Tuesday 18 February 2014

FutureWave - Cytus

"It's not a dream, it's your imagination"

Hulloz all! My 3rd post of the FutureWave series! I really advise you guys to listen to the songs, I was greatly inspired by those song for these post series. So anyways, FutureWave has been going on more than 3 days now and the traffic are quite good and the special quest DJ, Sian Pearl is dj-ing as I speak! I think so. Well, please await for my next series, cyber dollz~ <3

Headwear @ +eX+ -Avant Garde Hair E.T
AroundHead @ Spyralle - Sensory Array Model [FutureWave]
Dress @ MetaTheodora - Star of Venus II Flame [FutureWave]
Skin @ [Pink Fuel] - Sora <Alabaster> [FutureWave]
Lipstick @ BeautifulFreak - Heavy Metal Gold [FutureWave]
Eyes@ Pin Me Down - Era Eyes 13 [FutureWave]
Earpiece @ ChaosPanicDisorder - Rigellia Diamond [FutureWave]
Piercings @ [ni.ju] - Dismantel
Eyelashes @ Miasnow - Web Lashes


  1. Great styling, and I love the music! Thank you so much for playing with the neckpiece. It's fascinating to see people doing such different things with it.

    1. Oh thank you! And you're most welcome~ When I saw the neckpiece I knew I was going for a cyber goddess! Thanks for making such amazing things for FutureWave!