Friday 20 September 2013

The Clockwork Secret

As the town of Cursed afloat, there was a time where the atmosphere at higher sky became heavy and polluted by the smokes of wars below. As much as they stayed inside, they still need to go outside for a number of things, oiling the gears that kept the town afloat, checking for mechanical errors that perhaps happened overnight... the essential daily routine that must not be broken.

The community of Cursed very much feels that fashion was an important asset in social. It was during the breakthrough of Renaissance and people detest at the idea of wearing a clunky mask that doesn't suit the latest trend. It was until they notice a lady walking around in between the thick haze with an unusual mask donning her face. They watched her as she walks to secluded corner of the town where people don't roam to there anymore.

The gears ticks on and the lady never show up afterwards. The men was chased down to streets in demand by their wives to search the lady and ask about her mask. They went to the corner and found an almost forgotten shop of mask-makers. It was an old family of mask-making and they watched as a petite girl finished some final touch ups at her latest mask collections. It was very much similar to the mask that the mysterious lady worn. 

The masks was sold out in a day. The girl was delighted to see her new collection was a hit and she could continue in her family's mask-crafting skills. As she continue to work with the orders, one of the town-folks asked whether she knew who was the mysterious lady that walked into her store before. Confused, the mask-maker replied, "Oh? No one have came here since the day Cursed was lifted. Those men were my first customers since, I never had anyone before." 

Who was that mysterious lady who lead the people to their solution? Perhaps the Clockwork Angel? Who knows?

As I am very much excited with A Clockwork Spiral, I'm aware that the time for the gears to continue ticking is until the 22nd. Which not until the floating Cursed to touch down on the solid ground! As my dusty brain finally work its gears into coming up with lots of Steampunk styling, I'm having so much fun exploring this side of fashion! Wheee!!! Heads up though, at 9 pm SLT, DL Lokii of MV with be rocking out at the Club Gothika that located at the center of Cursed. I hope to see you guys there too! And more of Cursed posts coming~~

Hair @ Calico - Desiree (Hair Fair gift)
Skin @ My UglyDorothy - past special closing for renovation gift
Dress @ :{MV}: - Victorian Teal
Purse @ Bliensen + MaiTai - Diesel Purse Black
Shoes @ Spyralle - Rosy shoe Smoke
Mask @ Material Squirrel - Steampunk Plague Mask Metal
Choker @ :Chaos, Panic, Disorder: - ACS choker

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