Saturday 23 May 2015

World Goth Fair - Skull Hunt

It might be in the middle of the day, but in Cursed Castle, it's as if it's already night. The weather have brightened a little even since Kaiser Kruel fell from his throne, but the creatures of the Dark are still not accustomed with the light. Having to stay in Cursed for a year, Elizabeth fit in effortlessly with her passion for the Dark. However she roams silently with the castle with another thing in mind.

Creeping to her sister's room, Elizabeth just can't contain her excitement to finally meet with a person she adore the most. She saw him at first glance when she was touring with her sister but Scarlet has strictly forbade Liz to enter her room. But nothing will stand between her and Baron la Croix.

Finally surviving the dizzying maze of the castle, Elizabeth reached her sister's room. Wasting no time, she pushed the heavy room and there he is. Baron la Croix's skull resting on the side table of the elegant bedroom. She had to use the moment to greatly admire the scene before taking the skull itself with her.  

Happy Belated Goth Day, dark dollz! World Goth Fair event is still going on, I do hope you been visiting the sim. The decor is just gothly awesome! Even though WGF this year is not a charity event, the items are certainly a must have for any dark dollz. During World Goth Day, they had a full day of goth music spinning at Gothika, did you dollz go? You dollz can read what happen to Liz when Scarlet actually know what happen to the Baron skull in Devin's blog, BishieStyleSL. You dollz can check out this fellow blogger as a shopping guide. Stay tune for more stories!

Body Pixels
Skin @ My Ugly Dorothy - Special Skin 7
Eyes @ Pin Me Down - Mori Violets 1 [Available in WGF] *new
Eyeliner @ Pin Me Down - Electric 6 [Available in WGF] *new
Eyelashes @ [ni.ju] - Hime-yu special version lashes
Hair @ .Olive. - Chelo Hair [Available in Dark Style Fair] *new
Nails @ Beautiful Freak - Loli manicure

Hat @ deviousMind - VictorianGothic - Crystal Tophat [Available in Fantasy Gacha Carnival] *new
Neck @ Sweet Lies - Goth Collar Common 3 [Available in Fantasy Gacha Carnival] *new
Dress @ !The Little Bat - Penelope Dress [Available in WGF] *new
Belt @ *ALTAIR - kokoro collar impure violet 
Gloves @ ~SongBird~ - Holey Fishnet Gloves
Bracelet @ deviousMind - Lolita wristWraps *Lilac* [Available in Fantasy Gacha Carnival] *new
Socks @ + black moon + - Lavender Ombre Bats tights [group gift ] *free
Shoes @ .The Sugar Garden. - Ruffle Platforms SolidBlack
Pet Bat @ [SWaGGa] - Arkham Arm - White [Available in Fantasy Gacha Carnival] *new

1st Pic Setting
[coming soon]

2nd Pic Setting
Bed @22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Black Chersterfield Leather Bed PG [Available in WGF] *new
Chair @ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Balloon Chair Black  [Available in WGF] *new
Head bed decor @ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] -  Candlehouse [Available in WGF] *new
Table @ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Gothic End Table [Available in WGF] *new
Drinks @ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Cognac Bottle + Glass [Available in WGF] *new
Skull @ ContraptioN - Odd Skull *free
Hat on skull @ ~Tableau Vivant~ - Samedi Hat from Baron hairpack

1st @ [Black Tulip] - Into the Woods Set 4 [Available in WGF] *new
2nd @ [Black Tulip] - In the Woods Set 8 [Available in WGF] *new