Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Hologram Hanami

It was the era where every organic scenery was replaced with holograms, where it was impossible to breath the atmosphere. But people were strong, they find solutions. They created giant domes on top of cities and created a machine to turn the acidic air to oxygen. Even if the air still pollute and kill them slowly. It was the time when the flowers were to bloom and they still wanted to withhold that tradition. Holograms of blooming sakura trees were found throughout the city of NeoTokyo. 

At the home of Ninji Ceres, where she decorated the tea house with man made pond with mechanical koi fish. A blooming apricot tree completes the scene that she remembers from her childhood. But it's no safe era now. Along with her pet hologram dragon, she will continue the tradition of tea ceremony for as long as she can.

I had this Hanami idea when i visited the Origami event with the theme of "SAKURA to HANAMI" in celebrating the spring season. It's a very lively and relaxing sim. And of course I love this season especially with all the flowers blooming and the streets is just filled with colourful petals. Origami event will be open until 5th of April, so you dollz have time to pick up the items you fancy. Thank you DevinVaugh for allowing me to borrow his set for my picture. Enjoy!

Body Pixels
Skin @ Enfant + Mudskin - Late Bird 
Hair @ Tableau Vivant - Choko hair
Body Tattoo @ Letis Tattoo - Essence
Face Tattoo @ .antielle. - Sakurifivation [available at Origami] + Pin Me Down - Anti White [Skin Fair]
Ear @ MANDALA - Steking Ears Season 5
Piercings @ [ni.ju] - Marx + Dismantle Piercings
Eyelashes @ Lovely Alien - StarryEyelashes + [ni.ju] - Hime-yu lashes bottom
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Murky Eyes Bubble

On head @ ALTAIR* - Sakura Hairclip white
Neck @ [TfAtN] - Planetery Necklace Ceres RARE
On ear @ Gridwear - Solarity Left Ear
On Shoulder @ Gridwear - Illusive Right Upper Arm
Outfit @ .::Dead Dollz::. - Kunoichi Black
Arm Wrap @ DPD - Arm wrap dark
Chest binding @ Bakusu - Samurai Sarashi Dark
Leg wrap @ Bakusu - Samura Kyahan Dark
Leg tattoo @ Chary - Leg Stripes [group gift]
Footwear @ [CerberusXing] - Trapped Sakura Clogs dark [available at Origami]
Pet @ Gridwear - Tempest Dragon 
Mouthie @ [CerberusXing] - Mitarashi Danga Mouth [group gift]
Hand @ [CerberusXing] - Teshoku Red [group gift]

House @ +Theater*Chain+ - CHA-SHITSU Modern White [available in Origami]
Pond @ 8f8 - Silent Conversation Fish Pond RARE
Lamps @ Origami Group gift - Hanami Lam Gin *free
Tree + petals @ Isovii - Ume tree [subcription gift]
Dango @ [CerberusXing] - Matarashi Dango rezz [group gift]

1st pic @ The Muse Poses - Seduction 2 [group gift]

Sunday, 22 March 2015

PROJECT - Ice Twins

"Life is only a flicker of melted ice"

"Eternity is a glorious word, but eternity is ice"

quotes by Dejan Stonajovic, The Sun Watches the Sun

So I wanted to start this own blog project of mine, featuring twins or better known as clones of myself. I have a thing for twins since I am a twin myself too and merging something I love with something I enjoy would definitely strike creativity juice for me. It's also a way for me to show a lot of items that I wanted to. I hope you dollz will enjoy this blog project! 

On her, left twin
Body Pixels
Skin @ .antielle. - Snow girl [Group gift] *free
Hair @ Truth - Clover B&W
Eyes + cracked tattoo @ .antielle. - Diamond Virgin Pierced Jewels
Chest tattoo @ Pantsu*Hunter - Lace tatoo [store closed]

Halo @ The Horror! - Reina Del Hielo Halo Frozen
Neck @ =Zenith= - High Elf Lace Collar [Group gift] *free
Dress @ Meli Imako - Bridal Corset with tutu

On her, right twin
Body Pixels
Skin @ Glam Affair - Amberly II Polar Red Ice
Hair @ Tableau Vivant - Hatsuhi hair [past gift]
Left eye @ {S0NG} - Murky Ghost Eyes
Right eye + Cracked tattoo - .antielle. - Diamond Virgin Pierced Jewels
Ear @ MANDALA - Fantasy Elf ears

Head @ ::OXI:: Ama Crown + Headpiece in Snow
Neck @ .aisling. - Sumiana Collar Ice
Dress @ Meli Imako - Bridal corset with tutu

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Berry's First and Recent Challenge

It's really embarrassing when I look back all my old pictures, but amusing to see how I improve myself in skills and technically wise. When I tried the snapshot features, it spazz my whole laptop and I used the screengrab feature of my laptop to take that picture. I enjoyed my adventures in Second Life and stalking Strawberry Singh's blog until I gathered enough courage to finally start my own blog back in April 2013.

Both of the picture are not photoshopped in any way and looking at it. I feel proud that I truly pushed my limits and explored many new things.

Throughout the blogging journey, I found great new friends, Awesome sims, events and designers who decorated the Second Life world. At first I wanted to be a gothic lolita blogger but then my style changed when I posted my first Phototelling for a contest. My inspiration clicked with me and I literally poured all my literacy juice on blogging. My blog will be 2 years old next month and I'm very grateful that I started that first step of blogging. I hope to be more creative in Phototelling and my skills. Cheers to all the residents that made Second Life colourful~

Meme Instuction

On Aarya 2012

On Aarya 2015
Body Pixel
Skin @ [Pink Fuel] - Sora Alabaster 
Hair @ CatWa - Zoey hair [available at  Catwa Biker's Fair] *free
Eyes @ Shy Girls - group gift eyes
Tattoo @ Letis Tattoo - Essence 
Eyeliner @ Pin Me Down - Kris [available at Skin Fair] *new
Lips @ Pin Me Down - Sayni 8 [available at Skin Fair] *new
Ear @ MANDALA - Steking Ears Ver 5

Top @ Fujiwara's World - Black Corset [hunt gift] *free
Neck @ Remarkable Oblivion - Oracle Collar [group gift]
Piercings @ [ni.ju] - Part of Amped Piercing

Monday, 16 March 2015

FutureWave - V for Vandette

"Hello, Edge. Looking for... something?"

"Ah, sharp as ever, Vandette. You still look ravishing after all these years,"

"I must thank you for allowing me to upgrade my... legs. I can't say the same of what will happen next however."

"Well, then. Shall we start the dance?"

The final part of my FutureWave story. Again, sorry for the late post. However, even though the event is over, you guys can still check out the mainstores for the items! The SAKIDE dress and boots comes in white or black base and you can change the lining to 1001 combos of colours. The exclusive by ChaosPanicDisorder is the Nemesis Chest Implant that can change the metals and gems according to your liking. If you can't get enough of sci-fi, I suggest you cyber dollz take a look at Bright Metallic magazine. I'm featured as this month's Bloggernaught and it is an informative magazine for all you sci-fi dollz. Enjoy!

Concept Art Unlocked - Vandette

Body Pixels
Skin @ Glam Affair - Viva la Noce Asia 
Hair @ A&Y - Jetix Hair 
Eyes @ Pin Me Down - Mecha *new
Eyeliner @ Pin Me Down - Tri *new
Lipstick @ Pin Me Down - Metallic 3 *new
Head Tattoo @ ~*By Snow*~ - Hexagon Face tattoo
Chest Tattoo @ [a.e.meth] - Circuit Tattoo inner chest

Dress @ [SAKIDE] - Leyana Dress Black *new
Boot @ [SAKIDE] - Takea Boots Black *new
Prosthetic Leg @ !Chop Shop! - Prototype Leg Spike *new
Necklace - [TfAtN] - Psychopomp Necklace Night Hart ULTRARARE *new
Implant @ :*:ChaosPanicDisorder:*: - Nemesis Chest Implant *new
Arm @ DPD - Arm Wraps Dark

1st pic @ Insilico

Saturday, 7 March 2015

FutureWave - The Rising DJ

The upcoming and rising DJ Sona is now available for hologram concert directly at your home. Just purchase the package according to your preference, recorded, live or both! If you'd like a custom DJ Sona serving your home, a special package is available for a limited time. Featuring her new hit singles, Ethereal, Kinetic and Concussive, it's a sure way to level up your hologram party!

>Incoming call from Nilin

"Mr Edge, you have a new mission. Infiltrate the home-base of Wave, the person who is been distributing the DJ Sona custom package with bugged features. Investigate and destroy if found harmful for the citiven."

>Call ended
>Mission objective updated 

Ok, I know I've been suuuuper late with this part of story. RL made me put off the work several time and now I can properly finish up the story with one more post. However, FutureWave event has ended on 1st March but I'm informed that the items are now available at maintores so you guys can still pick up the items you fancy! The Skyla outfit is compromise with dress, gloves, boots and a hat, that can be purchase with 12 available colours. The helmet by Anachron has 6 different style with HUD that include colours, bass or music particle and head bob animation.

This post is heavily influenced by DJ Sona skin that was released by Riot Games for League of Legend game. I'm just so hyped by the update and super excited that I can re-create a DJ Sona poster. Although I did made a mistake on Kinetic, she was supposed to be more blue with bits of green. However, I'm very satisfied with my work and I hope you cyber dollz enjoyed it too! Look forward for the final part soon!

Body Pixel
Hair @ .Ploom. - Demi
Skin @ MyUgly Dorothy - Special 1L skin 9
Makeup @ Beautiful Freak - Circuit Makeover Red
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ - Citadel Eyes

Dress, Gloves, Boots @ GALLACTIC - Skyla Outfit
Necklace @ GALLACTIC - Callisto necklace
Headgear @ Anachron - Harmonic Helmet Carbon

Pose @ [ni.ju] - Headphone pose with ANImare edits

Body Pixel
Hair @ .Ploom. - Demi
Skin @ MyUgly Dorothy - Special 1L skin 9
Makeup @ Beautiful Freak - Circuit Makeover Purple
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ - Citadel Eyes

Dress, Gloves, Boots @ GALLACTIC - Skyla Outfit
Necklace @ GALLACTIC - Callisto necklace
Headgear @ Anachron - Harmonic Helmet Glow Bubble

Pose @ ALTAIR* unpacking box pose

Body Pixel
Hair @ .Ploom. - Demi
Skin @ MyUgly Dorothy - Special 1L skin 9
Makeup @ Beautiful Freak - Circuit Makeover Green
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ - Citadel Eyes

Dress, Gloves, Boots @ GALLACTIC - Skyla Outfit
Necklace @ GALLACTIC - Callisto necklace
Headgear @ Anachron - Harmonic Helmet Battle Bot

Pose @ Self pose

Influenced by Riot Games®
DJ Sona belongs to League of Legend®