Friday 31 May 2013

Goth Fair : With the Last Look

The World Goth Fair is almost at their end. Just waiting to drop down the curtains on these beautiful Port Seraphine and Cursed sim. I went again for the last look and took more pictures of it. The place felt like home to me, it's just so sad to see the sim to close down soon.
But I will definitely look forward for the next Goth Fair! (=⌒▽⌒=)

And with this I present the last snapshots that I took from the two sims.

"Cursed and Port Seraphine"
I hope with this event, the Sophie Lancaster Foundation would continue their awareness of Gothic community to the world. Showing that being different in appearance means nothing but to just express ourselves.
It brings me to tears when I read what happened to Sophie and her partner that lead to their death. Unfortunately, I didn't fiind Sophie's headstone in Cursed. Either that I didn't look hard enough or I just have such a bad sense of exploration. (I actually was lost in the maze previously for a long time)

I will post more of the pictures in my facebook page. This might be the last post of Goth Fair from me or I might go again for another search of the Sophie's headstone. I felt bad for not visiting her headstone earlier.... ()

Dress, Pearl Choker @ (Magic)(Burst)! Mad Rose + Teapot -Red Lolita Dress (Closed Store)
Skin @ Mother Goose's Edith 1L
Hair @ Truth Shinji - crow
Boots @ BodyMix Sandra Red and Black Leather boots
Bloody lips tatoo @ dl:: Drinking Blood Face tatoo
EyeShadow @ Pautina Make-up Naughty (eyes)
Eyes @ Ephemeral Neko Shadow Cat Mesh Eyes (w1)
Head Dress @ (Magic)(Burst)! Blood and Music Dress
Piercings @ [ni.ju] Piercings

Off I go for my search! I'll see you guys again! Enjoy~ 

More info about the foundation:
World Goth Day :
World Goth Fair: Second Life Event -

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