Monday, 24 February 2014

FutureWave - The New World

Imagination is the start of a new world.

A child's mind could drive a new era

Or even destroying it.

Nurture the delicate minds for the future

After all, we're only borrowing the earth from them. 

Futurewave had finally closed their portal. It was a really awesome journey to the possible future in which how we imagine it to be. It's fun to see how others imagine the possible future too. Would it be androids era? Or the era in which we upgrade ourselves to befit the technology flow? Who knows. Perhaps one of our children would be drive of the era. But anyways, I've never had this much fun for an event since the last World Goth Fair and WGF is coming this May!! Squeeee

With this I conclude my FutureWave series based on Alive playlist by Sta for Cytus phone game. If you guys want the full playlist of the songs, check it out here! Thank you designers for the wonderfully awesome creations and super big thankies hugs for the org team behind Cursed Events. You guys do the best for our solitary dark hearts. Until the next great event!

Hair @ A&Y - Jetix Hair 
Skin @ Essences - Harper (previous FLF)
Eyes @ KMADD - Frost eyes
Jaw Mask @ Unsung - Mechabone Jaw

Sunday, 23 February 2014

FutureWave - Buried

Expedition Mars Report 02

As I walked along the ruins that was once a great city built on Mars, old stories ran in my head. How it was once the pride of humanity. To even build a city on so called planet Red.

I continue my search between the rocks and boulders for perhaps something usable or a piece of the past. My search seems to be futile. Anything left would have been destroyed in the Red Storms that seems to occur more often lately

It's time for me to return to base. The more I'm out here, the more I'm exposed to dangerous radiation that destroyed this city.

Slowly, I gained altitude and lifted off from the ground of Mars towards the base right outside the atmosphere. It's a very short trip really. My modified jetpack are made to fly is such altitude

Hulloz all! Today is the last day of the FutureWave event! Wahh! Can't believe time flies so fast when you're having so much fun! I love it when I explore a new part of Goth in every Cursed Events. CyberGoth seems to be my new fave for now! xD Can't wait for the next event which is World Goth Fair. Until the next post cyber post!

Hair @ [LCKY] - Shy
Skin @ [Pink Fuel] - Sora
Lips @ [Pink Fuel] - Classic Pout Red
Eyes @ Chop Shop - Game on Red
Collar, Outfit, Boots, Ray gun, Jetpack @ GALLACTIC - Eclipse
Mask @ [geek] - Geek.Trooper Bionic Mask

Location @ Insilico North

Saturday, 22 February 2014

FutureWave - Another Me

 Day 16
I decided to run re-scan of my genetic feature once again. Seems normal so far, even though I have gone through a very risky genetic operation required to make my clone project.

Day 53
My clone's body seems to be constructing well. Her organs would be consist of artificial organs using a modified blood to carry necessary oxygen to the organs

Day 73
Surveillance shows the clone is still reconstructing some errors found during her programming. I wonder if it's normal that this project is taking this long?

Day 89
She suddenly stood by herself by the table as I walk in the lab as usual. I was astonished. She looked as if she was expecting me, and then when she saw me coming, it was as if she looked at me with recognition. I asked whether she knew who am I but I didn't have response. Then I realized that perhaps her voice isn't usable just yet.

But at least for now I'm glad my clone project is a success! Who know what more could be done from this result!

Hulloz all! It's been a while that me and my friend Gia, talked about a collab piece together. But it seems that our time always clashes and I'm glad that in this event I was able to squeeze time to finally take pics together! FutureWave will be over by the 23rd so you guys better hurry up to buy some awesome stuffs! Until next post my cyber dollz! <3

My Styling
Hair @ [e] - Fold
Collar @ Envious - part of Beauty Queen outfit
Skin @ [Pink Fuel] - Sora
Lips @ [Pink Fuel] - Classic Pout Black
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ Citadel Eyes
Facepiece @ Chaos Panic Disorder - Neutral Net 
Top @ Graves - part of Velocity outfit
Skirt @ {MV} - Shadenfreude Frozen
Bracelet @ amorous - freebie bracelet
Boots @ Death Row Design - Project Limited boots [no longer available]

Gia's Styling

Friday, 21 February 2014

FutureWave - Loom

Her patience was thinning. She was waiting for a worthy opponent to race her on the Grid. But it seems that everyone is a coward. It was unmistakable that she single-handedly defeated the strongest rider team. Well they ask for another contender so she just hop on Tron Cycle and beat them. Serves them right really. 

But damn she is so bored! Even after she got some petty sponsors and all. She would beat them mercilessly and it's over so fast. *sigh* She might have to call her friend, Vanessa for a fun ride sometimes.

That aside, aren't the sunset is pretty tonight?

So.... that was a very quick, not really constructive story. It was really a short story and stuff. I always wanted to ride the Tron Cycle one time and I did! In NeuroLan inc. there is a demo Arena where you can try out the cycle or the fight in a disk fight with your friends! It was fun! That aside, The Viper helmet from Blue Falcon Industries are badass as hell! I love it! And you guys better try out the gatcha right outside of their spot!

Until the next post, cyber dollz!

Skin @ Essences - Harper *lait* (Fifty Linden Friday)
Leg Tattoo @ elska - Bleeding Sisters
Collar @ [The Forge] - Battelina Posture Collar Silver
Top + Shorts @ [SAKIDE] - Cybtech outfit
Cables @ DRD - Cyber cables
Boots @ Miamai - Tinker Taylor Boots Dark ceremony
Helmet @ Blue falcon industries - Viper Helmet
Handwarpping @ DPD - Arm wraps Dark
Elbow @ Chary - Elbow pads [Group gift]
Symbol Armband @ (epia) [group gift]

FutureWave - The Lost

Have you thought of the mind of the robots?

The one that is made your hand.

Have it crossed your mind?

If ever you disposed of them, because they are not functioning as you desired.

What is in their mind, or feelings?

Would you just leave like that?

Without a second thought?

As their programmed mind continue to think of us.

Hulloz all! I had fun playing with this femdroid avatar from C.M.F.F. I felt very different and it was a very good experience for me. I might be exploring around the grid with this beauty again. I took my femdroid to Hangar Liquids and found a desolated underground area and I thought of a disposed robot trying to get back to it's master, like how it was programmed.

Anyways prepared for the next post, cyber dollz! xD

Avatar @ C.M.F.F - Femdroid "Security Enforcer"
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ - Citadel Eyes

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

FutureWave - Vanessa

 Mission 265_Day 3

I have arrived at Insilico, following my target. According to my resources, he should be escorting some illegal humans to safety of this city. 

Changed my appearance similar to an A.N.G.E.L agent that I killed earlier. These wings proved best at it's camouflage and flight, allowing my eyes to scan the city for the trace of the target.

Mission 265_Day 5

I found the target, heading to a restaurant. I hid my wings and sneak to assess what he might have in defence. 

Just 2 holo dragon pets, What I know, they could land some nasty bites and slashes but that won't bother me since I'm prefectly re-built for assassin missions like this. That is why I'm considered as the most prized and expensive merchandise of my company.

Something if off with this target. I have not seen him recharging himself after such long travel. Is he one of the illegal pure humans that didn't change their system? But the wings and upgrades seen on his body proved otherwise.

I will going for the kill.

Another exciting collaboration with my good friend, Dev! I just love it when we trying out some items from the same events and end up with awesome story-line and ideas! We love almost the same thing so it's easy to direct and synchronize things. As we were shooting at Insilico, the place was heavily lagged that I crashed aggressively with every pic taken. It almost seems that in every collabs we had so far, either me or him that will lagged heavily and crash multiple times. it's almost crazy and many times I wanted to throw something through the pc coz of the constant crashing.

But anyways I hope you enjoy our collab piece this time and please do look forward for our future project. Until next time, my cyber dollz <3

Hair @ A&Y - Rem Hair [Christmas gift]
Skin @ Gala Fashion Design - CyberDrone Lapse [FF Fest]
Eyes @ ~* By Snow *~ - Radar Contacts [FutureWave]
Eyeshadow @ Beautiful Freak - Starcrossed eye makeup Teal [FutureWave]
Facemask @ Death Row Design @ Cybermask blue steel [FutureWave]
Outfit @ [Ponka Design] - Alcor outfit w/o Hood [FutureWave]
Arm Gear, Collar @ [Graves] - part of Velocity outfit [FutureWave]
Cables @ Death Row Design - Cables with electric [FutureWave]
Boots @ {MV} - IlliadCorp Boots Onyx [FutureWave]
Wings @ Death Row Design - Devine wings/glow toxic veins [FutureWave]
Earpiece @ Gridwear - Solarity
Arm Holo @ Gridwear - Illusive

1st pic @ NanTra - Defying Gravity set [FutureWave]
2nd pic @ NanTra - Requiem set [FutureWave]
3rd pic @ HopScotch - Busted set [FF Fest]

For Dev's styling

FutureWave - The Silence

She was a machine made by the hands of humans. Her job was to play the elusive white violin. It was made with a special metal that creates the most beautiful music from it. However, the sheer weight of the special violin is unbearable for any human. Even men tried to play it, and then suffering from body ache later.

She was built that sole purpose. To play the White Violin for the people of FutureWave. But she could only play songs installed in her program. She could not 'create' music from violin even though she was the only one that could play it. That was the only failure as a humanoid created by human hands. 

Yep, another FutureWave post! Oh pardon of the way I propped the violin in the pic. I didn't realize it until I started editing the pic. It was a horror war in my mind. But then I couldn't make a re-shoot any more, so yeah. Credits are below and look forward for my next post my cyber dollz~ 

Hair @ [a.e.meth] - Gynoid 9 Hair Royal Blue [FutureWave]
Skin @ [Pink Fuel] - Sora <Alabaster> [FutureWave]
Eyes @ Chop Shop - The Orchids Blue [FutureWave]
Eye tatoo @ Pin Me Down - One 18 [FutureWave]
Eye Shadow @ Beautiful Freak - Starcrossed Fuchsia [FutureWave]
Lipstick @ Beautiful Freak - Banded Metal Royal [FutureWave]
Dress @ ISD - DarkNet Dress Sky Blue [FutureWave]
Armwarmers @ ISD - DarkNet Warmers Sky Blue [FutureWave]
Boots @ {MV} - IlliadCorp Boots Onyx [FutureWave]

[Warlord's Band] - Electric Violin

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

FutureWave - Cytus

"It's not a dream, it's your imagination"

Hulloz all! My 3rd post of the FutureWave series! I really advise you guys to listen to the songs, I was greatly inspired by those song for these post series. So anyways, FutureWave has been going on more than 3 days now and the traffic are quite good and the special quest DJ, Sian Pearl is dj-ing as I speak! I think so. Well, please await for my next series, cyber dollz~ <3

Headwear @ +eX+ -Avant Garde Hair E.T
AroundHead @ Spyralle - Sensory Array Model [FutureWave]
Dress @ MetaTheodora - Star of Venus II Flame [FutureWave]
Skin @ [Pink Fuel] - Sora <Alabaster> [FutureWave]
Lipstick @ BeautifulFreak - Heavy Metal Gold [FutureWave]
Eyes@ Pin Me Down - Era Eyes 13 [FutureWave]
Earpiece @ ChaosPanicDisorder - Rigellia Diamond [FutureWave]
Piercings @ [ni.ju] - Dismantel
Eyelashes @ Miasnow - Web Lashes

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Final Fantasy Fest - Kupo Island

There was a rumour that I you acquire a Kupo, all your wish will come true. And so the King ordered his knights and soldiers to pursuit and capture every living Kupo to satisfy his greedy wishes. What he didn't know that Kupos are magical but very weak with all the pollution that engulf that world. They would have the Kupos in their cage and by the time it was presented to the king, the Kupo would disintegrates and disappear. 

Kupos disappear one by one until it seems that the only one left is Kara's only friend, the Kupo. And she is determine to keep her friend safe. Being a hybrid, she possessed a remarkable strength that could use the heavy broadsword which only used by big men. She swung the sword to every knight that tries to get the Kupo. It was a legend that there is a portal to another world at fallen bridge.

As she stepped through the strange portal, she found herself in a brightly coloured world. And Kupos! Lots of them! The Kupos are curious of the new stranger and the one that looked like the leader came up to her, speaking in the Kupo's language. Kara understood the language since she has been friends with one for so long time. They welcome her to stay at the Kupo Island and she has never been happier.

The moogles are literally the cutest animals I love in any games that I played. Aside from chocobo that is. I wanted to spam the image with moogles but I ran out of time so that is the much I could do. I've been on and off with flu lately so sometimes I'll be blabbering in the post, so advance apology on that! So anyways, I'm wearing Tifa skirt and Rare LittlePocket by Una. The ear I'm wearing is from KittyKatnip, I adjusted it to normal ear level. The studs on the left ear is from ellabella including the necklace as well.

Until the next post, my dollz~

Hair @ Kin - googleshairgirl (freebie)
Skin @ PixyStix - Gabriella Scaled (MM skin)
Eyeshadow @ The Plastix - Fauxe Makeup Emelrald
Shirt @ Sn@tch - Tequila Tank
Skirt @ Una - Tiffa Skirt [FF Fest]
Backpack @ Riske - Bomber Backpack [FF Fest]
Ear @ KittyKatnip - FF XIV Miqote Ears [FF Fest]
Jeweleries @ ellabella - Materia set [FF Fest]
Face Paint @ Lovely Disarray - Reno Reloaded V2 Black [FF Fest]
Face Piercing @ HoD - Reno Reloaded MESH facial piercing [FF Fest]
Hoof @ DRD - Hoof Death (LL Chair)
Leg tatoo @ .aii. - +Sinner+ Feet Stocking
Bracelet, GasMask @ DRD - Project Limited Set
Gloves @ AdamEve - Slink Leather Gloves

Pose & Sword @ *~*HopScotch*~* - Busted Female Set [FF Fest]
Save point @ MuSt - Fantasy Save Point v1 [FF Fest]
Moogles @ C.C. Kre-ations - {Kupo' Army} Gatcha [FF Fest]

Saturday, 15 February 2014

FutureWave : Disaster

Cyborg 01 on-line report___

Testing Anti-Gravity features of Cursed___

Area 1 - No bugs or error detected

Area 2 - No bugs or error detected

Area 3 - No bugs or error detected

Area 4 - No bugs or error detected

Area Sky - Barrier found solid and minor error detected_solved

Area Ground -  No bugs or error detected

Awaits command_

Proceed to scheduled plan____________

Hi all! FutureWave will be opened at noon SLT and I'm sure you cyber dollz are excited as I am, perhaps maybe more than me with all the sneaky awesome previews of the pretty sci-fi stuff!! Since FutureWave is in her first debut as a sci-fi event as well as being the single such event that I know in SL. FutureWave will be opening it's portal today until the 23rd of Feb, so you have lots of time to come by and shopping or clubbing at the Club Gothika~ I heard that the DJs prepared special playlists for this event so don't miss it!

Ok so, I'm wearing a full sci-fi armour outfit by Graves that comes with full body latex suit with hood or not, which ever you fancy, and also available in several latex layer colour. I paired it with GalaFashionDesign from Final Fantasy Festival, the skin is sold in 4 different tones and also appliers!! The cyber hair is from ISD, will be available in 8 colours including this sky blue version. The visor I'm wearing is from Paper Moon and it animates! It's a very cool and cute design and just perfect for my little cyborg dead heart. Now then, hope you enjoy my 2nd post of FW, more will come I'm sure of it. Until the next post, my sci-fi dollz <33

Hair @ ->~ISD - DarkNet hair Sky Blue [Coming soon to FW]
Skin @ GalaFashionDesign - CyberDrone Nightmare [FF Fest]
Headphone @ MetaTheodora - Swing3003 Headphone Plain Fabric [Coming soon to FW]
Visor @ PaperMoon - HoloVisor Kawaii Death [Coming soon to FW]
Outfit @ Graves - G461 Grey [Coming soon to FW]
Collar @ {EDGE Technologies} - Metal Elegancy Collar
Boots @ {MV} - Odyssey Onyx

Poses @ NanTra - Defying Gravity set in 1st & 2nd pic, Requiem set in the 3rd [Soon in FW]

Friday, 14 February 2014

Final Fantasy Fest: The mark's Curse

"I must be quick,"

As she quickly moves around the secret dungeon library that withholds the pasts secrets and future's fortune. Right she need to solve a pandemic of a mysterious bruise-like mark that leave people very weak. 

But the mark on her itself are manifesting aggressively, and her body is becoming weak by each hour passed. Even with her loyal Kupo at her side helping her with the search, it seems that the books was not going to show the secret of what is happening. Rather she only found a single note that says,

'The cure will comes as to when the single-winged angel is reborn again'

So..... I bet you can guess what is disease by now. If not, then you must watch Final Fantasy: Advant Children once again! I was going to the character Quistis but then I don't a whip in my invo and I couldn't find her hair! As I said, my searching skill is so noob. Anyways, I'm wearing a dress set by JesyDream that is inspired directly from Quistis herself and then pair up with some lovely accessories by MiWardrode, :ellabella" and Souzou Eien. Just a quick snapshot with little editing and cropping for the raw goodness.

[cackles] Until the next post, my dearest dollz!

Hair @ Truth - Fernanda [Subcribo gift]
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - Valentine's skin
Lips @ Pink Acid - Gothic Lip Gloss
Eye tattoo @ Pin Me Down - Lost 
Bruise @ Lovely Disarray - Geostigma Disease: Upper Body [FF Fest]
Necklace @ MiWardrode - Hexagons Necklace 1*1 [FF Fest]
Eye @ C.C. Kre.ations - Beast~Ultima eyes [FF Fest]
Eye deco @ ~*S.E*~ - Oculus Silver [FF Fest]
Hair pin @ ~*S.E*~ - Orient Mystique Hair Pin [FF Fest] 
Earring @ ellabella - Materia dangle Purple [FF Fest]
Outfit @ JesyDream - Quistis [FF Fest]
Belt @ Una - BeltPocket Brown RARE [FF Fest]
Gloves @ AdamEve - Leather Slink Gloves
Boots @ {MV} - Witchaven Boots

Thursday, 13 February 2014

FutureWave : Operators



Authorised user confirmed...

Initiating command...

64% complete...

Network syncing....


Commencing Operation...

Password required...


Operation: FutureWave

My first post for Futurewave! Heads up though, there will be a series of them, part of my planning. I've been waiting for this event since the announcement and I'm just trying to control my excitement when it will be open on the 15th!! Wheeeee!! As you can see, my pics are all the Futurewave sim and there are some sneak peeks available at their flickr pool. I'm wearing a dress made by Sian Pearl, and I just love the quirkiness of the dress. Zip and materialz made the dress very realistic and I could imagine how it will be awesome if this is created in real life as well.

Just await for my next FutureWave series post, my cyber dollz

Hair @ [y] - Simpllicity 
Skin @ KOOQLA - Queens Black
Eyes @ Clemmm - The Whites
Choker @ DirtyLand - Gogo Choker
Headphone @ [NerdMonkey*Accesories] - Dead Tree headphone (Hipster Fair gift)
Dress @ MetaTheodora - Swing3003 dress Leather [Coming soon to FutureWave]
Door on forehead @ MetaTheodora - Door of Perception (Available in Surreal Complex)
Gloves @ AdamEve - Opera Gloves 
Boots @ {MV} Odyssey Onyx

Final Fantasy Fest: Flying Fairy

When crowns and thrones means so little,

And freedom is only words of whispers,

The yearning swells with each passing moments,

And glitters shines no more in her eyes,

Golds and silvers gone from her being,

As she took flight to the horizon.

"It's not a fairy tail. It is true."

Hulloz all again! I've been struggling in between all the events and I need to cover plus with studying and a mid-exam coming around soon. Now onwards to what I'm wearing. Believe it or not, I'm wearing a totally separated 3 piece made into one. The collarbone jacket is part of the Endorphine outfit, matching it with gorgeous skirt from Riske that also comes in other colors. The crown, backfan and the shoulder pad comes under the same set of Luminary. The pretty steampunky wings is from *Tentacio* and it is also sold in white, black, delicate white, insect and what I'm wearing, map.

And so, until the next post dollz! <3

Hair @ [LeLutka] - Vent hair Pitch (group holiday gift)
Skin @ Glam Affair - Valentine skin Red (group gift)
Top @ .S&C. - Rage
Ear @ .aii. - Long pointed ears
Crown, Shoulder cauldron, Backfan @ Luminary - Nyx set [FF Fest]
Spike top @ Endorphine - part of Final Fantasy exclusive outfit [FF Fest]
Skirt @ Riske - Noir [FF Fest]
Earring @ Baubles! by Phe - Cogs&Jewel Earring [FF Fest]
Wings @ *Tentacio* -  Steampunk Wings map [FF Fest]

Poses by //elephant poses//

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Final Fantasy Fest: Log In

Hello player...

Please enter your name...


Character customisation...


Loading configuration...

Sensitivity check...


95% server syncing...


Welcome to Final Fantasy World Online, player.

Heya guys! I was absent for a few days from blogging because I was hanging out at my friend's house for the weekend and meet up with new friends along the way! And now I'm kinda caught the pre-haze flu I think and unable to to be fully active in blogging mojo just yet.

Anyways, the Final Fantasy Festival has started since 7th of February and it's a must-visit event for all you gamer-craze people like me! For today initial post, I wear a blue hostess dress that comes with matching boots that I didn't wear and a hair accessory. The boots that I'm wearing is from another full outfit set of Endorphin. To match it I wore a cool steampunk-ish necklace by Baubles! by Phe. There surely be more post of the FF Festival coming and I'm determined to show you guys all the cool stuff in store at the event! Until the next post, my dollz! <3 <3

"You dare to test my patience?"
Hair @ Analog Dog - Fablespoon (in-store gift)
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - Jezebel DEF v2
Makeup @ Sn@tch - MerBlue (old LL)
Lips @ [Buzz] - Gem Lips Jade [CNY Fest]
Eyes @ ~*Souzou Eien*~ - Mako eyes Blue [FF Fest]
Earring @ .::C.C. Kre-ations::. - GLARE Shiva [FF Fest]
Necklace @ Baubles! by Phe - Cogs&Jewels Necklace [FF Fest] 
Dress @ FuubutsuDou! - Hostess Dress + Hair accessory [FF Fest]
Boots @ Endorphine - Laced tight boots + Skull bracelet [FF Fest]
Nails @ *~*Hopscotch*~* - Wired [FF Fest]

 Visor @ *~*Hopscotch*~* [FF Fest]

Thursday, 6 February 2014

CNY Festival : Fans behind the Smoke

Hi there! I've wanting to show the *Posession*'s Geisha pose sold in the Chinese New Year Festival but I thought that all of the pose are so fluid and I don't think 10 pictures would do good so I made a gif! :D

I missed one pose though, sorry.

Also all the fans I used in this gif are from ATTIC gatcha. There are 4 rare fans and 6 commons to win. The fans comes 3 animation that goes with your AO, 1 sultry fanning and 2 quite funny ones.

This miss geisha that I call her Ms Chang was once used in a previous meme here. I meant to use her more in the future coz I really love the styling. Big thanks to B@re Rose for the beautiful work on the mesh.

Here I show a gold opium smoke by [CX], it can be worn with you AO, unscripted and there is pre-set pose for male and female. There are silver and black version sold at CNY Festival as well. The right Ms Chang is holding the RARE Horse fan.

See you dollz after the weekend! <3

CNY Festival Items
Poses @ *Possesion* - Geisha Set
Fans @ ATTIC - CNY Fans
Opium @ [CX] - Gold Dragon Opium


Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Another of Miss Berry's meme! This time it's The Black & White Portrait Challenge. Me who is a love-anything-black person, I tried to do it as fast as I could. The challenge was so simple and yet I struggle so much during the process.

Meme Instructions: Share a black & white portrait (headshot) of your Second Life avatar. You can post a raw shot or process the image as much as you like. Don’t forget to leave a link to your image in the comments and also share it in the Blog Memes flickr group.

The styling I'm wearing is based on one my most favorite MV, Black by G-Dragon that I embedded the video below. I tried to bring out the air of elegance with a touch of rebelness just like in the clip. I've been sorting the outfit since last year and now I have the absolute perfect reason to finally display it in it's imperfectness.

Here is the original version of the picture.

Honestly, I felt like the Black and White version is so cool and it reminds me so much of an old movie that I can't remember the name now. But anyways, I'm so glad to try out the new tutorial that I got from Xanthe's meme. The picture looks better than the usual desaturation I did before. Thank you, Xanthe! <3

Also, I intentionally picked Wednesday to post since I'm kinda been a follower of 'Wear black on Wednesday'. If you're one of the fan of Adaams Family, you'll understand. \o/ Anyways until the next post my dollz~ <33

Hair @ Little Bones - Mermaid Hotel Ink Pot
Skin @ Essences - Emma [in-store gift]
Eyes @ KMADD - Free sampler eyes
Face Piercing @ [ni.ju] - Dismantel piercing + Zombie Suicide - Dimple piercing
Ear @ [MANDALA] - Steking ear ver4
Necklace @ Pure Poison - Beatrix Necklace [subcribo gift]
Jacket @ [Dandelion Wine] - Biker Jacket (comes with 8 texture HUD)
Skirt @ Allure - Peace on Earth hunt gift
Hat @ ::C'est la vie!:: - pretty big fedora [group gift]
Gloves @ AdamEve - Opera Gloves
Nails @ A:S:S - Black on Black
Shoe @ Demotix - Mesh peeptoe Heel

Singer pose w/ mic @ Model Pose