Friday 14 February 2014

Final Fantasy Fest: The mark's Curse

"I must be quick,"

As she quickly moves around the secret dungeon library that withholds the pasts secrets and future's fortune. Right she need to solve a pandemic of a mysterious bruise-like mark that leave people very weak. 

But the mark on her itself are manifesting aggressively, and her body is becoming weak by each hour passed. Even with her loyal Kupo at her side helping her with the search, it seems that the books was not going to show the secret of what is happening. Rather she only found a single note that says,

'The cure will comes as to when the single-winged angel is reborn again'

So..... I bet you can guess what is disease by now. If not, then you must watch Final Fantasy: Advant Children once again! I was going to the character Quistis but then I don't a whip in my invo and I couldn't find her hair! As I said, my searching skill is so noob. Anyways, I'm wearing a dress set by JesyDream that is inspired directly from Quistis herself and then pair up with some lovely accessories by MiWardrode, :ellabella" and Souzou Eien. Just a quick snapshot with little editing and cropping for the raw goodness.

[cackles] Until the next post, my dearest dollz!

Hair @ Truth - Fernanda [Subcribo gift]
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - Valentine's skin
Lips @ Pink Acid - Gothic Lip Gloss
Eye tattoo @ Pin Me Down - Lost 
Bruise @ Lovely Disarray - Geostigma Disease: Upper Body [FF Fest]
Necklace @ MiWardrode - Hexagons Necklace 1*1 [FF Fest]
Eye @ C.C. Kre.ations - Beast~Ultima eyes [FF Fest]
Eye deco @ ~*S.E*~ - Oculus Silver [FF Fest]
Hair pin @ ~*S.E*~ - Orient Mystique Hair Pin [FF Fest] 
Earring @ ellabella - Materia dangle Purple [FF Fest]
Outfit @ JesyDream - Quistis [FF Fest]
Belt @ Una - BeltPocket Brown RARE [FF Fest]
Gloves @ AdamEve - Leather Slink Gloves
Boots @ {MV} - Witchaven Boots

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