Wednesday 19 February 2014

FutureWave - The Silence

She was a machine made by the hands of humans. Her job was to play the elusive white violin. It was made with a special metal that creates the most beautiful music from it. However, the sheer weight of the special violin is unbearable for any human. Even men tried to play it, and then suffering from body ache later.

She was built that sole purpose. To play the White Violin for the people of FutureWave. But she could only play songs installed in her program. She could not 'create' music from violin even though she was the only one that could play it. That was the only failure as a humanoid created by human hands. 

Yep, another FutureWave post! Oh pardon of the way I propped the violin in the pic. I didn't realize it until I started editing the pic. It was a horror war in my mind. But then I couldn't make a re-shoot any more, so yeah. Credits are below and look forward for my next post my cyber dollz~ 

Hair @ [a.e.meth] - Gynoid 9 Hair Royal Blue [FutureWave]
Skin @ [Pink Fuel] - Sora <Alabaster> [FutureWave]
Eyes @ Chop Shop - The Orchids Blue [FutureWave]
Eye tatoo @ Pin Me Down - One 18 [FutureWave]
Eye Shadow @ Beautiful Freak - Starcrossed Fuchsia [FutureWave]
Lipstick @ Beautiful Freak - Banded Metal Royal [FutureWave]
Dress @ ISD - DarkNet Dress Sky Blue [FutureWave]
Armwarmers @ ISD - DarkNet Warmers Sky Blue [FutureWave]
Boots @ {MV} - IlliadCorp Boots Onyx [FutureWave]

[Warlord's Band] - Electric Violin

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