Thursday 25 June 2015

The Fawn and The Fox

They both share the same father, and even with that, they both never had fight over something. Since their age is about the same, they get along very well. Fawn acts as the older sister between the two, while Fox would loves to enjoy when anyone spoils her. To anyone, they are as different and black and white, but the Fawn and the Fox easily co-exist.

I reaaaally enoyed doing this picture. I love stars and butterflies. I love fox and giraffe. Is it too obvious? [laughs] I'm showing more from The Kawaii Project Meowzers round, the Neko lingerie by ALTAIR*! They are available is many cute colours too~ Not to mention, I also finally bought a mesh body by Maitreya and I love how the detail the tattoo look on it! There are many store right are making Summer Sale and one of them is Magika hair store! They are having 50% sale until the 28th so you dollz better be fast now! See you in the post, dollz!

Body Pixels
Skin @ Glam Affair - Ellie Nostalgic Artic
Hair @ /Dark Matter/ - Elvish Hair Black x Purple
Eyes + Animation lens @ .antielle. & Katat0nik* - Nebulae Eyes Blue + lens [available at IDK event] *new
Horns + Makeup @  .antielle. & Katat0nik* - Nebulae Faun Horns Blue + Faun Makeup Blue [available at IDK event] *new
Body tattoo @ .antielle. - Catatonic [available at Kawaii Project]*new
Hands @ ~*SongBird*~ - Sympomatic 

Top @ The Nebulae! - Adelaide Top 
Shorts @ ~*SongBird*~ - Quinn Shorts *new
Circlet + Half choker + shoulder plate @ The Nebulae! - War of the Roses set [available at Aristo] *new
Choker @ Junbug - Freyja's Collar Night
Stocks @ ALTAIR* - Starry Stockings

Body pixels
Skin @ VCO - Vivi's makeup Recipe No.01 [available at Arcade] *new
Hair @ Magika - Surprise
Eyes @ /Dark Matter/ - Cattitude Sunburst White
Ear + Tail @ Magika - Neko
Body Tattoo @ .antielle. - Moon Bastet Sleeve + Kitty infusion  [available at Kawaii Project]*new
Fingers @ [Kooqla] - Ghost fingers

Top + Panty @ ALTAIR* - Neko Lingerie  [available at Kawaii Project]*new
Shoes @ ALTAIR* - Ribbon platform
Choker @ ALTAIR* - Hime collar white
Necklace @ ALTAIR* - zZz neko necklace white
Bracelet @ ALTAIR* - Bell Bracelet Silver [coming soon to Origami Hunt] 

Fawn's Pet @ Half+Deer - Tiny Teacup Giraffe Glitter Galaxy
Fox's Pet @ Half+Deer - Fennec Fox Chasing Butterfly [available at Kustom9] *new
Wreath @ [ keke ] - Butterfly wreath Blue

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