Sunday 19 May 2013

Goth Fair : In the Cursed Circle

Hello everyone!
I decided to make blog posts about the beautiful beautiful sim, Cursed , I feel like I should insert a nice creepy song with it. Haha! ♪(´ε )

You're probably wondering why I named the blog post Cursed Circle, namely because that the place has a lot of circular shape things. Like the shops are arranged into semi-circular way and a stage where a few gatcha is situated in the middle of the sim is circular, not to forget the Ferris wheel!! I had so much fun on the wheel!

"Where you start,"
"She is watching,"
"The Cursed Circle,"
I had fun watching the visitors of the Cursed too!

She looked like wanting to get to summer theme without getting sunburns with a Goth-styled parasol. I love her bats!

I was taking pics of myself suddenly, BATS! It was a long time of patiently waiting for the bats. I missed this one moments where the bats was nicely flying behind me. \()\
I hope you guys enjoyed my post this time. I will blog about Post Seraphine as well too. Until next time~

Dress @ Curious Kitties Darkness Dragon Dress
Skin, Eyes @ Jomo 2012 Halloween Gifts
Shoes @ The Little Bat Sophie Pumps (Goth Fair gift)
Hair @ Truth Cindy-Night
Earrings @ House of Rain Snowflake
Tatoo @ Corvus Freebie Tatoo
Nails, Rings @ Inspired Design Nightstalker Nails-Noir (Goth Fair gift)

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