! - Bat garther [WGF, 50% donation]
Nails @ Pin Me Down - Itsy Bisty [WGF 100% donation]

Friday, 16 May 2014

World Goth Fair - Black Bonds

Dahlia may not remember her past, but she now has a family member who keeps an eye on her in the unlife. Sylvia Noir, shares the same fate as the innocent doll. She acts as the big sister to Dahlia. Apart from the horns sprouting from her head, and the same mark on her hand, Sylvia is able to walk in both light and dark. She wandered in the dark for a very long time until she stumbled upon Dahlia. The doll immediately called her 'sister' and followed her everywhere. Sylvia at first was annoyed by her presence, but soon started to protect her when the Hunters seem to prey on her.

Oh hai my dollz! World Goth Fair have officially open! So go get your does of the darkness and drown yourself in the pleasure of the Goth. There's a lot stores around and so much dark fashion to indulge! I'm having a mini heart attack with all the pretty stuff. I wanna blog them all! But patience, I'll get to that in more posts coming up! until then my dollz~

Hair @ LaNoir Soleil - Sylvie [WGF, 50% Donation]
Horn @ {Amai}  - Kanibaru Horn
Skin @ Jalwa - Celine [WGF Exclusive]
Eyes @ AvatarBizarre - Cracked Black [WGF, 50% Donation]
Top @ ~SongBird~ - Skully SWeater [WGF]
Pants @ Kita's Sideshow - Studded cross pants [WGF, 50% Donation]
Body Tattoo @ TaTToo -Strength of The Wild
Shoe @ Eudora - Blaze Hi-Tops
Hand Tattoo @ Moon Amore - Eye Power

Pose @ elephante pose - Get A Leg Up [OneWord]

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

World Goth Fair - Dark Beginning

The world begins spun into the darkness. The hidden creatures of the night silently counting, gleefully. As that day approaches. It was a full year that they have to hide from the light, from the others who sneers at them. 

Dahlia Noir did not remember her human self. She came into being in this undead body. She had been laced with a deadly illness that made her parents desperate to safe her. Turning to a dubious scientist, they pleaded him to revive her. But when he had successfully brought life to her, her memories were gone. They left when her soul was taken by the Reaperr. Her so-called “parents” cast her away. They feared her, feared what we was, even though she was reborn as innocent as a baby.

Since then Dahlia was kept within the care of the darkness, away from the light that will hurt her.

World Goth Fair is coming!!!!!! So close!!! [flails around while fangirling] Oh excuse me, I've been waiting for so long since last year and I'm just soooooo happy and thrilled to be a part of this awesome dark event this year. With this initial post of many more to come! World Goth Fair, my second home, will be here to indulge you in your dark pleasures. It will be opening at noon of 15th May, so hold your Gothness just yet.

Soon.... oh so very soon

Hair @ LaNoir Soleil - Lolly [coming soon to World Goth Fair, 100% donation]
Skin @ MyUgly Dorothy - Special 1L Skin9
Chest tattoo - Corvus - Twenty Eight Tattoo
Eyes @ Nocturnal - Blood Shut [coming soon to World Goth Fair]
Eyeshadow @ The Sugar Garden - Maleficent 
Tears @ EC - Sadness
Lips @ The Sugar Garden - Vampy
Lip tattoo @ +aii+ The Ugly and Beautiful - Mouth Stitching
Choker @ ~by Nacht~ - Garter Collar
Dress @ Fission - Cry Little Sister [coming soon to World Goth Fair, 50% donation]
Socks @ *AAA* - Black socks
Shoe @ *BOOM* - Ginchiest Creepers [current c88]
BunBun @ Blackeri - Bloody Grey Bunni
ZombieBun @ Bettlebones

Chair @ 22769 - Graphic Chair [coming soon to World Goth Fair, 50% donation]

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Steal the Future

A single hesitation would be sufficient for me to steal your future

Ohooo It's been forever since I last do my sci-fi post. I wanted to this pretty dress by Thank all For all The Nebula [TfAtN]... it's sold in HUD packs with pretty colours that I know my cyber dollz would love! The dress also have materialz on it, I didn't do justice with it coz I'm still unsure how to show it properly but you guys can see it on my dress ^^ So anyways, be ready for some awesome World Goth Fair posts coz it will be huge and a lot... collabs and all. Ohohohoooooo until the next post, my dollz~

Hair @ A&Y - Jetix hair
Skin @ Essences - Dyana Ivoire
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ - Citadel Eyes
Eye Tattoo @ Pin Me Down - One
Dress @ [TfAtN] - The Erasmus Dress
Legwarmer @ Maitreya - Leather Leg Warmers [group gift]
Gloves @ AdamEve - Opera Gloves SLink

Location @ SrS Corp

Monday, 12 May 2014

Mother's Day Picnic!

Hi all! Happy late Mother's Day wish! I'm a little bit late since I was quite busy handling lots of stuff this week alone. With exams coming just right around the corner and the want to do blogpost. Yeah..... So anyways, Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, expecting mothers as well to my SL mom and RL mom. I adore both of these awesome women in my life and I hope to be by their side, making them proud along the way.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post so far and do expect some World Goth Fair teaser posts soon enough! *squeals*

Styling [Right]
Hair @ *Milk* - Dandelion [Fit 4 a Princess]
Skin @ My UglyDorothy - Special 1L skin
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Murky Sky Eyes
Necklace @ DD - Snowfall Necklace
Dress @ :Moon Amore: - Primavera Dress [Fit 4 a Princess]
Nails @ Bella Elephante - Blossom nails [Fit 4 a Princess]
Shoe @ Baby Monkey - Ultimate Damara White [FabFree gifts]

Mom's Styling
Coming soon

Fantasy Faire - She Who Wouldn't Be Named

There is a hidden protector of Faire Lands. Hidden within the shadows, she kept an eye of the dark wanderers that lurks in the darkest parts of each land. Blackwater Glenn seem to be the most popular spot for them to hide. The nameless guardian would have her staff on guard, calling her spell when she see a threat posed towards the Faire Lands. She would rather not be named, intending to fully sacrifice everything just for the safety of her mother land. 

Heya guys! Since Fantasy Faire has almost close their curtains., I might as well do a blogger challenge! This is my take on Faire Folk challenge. Fantasy Faire will open their sims to public until sometime after Tuesday, so get going there and enjoy the pretty pretty built by the fantastic people! I'm so honoured to be apart of this event this year and would wish to do the same the next year. And so, I hope you enjoyed my first take of fantasy theme so far and be sure to wait up for the wonderful World Goth Fair coming up realllllll soon! Until then, my fantasy dollz~

Hair @ Analog Dog - Libra
Skin @ 7 deadly S[k]ins - BBB Fair Briggite V1
Eyes @ LaNoir Soleil - Mandala eyes Noon [FF items]
Horns @ LaNoir Soleil - Chained Horns Black [FF items]
Eye Tattoo @ Pin Me Down - Aliruin 6 [FF items]
Body Tattoo @ TaTToo - Tribal Black dragon [past hunt gift]
Dress, Legwarmer, Boots, Armwarmer @ Poet's Heart - Wardancer Onyx [FF items]
Socks @ *Sheer* - Torn Opaque
Staff @ Snoodle's - Inferno fire Staff [FF items]

1st Pic @ Sadistic Hacker - Katana pose (free)
2nd pic @ adorkable pose


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Fantasy Faire - The Mystical Siren

Some say she was born in depths of Hell below. Some say she was thrown from Heavens above Sanctum. Exiled for reasons that was kept secret from the residences of FaireLands. It was unknown whether she was planning to secretly overthrow Sanctum for now she merely roam the Hells below. Centuries passed and her appearance morphed to suit her mobility to travel through the sea and air. She is no Mermaid nor anything from Sanctum. She.... was different. Yet the authorities are wary of her real intention. Perhaps time will show...

Oh phew, I made it.... I really wanted to show this beautiful piece made by aisling. I hope you enjoyed it and expect my next post soon!

Hair, Skin, Eye @ gauze - Koi Dragon [free low lag outfit for FF]
Crown, collar @ aisling - Sumiana Ice [FF special]
Face Tattoo @ LaNoir Soleil Design - TribAlien tattoo full [FF special]
Lips @ Pin Me Down - Tyni 2 [FF special]
Pauldron, Pasties, Cuffs, Anklet, Bracelet @ Folly - Mother of Dragons [RFL special]

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Fantasy Faire - Unexpected Fate

Fairelands Junction was known for beautiful floral sites. The flowers bloomed all year long. If you walk through the forest, you’ll definitely walk out smelling like flowers for weeks. Animals lived there by abundance and in harmony. Not many knew that it was the works of Persephone, daughter of Demeter, the Mother Nature herself. She especially tends Junction since it’s her most favourite place of all Faire Land.

One day, as she walked through the forest like she always does every day, she felt an unfamiliar dead air coming from Mourningvale Thicket. The aura reeked of the scent of death. The animals all quickly burrowed into the earth to hide as soon as they caught the scent. Curiously, she made her way to Mourningvale Thicket, following the dead scene and she meet with a barren-looking land that she knew was a warehouse for harvested corps. Persephone found a man in a black robe walking away from the scene. Every step he took wilts the plants around him. Being the caretaker of nature herself, she gasped horridly and chased after the mysterious man.

Wait!” He didn't even flinch, Persephone can almost hear his angry mutterings under his breath.

Stop right there you Grumpy Toga!!” He finally stopped walking and turned around to face her.

Hades, as what he told her, was looking for the source of why souls didn't travel to the Underworld. She decided right there and then to help him and he agreed, after a long argument of course. She won after she made points that Hades knew nothing of the world living, seeing that he never left that gloomy world of his. He would never find answers with his grumpy attitude and he doesn't fit in with that gloomy attire! People would run away at the sight of himself! And finally since everything he touch will die, she felt obligated to be at his side to revive them if ever he slipped and accidentally killed anyone.

"You can't! Anything you touch will die! I'll come with you in case there is any trouble. Besides, you're not exactly charming. No one will tell you anything,"

Persephone took Hades to a nearby gypsy camp to disguise themselves. It would be easier to travel around since gypsies are known to have mystical and weird members and so Persephone thought Hades would blend in so well. She tried her best to change his bizarre blue skin but somehow ended up with a light violet skin. Persephone giggled gleefully as she fixed Hades’ hair into dreadlocks and placed cute eye-bows that she thought would neutralize his grumpy look. Hades was still being grumpy and scowling the whole time, knowing that he would not like one bit of his new makeover made by the weirdly cheerful woman.

Hello my lovelies! Pardon of my absence, I went back home for the holidays and had a scary hospital appointment. But wait no further as I am back and will be busy covering these awesome events for you dollz. Fantasy Faire has started since the 1st May and will be open until the 11th of May. The dress that I’m wearing in the first and 2nd pic is also sold in Red, Blue and Purple. A special white version is sold as the special RFL item. The headdress and staff by Poet’s Heart are RFL items as well. My gypsy attire are from PaperMoon. There are girls and guys set made mesh! Go get them quick and don’t feel guilty since it’s for donation~

I hope you guys enjoyed my first collab with Dev this month. Yep, do expect more since World Goth Fair is just right around the corner and we both will definitely collab yet again. I hope to collab with more bloggers coz it’s so much fun! Until the next post, my fantasy dollz!

Persephone Styling
Hair @ Little Bones - Trouble
Skin @ Jalwa - Victorian [past Genre]
Eyes @ IKON - Sunrise eyes - Deep Hazel
Nails @ A:S:S - Free naturals 1
Earring @ House of Rain - Melt earring [FF, Mourningvale Thicket 550L]
Necklace @ House of Rain - Vapor necklace [FF, Mourningvale Thicket, 250L]
Head dress @ Poet's heart - Wayfarer Headpiece [FF, Wiggenstead Mooring, 250L Donation]
Staff @ Poet's Heart - Wayfarer Staff [FF, Wiggenstead Mooring250L Donation]
Dress @ 22769 - Chloris Dress Green [FF, 250L] 

Gypsy Styling
Hair @ Little Bones - Trouble
Skin @ Jalwa - Victorian [past Genre]
Eyes @ IKON - Sunrise eyes - Deep Hazel
Flower in hair @ [elikatira] - part of Unfold Hair pack
Arm bands @ Fujiwara World - Heart Bands [past 100 Block]
Hand Tattoo @ Moon Amore - Tattoo Medhii (brown) [50L]
Nails @ A:S:S - Free naturals 1
Scarf @ Papermoon Caravan: Scarf Pink [FF, Blackwater Glenn, 150L donation]
Tank @ Papermoon Caravan: Catina Beaded Tank - Orange [FF, Blackwater Glenn, 150L donation]
Skirt @ Papermoon Caravan: Catina Velvet Burnout Skirt - Pink [FF, Blackwater Glenn, 300L donation]
Bracelets @ Papermoon Caravan: Beaded Wrap Bracelet Pink  [FF, Blackwater Glenn, 150L donation]
Earrings @ Papermoon Caravan: Hoop Earrings Silver (FF, Blackwater Glenn

Hades in 2nd pic

Hades in 3rd pic

Set up


1st Pic @ GlitterBurps - Dark Lady
2nd Pic @ elephante poses - Let It Go
3rd Pic @ E.ink - free pose

1st Pic @ Fairelands Junction
2nd & 3rd Pic @  Mourningvale Thicket