Thursday 6 February 2014

CNY Festival : Fans behind the Smoke

Hi there! I've wanting to show the *Posession*'s Geisha pose sold in the Chinese New Year Festival but I thought that all of the pose are so fluid and I don't think 10 pictures would do good so I made a gif! :D

I missed one pose though, sorry.

Also all the fans I used in this gif are from ATTIC gatcha. There are 4 rare fans and 6 commons to win. The fans comes 3 animation that goes with your AO, 1 sultry fanning and 2 quite funny ones.

This miss geisha that I call her Ms Chang was once used in a previous meme here. I meant to use her more in the future coz I really love the styling. Big thanks to B@re Rose for the beautiful work on the mesh.

Here I show a gold opium smoke by [CX], it can be worn with you AO, unscripted and there is pre-set pose for male and female. There are silver and black version sold at CNY Festival as well. The right Ms Chang is holding the RARE Horse fan.

See you dollz after the weekend! <3

CNY Festival Items
Poses @ *Possesion* - Geisha Set
Fans @ ATTIC - CNY Fans
Opium @ [CX] - Gold Dragon Opium


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