Friday 16 May 2014

World Goth Fair - Black Bonds

Dahlia may not remember her past, but she now has a family member who keeps an eye on her in the unlife. Sylvia Noir, shares the same fate as the innocent doll. She acts as the big sister to Dahlia. Apart from the horns sprouting from her head, and the same mark on her hand, Sylvia is able to walk in both light and dark. She wandered in the dark for a very long time until she stumbled upon Dahlia. The doll immediately called her 'sister' and followed her everywhere. Sylvia at first was annoyed by her presence, but soon started to protect her when the Hunters seem to prey on her.

Oh hai my dollz! World Goth Fair have officially open! So go get your does of the darkness and drown yourself in the pleasure of the Goth. There's a lot stores around and so much dark fashion to indulge! I'm having a mini heart attack with all the pretty stuff. I wanna blog them all! But patience, I'll get to that in more posts coming up! until then my dollz~

Hair @ LaNoir Soleil - Sylvie [WGF, 50% Donation]
Horn @ {Amai}  - Kanibaru Horn
Skin @ Jalwa - Celine [WGF Exclusive]
Eyes @ AvatarBizarre - Cracked Black [WGF, 50% Donation]
Top @ ~SongBird~ - Skully SWeater [WGF]
Pants @ Kita's Sideshow - Studded cross pants [WGF, 50% Donation]
Body Tattoo @ TaTToo -Strength of The Wild
Shoe @ Eudora - Blaze Hi-Tops
Hand Tattoo @ Moon Amore - Eye Power

Pose @ elephante pose - Get A Leg Up [OneWord]

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