Saturday 1 June 2013

Goth Fair : The Final Departure

"A quite playground, filled with only silence. A lonely, old-looking headstone, obviously looked like haven't been visited for a time. From a distance, a dark figure slowly walked towards the secluded headstone. Gently grasping an item in her hands, her shadow looms over the stone."

"-Hello, Sophie- she said as she gently smiles and dusted off dirt from the surrounding. She re-lit the candles and placed a single rose in front of the stone. Slowly, she sat down and began chatting as if to a real person. Like to an old, long lost friend."

"As she dabs her tears away, she hears footsteps and looked behind. It was another friend of Sophie. He nods at the dark visitor and also took a seat in front of the stone. Together they sat and silently rewinds the memories of Sophie."

I finally found the headstone even though it was kinda late to know about it. By now, the World Goth Fair has come an end and I'm already looking forward for next year's event. It amazing how an event connects people from different places in the world. It was really hard to say goodbye to the beautiful sims even knowing that it return again.
I spend quite a lot of time at the headstone. Just chatting away with my new friend, Ved. You can see how he covers about Goth Fair in his blog here. Just amazing on how he did his pictures. With this last post of the awesome World Goth Fair, it is also an entry for the Avatar Blogger Month. Even though I'm sure I could never reach 30 post in a month. ( ̄▽+*)
Dress, Hat @ edge grafica Mourning Dress
Shoes @ CHANDELLE Shoe Cice
Skin @ Mother Gooses's Magoo(2)
Hair @ Truth Tilly streaked - night
Eyes @ Jomo 2012 Halloween Gift, BF Throny - red (Goth Fair), Jalwa Marina Eyeshadow
Lips @ Blackeri Guyliner Black Lips
Earrings @ Serious Wood's Skull Earring
Rose @ Simpleton's Free Valentine Rose

It's time to sleep, the beautiful Cursed. It's time to sink into oblivion, Port Seraphine. Until the next time, we will meet again and haunt within the phantom shadows.

More info about the foundation:
World Goth Day :
World Goth Fair: Second Life Event -

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