Monday 26 May 2014

World Goth Fair - In the Shadow

She is Hunter Noir. Hides in the shadow and comes out when an unsuspecting creature of Cursed wanders too far. She takes care of those who intends to escape the dark cage, in pursuit of the futile hope of freedom. How foolish of them. Do they think the human world would accept them just like that? It would cause chaos and a lot troublesome problems. 

However, there are strange sightings within the surroundings of Cursed. Instinct tells her there's something bad happened but she couldn't move without an order from Lady Red herself. Oh it would be too late to know...

Hello all! I decided I wanna try something different for character Hunter that I started searching crazy for tutorials again. I still have to work on my skills more but I think i got the explosion effect. So anyways, I've been wearing this outfit for a while since I got it, Endorphin made an awesome outfit for World Goth Fair and I just couldn't take my hands off it! Making an appearance is the cute little Kuro the Dragon by Death Row Design! I hope you guys enjoyed my posts so far on World Goth Fair, Peace out, dollz!

Hair @ Damselfy - Sindy [WGF]
Hairbase @ Amacci Hairbase - Warm red
Skin @ [Pink Fuel] - Alabaster Heavy Smoke
Lips @ [Pink Fuel] - Classic Pout Black
Eyes @ Dead Apples - Horror Edition
Streak @ Pin Me Down - Erius Set 4 [WGF]
Band-aid @ Wrecked Band Aid Classic Blood 
Earring @ Scrub - 3 Stupid Earring
Choker @ *KA* - Skull/Spike Necklace
Top, Jacket, Pants @ Endorphin - Gothic Strapped Outfit [WGF]
Chest Tattoo @ Reckless - Til death Bitch
Shoes @ Death Row Design - Gashashow Stompers
Nails @ By Snow - Wicked [WGF]
Dragon @ Death Row Design - Gashashow Exclusive
Scythe @ ImmateriA - Lizzie Borden Scythe

1st pic Pose @ Glitterburps - Dark Lady

Location @ Pigeon Island

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